All players must comply with Obsidian Fleet's Rules and Regulations. These rules can be found at the Obsidian Fleet Rules Page.


I encourage you to meet the Fleet's expected level of activity, requiring players to post a minimum of once every two weeks.


All players on this simulation are required to be 13 years of age or older at the time they apply. All content should be acceptable material for readers as young as 13.

The Command staff may choose to sanitise any content we feel is in strong violation of this requirement.

Graphic depictions of sex, brutal violence, or any themes we feel are misrepresented are subject to intervention.

Critical examinations of sensitive or disturbing themes, especially those that exist in the real world and impact real lives, are NOT the same as simply reproducing them. Your sensitivity and caution are required.


Consider that everyone is as complex a person as you are. There are many different people who will often have perspectives or behaviours which you will not immediately understand or feel comfortable with. Try to remember that Tranquility is a Diplomatic ship.

The Command Staff will choose what they feel is the appropriate responce to a given situation. All that we can ask is that you trust our judgment.

The Command Staff will try to work with any players involved in a situation, but ultimately we must do what we feel is best for the longevity of the game.

Our best advice is to TALK and be IN CONTACT with us and your fellow players.


We intend to remain open to players who don't have all the time in the world to post, or who can manage bursts of activity as their time allows. We are happy to go slowly if we need to.

As a MINIMUM we require that you visit the site at least once a week. Logging in should not be such a hassle for you.

Players are required to have at least two JPs active at any given time, give-or-take the time it takes to set one up. If we can see that you are trying to be involved, then we are happier to go at your pace.

Players are expected to be involved in two posts a month, and failing that should at least be able to contact the Command Team. On-Site PMs are perfectly fine!

We encourage players to try to keep in contact with the Command Staff, or one another, so that we can stay up to date on how much we should include you.