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Posted on Wed May 27th, 2015 @ 5:33pm by Commander Tyro Adina


Some changes are arriving! I hope they are not too disorienting @__@

Firstly, not to be narcissistic but reading my Journey for Wildfire, part III will help everyone wrap up the mission in an awesome and exciting way!

But more amazingly, I am thrilled to reveal the prototype of our new skin! This is not a final version, and many exciting prospects still wait to be included, but it brightens the site up to a state I am beyond proud of. Feast your eyes! Look upon the majestic vision of our new site<3

It may take some getting used to. As always, please feel free to ask me or contact me with any concerns or input.

The final announcement for right now is that I am switching up the missions a little. If anyone read the mission discussions and is expecting the encounter with Toutilani, it is being postponed. I will be pleased to surprise you with a delightful alternative.

All the best!

Mel (Tyro Adina, CO)


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