Lieutenant Ryan Flynn

Name Ryan Flynn

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Birthplace Australia, Earth
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Steel Gray
Physical Description Ryan Flynn is an average height male with defined muscles and well built frame, which he must closely maintain to remain within regulations and due to his lifetime in service to the Federation and his line of work in the Intelligence industry. Covering the top of his head, Ryan has a close shaved hair style that is light brown in colour, additionally he has a close cropped beard that covers his strong lower jaw and also matches his hair colour. Flynn has strong, analytical eyes that always seem to be searching and dissecting the area around him; they can often seem uncaring but have revealed glimpses of Flynn’s inner emotions.

At all times, Flynn maintains a strong posture and alert body language, ready to respond to any threats or incidents that may occur. He can switch from being imposing and authoritarian to silent and unnoticeable, often being able to easily blend in with a crowd of people.

During his adult life, especially that in Starfleet Intelligence, Flynn has tried to avoid gaining any markings, tattoos or scars that may be used to easily identify him. Despite his vigilance, Ryan does have a small scar on his back by his right shoulder which he gained during a mission, the mark easily blends in with his skin at a glance but close study will easily reveal the scar.


Spouse None
Children N/A
Father George Flynn
Mother Ellen Flynn
Brother(s) Lt Cmdr Gauis Fylnn (29 - Chief Medical Officer - USS India)
Jack Flynn (23 - Biomedical Research Assistant - Earth)

Personality & Traits

Demeanour To most Ryan Flynn is a cool, standoffish man that always gives the impression that he is watching your every move, which is correct, Flynn maintains an emotionless demeanour that resembles a Vulcan in many ways. He has never been much of a social person, even before working for Starfleet, Ryan was considered the odd one out of his family as he tended to spend time alone rather than interacting with others which was difficult for them to understand but perfect for SFI.

The training that Ryan received from SFI has allowed him to remain cool under the most extremes of pressure, including being tortured and in high stress situations. He is a strong leader when he needs to be, authoritarian and strong willed but he can also create a range of personas to fit the situation that he is in. As a result of his dampened emotion and analytical nature; Flynn often can seem abrasive, rude and he often speaks his mind irregardless of who is present, which has gotten him into trouble from time to time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths –

As part of his primary training as a SFI agent, Flynn is highly adaptable, intelligent and resourceful. He possesses a natural skill of assessing situations and being able to deliver quick solutions to a large range of situations. Also due to his nature, Ryan is extremely adept when it comes to surveillance, reconnaissance and he can usually easily understand people’s motives, as well as their emotions and thought patterns. Flynn can often predict events before they happen, providing he has enough prior facts and intelligence, he is also very skilled at gaining his own intelligence through various ways.

After years of training and fieldwork, Flynn fitness levels are above average for most humans of his age, additionally he has a higher pain threshold than most due to his life in the intelligence business. To go along with all of the skills in espionage, Starfleet Intelligence provides its agents training in advanced combat, both hand-to-hand and various weapons, as well as field skills courses such as basic engineering and advanced first aid, these skills allow their agents to remain undetected and untraceable while in the field.

Weaknesses –

While being an SFI agent offers a wide range of advance training and future options, it does come hand in hand with a range of downfalls. Ryan is difficult in social situations and tends to avoid partaking in them when he can, his interpersonal skills aren’t that much more advanced than a Vulcan’s, and he often speaks his mind regardless of who is present. In addition to difficulties with people, Flynn tends to have a more pessimistic view on the galaxy as a whole, he sees threats and how to deal with those threats rather than much of the good there is on offer. In many ways Flynn is like a Vulcan but more extreme, he sees very little relevance in emotions and tries his best to suppress them, logic and facts are all that he requires to function, he finds little merit to diplomacy as he knows that everyone has something to hide and it is only a matter of time before those secrets catch up to oneself.

Flynn has little to no friends nor does he have much contact with his family members, though these traits are somewhat helpful to SFI, it also means that Ryan does not interact with many people other than those he needs to for his duties. This adds to his persona that he is cold, calculative and does not engage with others.
Ambitions With Intelligence as a career, Flynn has few ambitions other than those of his duties. To him, there is nothing of greater importance than keeping the Federation and Starfleet protected at all costs. The only main aims and ambitions that Flynn has is to become the best agent he can be, to be a man of the shadows and to help prevent all that wish to harm the agency he works for, no matter who they are nor what he must do to stop them.
Hobbies & Interests During the periods while not on active duty, Flynn continues his training or whatever work he was partaking in during his duty hours. While on previous assignments, Flynn had set up various monitoring and surveillance channels that provide him with extended reports on the dealings in the Federation and surrounding space, he will often read these reports and use them to build on the official information he has at hand to enhance his abilities. Similarly, whenever Flynn begins a new assignment or someone joins the assignment he is currently on, he uses his clearance to access any data on them so he can have a clearer understanding on who he is going to be working with and whether or not they will be a threat to him and his mission. In addition to reading various reports and information taps, Flynn completes and prepares any reports or documents that he may need for the upcoming days or weeks.

When he is not reading or making reports, Ryan commits himself to a series of physical and mental challenges and training so that he remains at the peak of his performance. These trainings include, combat training, physical activities such as climbing or running, logic challenges to ensure mental strength as well as a range of meditations to help control his emotions and increase his logic. Ryan rarely, if ever, strays from his training schedule and only attends social functions if ordered there or his mission requires him to be present for some reason.