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Less Stress

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2015 @ 12:21pm by Commander Tyro Adina
Edited on Wed Nov 11th, 2015 @ 12:23pm

I start to realise that my attempts at controlling the pace of the sim have made things much more confusing than necessary. Well, that seems to be tough on the story, and with respect to our new players (who are all lost for the moment) my deepest sympathies are to the story :I

So! I promise anything can be dealt with and thought through after. I'm not going to regulate how long the Chapter is supposed to take, or how much we have to force members of the crew to figure out where they are or aren't. We can figure out the course of events after, no problem at all, and you no longer have to wonder if you are breaking the mold I have set out.

Assume everyone has access to Tranquility and Araceli colony as much as they like.

I don't want anyone worrying about messing up my controls anymore, so please try to go about the investigation however your characters would. I trust you to be smart about it! This is the whole strength of the Chapter system anyway -we can interpret the exact order of events in the most plausible way.

I hope that's a bit more freeing anyway!

We also have many new faces to welcome! My goodness, it's becoming a crowd on this tiny ship of ours~ Our new Chief in Medical is the compassionate Doctor Sova Edril! The beacon of hospitality grows stronger, or something...

Joining us from the Academy as well, there are now cadets running around following our example. Like, I know right? Elizabeth Conté is a learner in her senior year at Starfleet Academy, lucky enough to take her cadet cruise aboard the Fleet's finest pinup vessel.

Finally, Arjin Fin is nobility in a grand, military tradition. He comes to us as a junior tactical officer, and bridge-staff in red. We are obliged to show him federation survival tactics, like parties, and polite conversation.


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