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Unit of Merit ... for March

Posted on Tue Apr 21st, 2015 @ 2:11pm by Commander Tyro Adina
Edited on Tue Apr 21st, 2015 @ 2:15pm

Look what I misplaced for the month of March!

More Resources, Kaelin Vex, Sleepyheads

Hello again! We're happy to welcome another bright contributer to the community. We are thrilled to have Kaelin Vex steering us in the right direction~

Some updates have been made to the Resources section of the site. The wiki section entitled "Mission Discussions" now includes an area for plot arcs that mention some Tranquility-specific details you may not know about. Please take a look. This is my alternative to just listing everything and everywhere we've been. I am trying to organise it so you can easily see what you might need to know, and read about it enough to get a general idea. As ever, please let me know what your feeling is on the system!

Additionally, I've updated all the Spoiler pages for each department. Remember that I'm not encouraging you to read them, but if you want a little more guidance for your particular department, I have tried to give some ideas. At the bottom of each page is a total spoiler for the mission, meaning you know the outcome, so be prepared if you choose to look at them. Don't ruin it for other people or meta-game if you can help it... thanks.

And finally! I would like to apologise for being so absent. I shouldn't make excuses for myself, and hope you can understand. It happens to everyone, and it's always been my hope that we can support people even when they feel stuck. Thanks for your patience everyone!


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