Welcome Home

We were built in a time of overwhelming conflict, named for the hope of a better future.
There was no place for us in that time, and we were lost, burying our identity in the soil of an alien world.
After so many years, the moss is stripped away, and once again we venture fourth into the heavens!

Welcome to the USS Tranquility!

We are a collaborative writing game, or sim, set in the Star Trek universe, and proud members of Obsidian Fleet. We are writers on a ship exploring the domestic sub-text of the Star Trek universe. Diplomacy is our choice, because we have the courage to lead by example!

Join Tranquility on missions of Peace and Diplomacy throughout the known galaxy!

Tranquility is a diplomatic courier, with a character all her own. The ship, and the stories we tell, are tied together with the journeys of our player characters. We want to make it possible for you our amazing writers and players to feel ownership over the stories we tell, and over Tranquility itself.

Our Style

Tranquility is not fast-paced and our goal is to have fun telling layered, interesting stories through a Star Trek lens. I am her Commanding Officer, Tyro, and I can speak for what I love and how I write. Complexity is something I love, and see everywhere. I love to detail environments and settings, where the context beneath the surface forms a web of things to know and experience. My stories will explore worlds closer to home, sometimes too close for comfort, and seek out intrigues and issues in the known galaxy.

But I'm also very pleasant and lovely! I think so. We value openess and communication, and we try to be the diplomats we aspire for our characters to be. We welcome the voices of our writers, and want to encourage them to influence all of us! The story will focus in on those of us who can make clean, smooth lines, and those people who are like me and just skribble across the page :)

We want to build a distinct Trekspace where our players feel that they have agency and where their stories can be meaningful and complex. The story of Tranquility doesn't end after a mission. It persists with our characters. The choices of our writers is what makes Tranquility, and the decisions of your characters will have a lasting impact on the world she exists in. Pushing boundaries is something we feel excited about! Let us all try to do it delicately though... Thank you :I

Latest News Items

» Gone Fishing

Posted on Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 @ 3:22pm by Commander Tyro Adina in Out of Character

Zero Posts This Month.

Hey everyone! This is not intended to shame or embarrass anyone. I decided I wanted to offer my monthly perspective on the quality of the game, and I realise the current state of affairs is likely to be more to do with the game's CO above any other factor. So I hope to share some general, and very straight-forward insights about the sim at the end of every month from now on.

Firstly, please welcome Durn! He is an ambassador from Farengenar, which is a challenge the Federation Council has either inflicted on, or trusted only us to accept into our hearts.

There have been no posts this month. I have not been active as I should be, and I hope to both make and encourage personal examinations of your own writing in this, the month of August.

I also hope to advance our adventure into the Ikenga mystery, though I hope the hype lives up to what I have planned for you all.

That seems to be all! I'm still working on getting the site fully operational. I very much appreciate all your kind forgiving words and patience and love.

» Special Updates, Awards and Short Stories

Posted on Fri May 12th, 2017 @ 1:07pm by Commander Tyro Adina in Website Update


You might be happily surprised to see some changes taking effect in the Resources section of the site. I have been updating many of the pages, including the Reports pages where necessary. You'll also notice several new links! As usual I hope everyone will find a moment to read some slightly rambly new content so you'll be in sync with the whole crew.

You'll find a fresh perspective on Duty Shifts (my perspective), and some much needed context for an idea I had Long Ago. Transit to the new Mission may find initiates coming into their own ~

Along with my own weirder ideas though, I have also brought OF Awards to the sim at last! I want to point them out to everyone, and will be trickling retrospective awards on a number of you over the next days and weeks. Remember though, rejecting award nominations will make me sad. Nominate players who you really think deserve it, thanks!

Finally, Obsidian Fleet is having a short story contest! The details are Here, but to summarize, Obsidian Fleet is holding a contest through June for Star Trek fanfic under 7500 words. You get a cool new award, so consider it why not!


» New Stuff

Posted on Tue Feb 28th, 2017 @ 4:18am by Commander Tyro Adina in General News

This is just a couple of things. First, I have done a reworking of this section of the rules and resources. This is by no means a huge change to the game, but I would please ask everyone to read and understand it regardless, and offer feedback if you have any concerns.

Mission Structure

There are also still some issues to be worked out with the update for the skin. Two of the more notable issues are the private messages page and setting post authors. If you are having trouble with either of these, or need access to them, you can still change your skin preference to something else. The one used on the CP previously, which is most similar to this one, is called Dark Frontier.


» Q'pla!

Posted on Sat Feb 18th, 2017 @ 12:42pm by Commander Tyro Adina in General News

As always we have the good honour of welcoming a new player into the game. A second set of redundant organs to be extra redundant, Lieutenant Korrath will be finding his way as Tranquility's new Chief Intelligence Officer!

I'm also pleased to point out some impending improvements to the overall quality of things. I hope you like them, but still deeply appreciate your patience and understanding. Feel free to point out any weird glitches or anomalies to me if you spot them, and I will note them down and see what can be done.

» Some Updates

Posted on Fri Feb 10th, 2017 @ 3:47pm by Commander Tyro Adina in General News

Hello everyone!

First of course, let's all of us welcome two fabulous new players, Terri Lee, who joins us as a mission specialist in the science department, and Alekelia illm A'olha as our Chief Doctor!

I'm also happy to announce some changes I've started making in the wiki. I've updated most of the Post Library, and I definitely encourage you to check them out and give me some feedback. Leave a comment if anything doesn't work, or if you hate how its organised, or you think posts need to be rearranged for clarity. I would appreciate it!

I'm also going to put this Discord invite up once again for anyone not already chatting with us over there. Seriously you guys, it's really painless and in-browser and everything.


Thank you!

Latest Mission Posts

» Plus One

Mission: Paradox Lost
Posted on Thu Sep 28th, 2017 @ 5:49am by Commander Tyro Adina & Warrant Officer Maru Hito NP & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha

:: ON ::

There were still some societies in the Federation which chose abstinence on a level that made no sense to Maru Hito. Bynars inherently thought of the collective good, and vaccination was on some level another form of technological enhancement. To the bynar nurse, who was a cybernetically…

» Debris Field

Mission: Paradox Lost
Posted on Sat Sep 23rd, 2017 @ 8:53am by Commander Tyro Adina & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha & Lieutenant Kaybok & Ambassador Durn

:: ON ::

The most interesting thing about this remote, uninteresting cloud of debris was that in 2394 the USS Tranquility exited warp into a warm wash of gasses. This was unusual, because by any estimate around the age of this star, there should be planets. There should have been…

» Diplomatic Operation

Mission: Paradox Lost
Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2017 @ 10:41am by Lieutenant Jita Kejal & Commander Tyro Adina & Staff Warrant Officer Slug

:: ON ::

Tranquility served a number of roles, and not just for Starfleet. The post-war admiralty had the unimaginative impression that Tranquility was a poster-girl for benevolence, a good-press platform designed to calm tensions and help return the fleet to normalcy. Meanwhile, a majority of her operation was taken…

» Briefly

Mission: Paradox Lost
Posted on Thu Aug 31st, 2017 @ 1:29pm by Lieutenant Jita Kejal & Commander Tyro Adina & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha & Lieutenant Amata Zan & Lieutenant Ritona Frialis & Lieutenant Kaybok & Ensign Lenore Fitzpatrick Ph.D.

:: ON ::

Doctor Ikenga once more found himself if front of the Tranquility senior staff, only this time there was nothing holding back their commentary. The ship was in transit, warping through space to the anomalous star that the man had been researching. Tranquility was designed on the same…

» Batten the Hatches

Mission: Winter Shoreleave
Posted on Thu Jun 8th, 2017 @ 12:37pm by Commander Tyro Adina & Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha & Lieutenant Amata Zan & Lieutenant Ritona Frialis & Lieutenant Kaybok

:: ON ::

Days had passed on Batazed since the press briefing with Mister Ikenga. More of the story was beginning to leak and with the Convention still in swing, rumours and speculation was taking hold. Tyro had received a request for an interview, no doubt to probe what she…

Latest Personal Logs

» Nerves. Stardate 71715.7 (September 18, 2394, 16:50 hours)

Posted on Mon Sep 18th, 2017 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant Kaybok

As Kaybok was chosen to be one of the members of the away team, he went to his quarters and made a quick personal log. He activated the computer as he changed.

"Computer!" Kaybok said. "Begin Personal log!"

"Acknowleged," the computer said. The computer beeped to begin.

"Personal Log, Lieutenant…

» Orders are in.

Posted on Sat Sep 16th, 2017 @ 2:08pm by Lieutenant Bartholomew (Bart) Rivers

Bart grunted as he slid out from between the hull and one of the tractor beam emitter arrays. his voice scratchy over the radio. "You know, it wouldn't hurt if you actually replaced these things." his boots thumbed the hull as they magnetized."For one it would save me a lot…

» Captain's Log - Ikenga's Star

Posted on Tue Aug 1st, 2017 @ 4:33pm by Commander Tyro Adina

Begin Log, Commander Tyro Adina.

I found out talking to him that Doctor Ikenga is an avid student of history. He loves ancient art and society, archaeology -probably it should have been his calling if he hadn't become an astronomer. The star he gave his name to, on the other…

» A song of love

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2017 @ 9:59am by Lieutenant Commander Alekelia illm A'olha

Alekelia lay on her bed. She was tired but that kind of tired in which you knew you had done a good job but the mind was still active. She could not help herself so she opened her log.

"Computer open Tales of Akkadia"

[Log is open]

This is a…

» Kaybok's dishonor, Stardate 71219.5 (March 21, 2394, 14:00)

Posted on Tue Mar 21st, 2017 @ 12:15am by Lieutenant Kaybok

Kaybok beamed back to the Tranquility with a knot in his stomach. Though he knew the commander to be right and he appreciated all she had done, the favors she called in to keep him on the ship, he could not feel a feeling of disgust. After he beamed back,…