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Holodeck times!

Posted on Tue Apr 28th, 2015 @ 12:24am by Lieutenant Kaybok
Edited on Tue Apr 28th, 2015 @ 12:29am

Hey there, Kaybok here!

I have another character, a Caitain (Ensign Nonoko Ocelot) on the USS Roosevelt (Obsidian Fleet). One thing I loved was the holodecks on TNG and Voyager. So I made a mission posting (not posted yet because of a JP I'm doing, but will be as soon as the JP is finished.) In this, Nonoko is on the holodeck enjoying a jazz/blues program performed by Billie Holiday in 1946. I looked up videos on youtube and found a really good one. SO when I have some holodeck time when there is a performance, I'm going to have an OOC and include a link so the readers can enjoy the song.

Nonoko loves jazz on the Roosevelt :D Kaybok loves music too! After a holodeck time, I hope to do an OOC and give some little notes or history or something like that.

Here's a sample from the USS Roosevelt--this is what the Mission Post will be at the end; it's called Nonoko's Special Night Out: In My Solitude (WARNING: SPOILER!!):

"Computer, save and end program," Nonoko said. The people disappear, then the interior and then the holodeck goes back to a grid pattern on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Nonoko is back in his Starfleet uniform at the arch. He starts purring and smiles.

That, Nonoko said, "is something I will never forget. I will need to invite Commander Voric to enjoy Ms. Holiday someday."

Nonoko goes to his quarters, changes into his Starfleet Academy sleeping shorts and t-shirt, and goes to sleep for the evening, with the memory of seeing and hearing Billie Holiday.


OOC OCELOT: Café Society is New York’s first integrated nightclub. She recorded "In My Solitude" in 1946 at Decca Records. Enjoy hearing In My Solitude on YouTube. ~Nonoko

I thought this would be a cool bit of realism so everybody can enjoy a certain amount of "realism" to visualize Kaybok (or Nonoko on the Roosevelt) enjoying a performance. Of course this is only for performances on the holodeck :)

Just something happy this Klingon came up with! Qapla'! I hope you enjoy...



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