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Idea Machine: USS Tranquility

Posted on Sun Mar 15th, 2015 @ 2:24am by Commander Tyro Adina
Edited on Sat Mar 21st, 2015 @ 3:43am

Howdy, Hello, Greetings!

News is very strange to me, but I've decided it was silly not to overuse it if I have the option! You will see a lot more updates and on-site communication from me in the future. I have no intention of leaving you guessing!

Just recently I have been a bit distracted, but we'll be moving into deeper water shortly. Tranquility will be leaving orbit of Luna, and travelling to Melona very soon. On the way, I will really encourage some exploration of the past, and continue to try and keep things fresh and interesting aboard the ship. Please please think about starting JPs with one another if you have a minute! Don't worry about being left out though. Some of you don't have enough JPs with me already, and I am eager to rememdy the issue!

Now, another thing I have been working on is the Resources section of the site. They can be located here:

If you haven't explored them a bit already, that's okay! I'll cover the basics.

Mission Discussions

First, here are a number of outlines which describe and detail some of the missions we have, will, and are currently writing. This section also lists posts in the order as they occur in the story. The list will include currently unposted JPs. It can be located at the very bottom of the Brief for the current mission, Sea of Tranquility.

This section also talks about some mission suggestions, which are basic ideas for stories to tell into the future.

Current Reports

This section offers some basic information about Tranquility, if you are interested. More importantly though, there is a number of current report pages. I will try to keep them current and updated, and they can be referred to at any point. As usual, this is a working idea which is subject to retooling : ) It is purely conceptual, and doesn't yet have a defined function in the sim.


This is another reference section which I hope to update on the reg. It will feature plot spoilers and suggestions, in case you are stuck or want to work with some additional information.

Finally, I want to recognise the writing and contributions you all have made. I really appreciate it so much, and you deserve to know about that. Thank you! The learning process shall continue onward!

With love,



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