Commander Berdas

Name Berdas

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Birthplace Portland, Oregon, Earth
Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 34
Quarters Deck 2

Physical Appearance

Height 155cm
Hair Color None
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Chance Berdas is stocky and short. He was once chubby but hasn't been for several years; more than a year in physical rehabilitation removed most of the excess fat from his body. The diminutive blue man is strong, and covered in lean muscle. Most of the time, however, that strength isn’t visible. When he exercises, the muscles seem to appear out of nowhere and disappear mere hours later. His gray eyes are clear and sharp, but rarely make contact with others' eyes. Berdas has small hands and feet that bear calluses gained from rock climbing. He has the telltale cartilaginous ridges that all Bolians possess, as well as the unusually long ears. Although not entirely unattractive, Berdas is no model.


Father Alal
Mother Jaisa
Brother(s) Hain
Sister(s) Mosima

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Berdas has many strengths and few weaknesses, unfortunately, his weaknesses often overshadow many of his strengths. Berdas is a very hard studying student and learns quickly. He has also been determined to choose the correct path, regardless of consequences, or nearly so. Recently, his career path has been murky at best. Although he was promoted to Executive Officer, that promotion came on the heels of being denied a captaincy of his own craft.

No matter how much confidence the Bolian has gained over the last several years, he is still very insecure at his center. He tries to hide it, and generally does a fair job, but rejection and failure weigh heavily on him. If he doesn’t keep his thoughts under control, it is easy for him to spiral into self-pity and doubt.

Berdas can sing with a perfect tenor, outclassing many of the very best in the known galaxy. He has never been confident of his musical abilities so he fastidiously hides his talent, singing only in private or around his closest friends. Often, when he is stressed, Berdas will find some cubby-hole and belt out in song. Regardless of his true talent, Berdas' musical ability is one area in which he has gained little confidence. He persists in considering himself a mediocre vocalist.

Though he is the very best friend any man or woman could desire, Berdas has at times been stupidly optimistic. Recent experiences have tempered that faith in others, and a seed of cynicism has found its way into his mind. Although he struggles with his loss of faith in others—and in himself, true friends could restore his faith in the people of the universe or destroy it completely.

Although Berdas is a strong climber, he is no body-builder. That strength has lent him more confidence than many others. He may not have significant strength, but he feels more confident of his physical abilities.
Ambitions Berdas’ greatest ambition is to fill a hole he has found inside himself for as long as he can remember. It could not be filled with music, or by his career. Friendship, knowledge, skill, adrenaline, etc. do not fill the hole, though they all nearly fill it. That ambition is not a conscious one, even if it is the most powerful ambition he has and motivates the others.

Berdas works to be good at everything he does. Not just good, the best. Mediocrity is not acceptable for him, and he will never accept less than what he sees as his best. His drive to be a perfectionist fuels his self-doubt more often that he would ever care to admit or accept. He is working on accepting his best as good enough, but still struggles.
Hobbies & Interests Berdas has two or three driving passions. The first is music; he loves singing or listening to music. He loves almost all music but especially opera and musicals. He will often sing while doing any off-duty activity. He has gained a passion for rock climbing and has climbed many of the famous climbing spots in the universe via the holodeck. This passion takes much of his free time, and is much of the reason he has recovered his mobility and senses as well as he has. Berdas also enjoys studying and is working on yet another degree.

Personal History Berdas was born to Alal and Jaisa in Portland, Oregon, Earth. He was raised as the second child of three, in a family that never stayed in one place. By the time Berdas was four years old he had lived on 5 Federation worlds, and in multiple cities on Earth. Alal was a contracted computer technician and was asked to perform many tasks in various parts of the Federation, many for only a couple days or weeks, but some for months. When he received such an assignment his family came with him.

Because he never stayed in one place, Berdas didn't form any friendships outside his family. When his older brother Hain and his grandparents were killed in a shuttle accident while docking at Starbase 3532 he lost his best friend. He became even more introverted, sinking into books and into music. Though he still did well in school he had no passion for it. Time passed and move after move occurred, isolating him even from his family.

When the time came for him to choose his vocation, he secretly applied to Starfleet Academy. His father expected him to follow him into the "family business", but Berdas had grown to hate that lifestyle. Though he knew Starfleet would move him around a lot, he also knew the good he could do, and it gave him perverse pleasure to think of defying his parents; a thing he had never done, nor had dared to do previously.

Berdas received a message of acceptance and broke the news to his parents. His mother received the news with strength and congratulated him on his acceptance, his father simply said "good job" and left the room. Two months later Berdas left for the Academy and began his training. Contact was rare with his family. His younger sister kept in touch the most, and within his first year in the Academy he learned she was being married to a traditional Bolian man with no desire to ever leave Bolarus IX. He attended the wedding and promptly returned to the Academy.

The stout man's first year went well, even though he didn’t make any friends. He didn’t really leave his quarters often other than to go to class. During his third year Berdas chose to focus on communication, with the goal of being accepted into the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. It would be a difficult field for the timid Bolian to adapt to, but it would suit much better than security, and he loathed the idea of being a computer tech.

As time went on and the last year of the Academy passed, Berdas excelled in his class, his compassion and understanding of motivations helped him to become a far better communicator than he had ever been before. He graduated the academy at 22, following his cadet cruise, and was immediately accepted into the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps training program.

Rather than attending regular courses, Berdas was assigned to Shivarus III as an aide to Ambassador Jorg Weston. Shivarus III was a planet which had not yet become a Federation member despite the fact that it was contained within Federation boundaries.

Very recently the Shivari people had gained warp flight, and the Federation was trying to negotiate with them, but meeting unprecedented challenges. The universal translators seemed to work, but there was a misunderstanding that continually caused trouble. Admiral Weston, as experienced as he was, was baffled at the confusion. The translator worked on mundane objects, but as far as any ideas or relationships went he could not make sense of it.

Berdas served for nearly a year on Shivarus III, gaining level 2 proficiency in several languages, and excelling in his training, before he started to understand the Shivari language. He also received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. He had been studying it on the side, and as he did so he gained proficiency rapidly, but he came across many of the same difficulties as the universal translators did. There was a fundamental difference in the way that the Shivari thought.

It was not until Berdas was invited into a home where a pair of identical twins had just been born that he began to understand. He asked if they were identical, and in answer to his question they said yes, but then expressed the differences that the two had. To the Shivari the differences were apparent, as they would have been to any mother--but it was more. Suddenly inspiration struck, the word "identical" did not mean what it did in any other language. Two objects could have the exact same chemical and molecular construction, but they would not be identical. Even given quantum physics, the atoms that made one, weren’t exactly the same as the atoms that made the other. No matter how similar a thing was, it could never be identical.

Berdas worked with that understanding, and for another six months he allowed that concept to sink in, and permeate the rest of his interactions with the Shivari. Everything was tinted by it, and he understood the Shivari much better. Soon he learned there were two other keys to understanding the Shivari, and while it took another half year, he learned them. The keys were: "No two twins are identical", "We know, we do not know; We understand, we do not understand; We see, we do not see; Everything we know, everything we do not know", and "It is possible."

These keys allowed the negotiations with the Shivari to come to a close, if a somewhat shaky one. Berdas was the first outsider to ever really grasp the Shivari language, and was given a commendation by Jorg Weston for his efforts. For quite some time they worked to solidify the understanding they had gained with the Shivari. At the end they joined the Federation and Berdas was transferred to Starbase 4456 awaiting his next assignment.

Berdas waited four months for his assignment, and finally received it. He was assigned to the USS Sun Tzu, a Prometheus Class Vessel, under command of Captain Thomas Price. He was once again an aide, this time to a much more senior diplomat, and on a much more dangerous mission. He arrived aboard Sun Tzu, and settled in, when they reached the world on which their mission would take place.

His mission aboard the USS Sun Tzu involved a species called teh Chat’kzani. The Chat'kzani were a warlike people, who hated all telepaths or anyone who associated with them. Under the guise of a new political system, the feline people lured in the diplomatic party and in a surprise ambush killed several of the group. In a mad dash for the extraction point Berdas heroically stunned several giant Chat'kzani warriors with his phaser and allowed the group to escape.

Just before transport, however, the leader of the ambush dived onto Berdas, and with her massive claws, ripped a wide section of vertebrae from his lower back before ducking into the shadows while the party was transported back aboard Sun Tzu.

Berdas was transported to sickbay where he was stabilized, but without the delicate tissue, there was nothing the doctor could do to prevent permanent paralysis. Berdas awoke to phantom pain where is legs could no longer be felt. The Doctor calmed the blue man and tried to help him cope with his new life.

Captain Price recommended Berdas for the Purple Heart award as well as a promotion, but more important than that, he used all of his resources to find a center where an appropriate procedure to restore Berdas' spine could be performed, then informed the paralyzed man. The Bolian accepted the offer, though he knew the procedure would be risky. Nerves were well understood, but an entire section of spinal column was always risky to replace.

In two days Berdas was on his way to Earth to undergo medical procedures that he hoped would allow him to return to full service. The shuttle landed in front of the center and Berdas saw what would become home, it was a pleasant place, set back in the canyons of Moab, Utah.

Berdas was poked and prodded, his blood was drawn and tested. Time passed slowly, especially as the pain racked his body as the doctors tested the new vertebrae. As time went on Berdas gained a high tolerance for pain and bore the pain with what he thought was stoicism.

It took a year, but the procedure worked. Berdas was healed. His control was jerky and sporadic, not smooth or easy like his natural movement had been. He had to learn to use his body all over again. As time and physical therapy passed he grew lean, his once shapeless body became toned. His lower trunk and legs were sensitive to sensation, but equally so to movement. He found he could move with more precision than he had ever thought possible.

One day he was asked to test his ability by ascending a climbing wall. Within minutes he had become an addict and for the remaining months he climbed every day, sometimes with rope and harness, others without. When he finally received notice of his release, and the doctor's recommendation of full recovery he smiled with bittersweet emotion. Moab had become home, almost as much as Shivarus III had been.

Orders arrived and Berdas read them with apprehension, he was to be assigned to the USS Nimitz, as Chief Diplomatic Officer. It didn't make sense to him, but he accepted the assignment with a shrug. The next day he boarded a shuttle and headed to Nimitz. Nimitz would define the small man. Only days after boarding his new vessel, Chance Berdas awoke on in a cave on a desolate ice moon, with the wreckage of the Nimitz half buried in ice below him. Unknown to any of the crew at that time, they had been abducted by an advanced alien species. The same species, in fact, who had accidentally killed Nimitz' first crew and destroyed the original Nimitz by doing exactly the same thing.

The crew explored tunnels beneath the moon's surface, visited Nimitz and found the one surviving member of Nimitz' original crew: Ted Branch, the commanding officer. In time, the command staff found a way to contact the aliens who had abducted them. Simple scientists, the Qaric scientific caste used unscrupulous means to gather the information they needed.

All Qaric technology was removed from their reconstruction of the Nimitz, and the crew set off on their three month journey back to Federation space. Along the way they encountered another advanced alien species, one who hated the Qaric.

The Qaric existed in two classes, the warrior caste and the scientific caste. The warrior caste had been at loggerheads with the other species for nearly a decade. Although the second species fell easy prey at first, their intelligence and ingenuity helped them to develop better defenses.

Finally, about the time that crew of Nimitz appeared on the scene, the second species had gone against all previous patterns and developed a genocidal weapon to use on the Qaric. They resorted to this only in an effort to protect their homeworld and their lives.

As Murphy's law suggests, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Shortly after leaving, Nimitz was attacked by a Qaric warship, supposing them to be allies of their new enemy . The Prometheus class vessel barely escaped, and finally found a run down station.

Several groups of alien and human-like species gathered on the station. Admiral Reardon considered it the best policy to not reveal the existence of Starfleet or the Federation. To that end he had Berdas act as the captain of a mercenary crew aboard Nimitz.

Negotiations for materials did not go smoothly. After being attacked, assaulting the station administrator and detecting several bombs on the materials Nimitz finally received, Berdas could finally be done with the uncomfortable charade. A Qaric man that had hidden on the station from the Warrior caste found them and boarded Nimitz. He also warned the Admiral of the danger the second species, or the Qaric warrior caste could pose the galaxy as a whole.

At that point the Nimitz took heed and commandeered the second species' genetic research, to prevent them from unleashing it's horrible effects on anyone. They also began planning for the confrontation with the warrior vessel that was set to destroy the enemy home world. Through skillful tactics on the part of Nimitz' crew the Starfleet vessel was victorious.

In thanks for the help in defeating the Warrior caste, which had secretly threatened and captured the scientific caste, the Qaric helped the Nimitz return to Federation space without the time and difficulty that would otherwise have been required to traverse that distance.

Immediately on returning, Berdas recieved a promotion. Nearly six months later, he was reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters. His reports served as Starfleet, and the Federation's, guide to the events that had surrounded Nimitz. For months he was questioned, re-questioned and prodded for more information--as well as his suggestions in regard to future action.

The Bolian hated that time. After several months of this questioning, Berdas was assigned as a Starfleet errand boy. After some time he was promoted to Commander, and given charge over several specific task relating to various difficult diplomatic situations. The most interesting of these was his assignment to the USS Andoria.

Ca'al Farea'a, the son of a xenophobic, very influential, and deceased Romulan Senator had sought refuge within the Federation.

Although it had been years since the Nemesis incident in which his father had been killed and he had become a hunted man, both Section 31 and the Tal Shiar wanted the boy dead. And it was Berdas' job to ensure that the young man consented to become a Federation member. Then convince him to give intelligence on the status of the Romulan Empire to Starfleet Command and the Federation Council.

It took a couple of months and surviving several attacks from horrible insect creatures to convince the young Romulan, but eventually Berdas was able to convince Ca'al to apply for citizenship and to help the Federation get insider knowledge about the Empire. Following that mission, Berdas worked on several smaller cases. Until, that was, aKlingon splinter group had been causing trouble for the Empire.

Berdas was sent to get Lord Korax talking. Every messenger Martok had sent had been killed. Although the crew of Berdas' transport did not garter the respect of the dissidents, Korax agreed to listen to what they had to say. Berdas led the diplomatic party to the surface and spoke with the Klingon. It was an uncomfortable and dangerous stare-down but eventually the seven foot Korax folded to a diminutive Bolian man. Although no deep issues were solved, the Klingon lord agreed to hear out his opposition rather than immediately decimate them.

Shortly thereafter Chance was invited to Shivarus III to commemorate the seven year anniversary of the Shivari's Federation Citizenship. While there, he received the greatest honor an outsider had ever been given. He was adopted as a member of their society. He was also given one of the most respected social positions in their culture: Craft Master. He was assigned an apprentice, and instructed to teach the young man how to be a diplomat among aliens. The celebration lasted nearly a full week.

Upon his return, Berdas was assigned to the Tranquility project. The Tranquility project focused on the recovery of the downed USS Tranquillity from a jungle world. Berdas' assignment was to negotiate with the world's government to allow Starfleet to set up and keep up recovery operations.

It wasn't always easy. This world, not a Federation member, took advantage of everything Starfleet was willing to offer. Often Berdas had to convince them to take less than they wanted, or appease them when they became "offended". His work earned him yet another promotion, this time to Commander.

As the salvage operation drew to a close, Berdas learned that he was being considered for captaincy over the remodeled Tranquility. His promotion was dependent on the evaluation of a panel. He departed for Starfleet Headquarters. The panel decided that he needed further development before being given a command.

Much to his chagrin Berdas was assigned to serve as the Executive Officer aboard the USS Tranquillity, rather than as the captain.
Service Record Mar 2373: Entered Starfleet Academy
Jul 2377: Graduated Starfleet Academy
Jul 2377: Promoted to Ensign
Jul 2377: Assigned to Shivarus III
Jan 2380: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Aug 2382: Commendation received from Jorg Weston
May 2382: Assigned to Star base 4456
Jan 2383: Assigned to USS Sun Tzu (Diplomatic Aide)
Aug 2383: Commendation received from Thomas Price
Aug 2383: Recommended for Purple Heart
Aug 2383: Promoted to Lieutenant
Aug 2383: Relieved from active duty
Sep 2383: Assigned to Moab Neurological Institute
Jul 2384: Received Purple Heart
Aug 2385: Cleared for active duty
Sep 2385: Released from Moab Neurological Institute
Sep 2385: Assigned to USS Nimitz (Chief Diplomatic Officer)
Sep 2386: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
Oct 2388: Assigned to Starfleet Headquarters (Case Officer)
Feb 2391: Promoted to Commander
Jan 2392: Assigned to USS Tranquility (Executive Officer)