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Sisters with Secrets!

Posted on Sat Apr 30th, 2016 @ 4:12pm by Commander Tyro Adina
Edited on Sat Apr 30th, 2016 @ 4:14pm


It has been a failing of mine that player awards get underappreciated on my sim. I am hoping to make a renewed effort to show everyone how much their participation is valued here! For starters, our friends Kaelin and Kaybok have both won awards during their time aboard Tranquility!

Kaybok was among the first to join the sim, and brings an unmistakable charm to the little community here. As far as Klingon warriors go, he totally flips a lot of your assumptions on their heads, and is happy and enthusiastic under any sky. As a player, he is always eager to take direction, and very accommodating to other players who ask him to make changes. Thanks Kaybok!

Kaelin has been aboard for nearly as long herself. She knows the rhythms of the ship intuitively, and writing with her is so fluid. You can always rely on that, and she carries in a lot of creativity that is hard not to love. Easy to talk to and full of ideas, whether on her ballet points or in fabulous duty boots. Thanks Kaelin!

You both deserve it.


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