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From the Back of the Fridge

Posted on Mon Aug 31st, 2015 @ 8:53pm by Commander Tyro Adina


I just wanted to make sure there isn't confusion over the two posts I just made.

They are from ages ago, and both are posts between Berdas (who is on prolonged hiatus from the sim) and two characters who are no longer playing. I hope they don't cause any confusion, and if they do I hope you'll let me know!

I don't really like deleting work, so here's a warning: if you disappear I am totally going to go through all your saved stuff and finish JPs you have that are unposted :T

Also, I never welcomed Leaxa Dreia officially! She is likely to be our XO, heroically taking on the job after she is so impressed by our work on the Klingon Border. Currently, Leaxa serves as a local administrator for Starfleet, and is our main point of contact in the Arcanis sector.

Also also, I'm currently considered a Senior CO for TG 47-A, which means... good things! I dunno what.



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Category: General News