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New is Old

Posted on Tue Feb 9th, 2016 @ 3:28pm by Commander Tyro Adina

I was hasty in trying to make people do things my way, and I believe I was mistaken. I am, of course, referring to Time Keeping on the Sim!

There are still some differences that I would like to implement from how Timelines are accounted on other sims, but I was wrong to try being wildly different. Here is a link to the updated system for the USS Tranquility:


In short:

  • Timestamps use the 24 hour clock to denote the time of day, plus extra information we'll make common knowledge.

  • "missions" in nova will be chapters, like in a book. We can go into crazy detail if we want this way.

  • A "mission group" in nova will comprise an over all assignment, deployment, arc, or mission for the crew. Just like the current migrant issue, this lets us explore things in much more detail, as each chapter can focus on individual aspects of the larger issue.

I hope this is helpful! Please come to me with any initial confusion or concerns you might have. I think, after a little bit of practice, everyone will be with me on this. But please let me know!


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Category: Sim Announcement