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Paradox Lost

Posted on Wed Mar 30th, 2016 @ 9:24pm by Commander Tyro Adina

I would like to announce the next mission!

In hope of a pleasant change of pace, for the next mission I will try to let things develop as they may, and give us a basic premise to write some straight-up wacky sci-fi~

The idea goes, Tranquility hosts the first diplomatic delegation to an advanced culture. This culture is so far ahead of us that its planet is nigh-unreachable, except by the latest in developments by startfleet. The reason for their isolation is quite interesting! Their civilization, at some point in it's age, traveled back in time to the birth of their species and hid the planet from the rest of the galaxy. Protected in their shell, they engineered the history of their world from the beginning, creating an isolated timeline within their bubble!

History and time blur together on this planet! There are aircraft in the primordial skies and primitive tourists visiting their grandsires thousands of years later. We can visit ancient tribes or explore vast, futuristic cities. 'Tis as common for them as a flight to London for us.

I should think we'll have a good time of it!


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