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Posted on Mon Apr 13th, 2015 @ 3:34pm by Lieutenant Kaybok
Edited on Mon Apr 13th, 2015 @ 9:29pm

Hello all, I thought it was past time to introduce myself. Elliot, aka Lieutenant Ryan Flynn, wrote an intro a couple of months ago and I want to do the same. My real name is Chris, but my character's name is Lieutenant Kaybok, a most honorable Klingon that is the Chief Science Officer on Tranquility. Like Flynn back in February, I am currently the newest addition to the Tranquility family. I have posted "Kaybok's Arrival Part I", and "Kaybok's...Part II" should be close to being finished and posted. I want to thank Commander Adina for helping me out on things here and there!

I have enjoyed Star Trek ever since I have been in my late teens; my interest really started when "Star Trek II, the Wrath of Khan" came to the big screen originally...yes, I said originally. :) I'm 50, live in east Tennessee and have been writing fanfic for a few years now.

And now a shameless plug for my writing (LOL):

I am on Adastra under the pen name of Admiral Christopher (; the pilot for my Starbase 107 series is "Helping Hand", episode one is "A Christmas Qarol" (guess who's in this one LOL). Starbase 107 is a Regula class starbase (think of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) stationed in the Alpha Quadrant between Inferna Prime and Memory Alpha. The ship that is docked there is the USS Conservancy, commanded by Captain Daniel Barrett. The Conservancy was launched 57648.7, August 25, 2380, only a year or so after Voyager comes home. Conservancy is a Thoreau class ship, similar to the Nebula class but a little shorter.

Now then, onto the Obsidian Fleet!

As far as being in the Obsidian Fleet, I am excited to be a part of the USS Roosevelt crew; my character is a Caitian (feline species), called Ensign Nonoko Ocelot. Ocelot is the current Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist and we are on our first mission called "A Mind in Ruins"; The USS Roosevelt is sent to Khefka IV to respond to a distress call send by a downed Starfleet Transport (that description was not written by me).

I am also truly excited to be part of the Tranquility crew as Lieutenant Kaybok, a 30 year old Klingon; Kaybok is the Chief Science Officer on this grand ship. I have enjoyed Klingons all the way from TOS to ENT(erprise). I'm excited to see how Kaybok's character develops and evolves; from ways he thinks and reacts on different missions to fighting and overcoming obstacles in his own life. I enjoyed how Worf on TNG evolved and though he was an inspiration for Kaybok, Kaybok is his own Klingon and I'm proud to say I plan to have him as 3 dimensional as possible. I want people to care about his character!

Anytime anybody wants to JP, I'm's a really cool way to get to know each other, plus that can give little sub plots here and there within the mission itself. I'm easy to get to know and pretty much laid back about things.

Well that's all for now. Once I post "Kaybok's Arrival, Part II", Kaybok will have a personal log.

This is going to be one cool ride...QAPLA'!!


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