Gone Fishing

Posted on Wed Aug 2nd, 2017 @ 3:22pm by Commander Tyro Adina

Zero Posts This Month.

Hey everyone! This is not intended to shame or embarrass anyone. I decided I wanted to offer my monthly perspective on the quality of the game, and I realise the current state of affairs is likely to be more to do with the game's CO above any other factor. So I hope to share some general, and very straight-forward insights about the sim at the end of every month from now on.

Firstly, please welcome Durn! He is an ambassador from Farengenar, which is a challenge the Federation Council has either inflicted on, or trusted only us to accept into our hearts.

There have been no posts this month. I have not been active as I should be, and I hope to both make and encourage personal examinations of your own writing in this, the month of August.

I also hope to advance our adventure into the Ikenga mystery, though I hope the hype lives up to what I have planned for you all.

That seems to be all! I'm still working on getting the site fully operational. I very much appreciate all your kind forgiving words and patience and love.



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