Nikoelin Sar Tasartir

Name Nikoelin Sar Tasartir

Position Mixologist


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Wed Nov 2nd, 2016 @ 5:07pm

Character Information

Birthplace Devetàshka Colony
Gender Female
Species Ardanan
Age 36
Quarters Deck 8

Physical Appearance

Physical Description Nikoelin or "Coco" is humanoid and appears to be of east asian descent to humans. She's a lean, muscular mother. Her style is always in contrast to the clean Federation look, with a partially-shaved head of colourful hair.


Spouse None
Children Bae - Her infant son aboard the ship

Personality & Traits

Personal History Nikoelin was born on a toglyte adanan colony, and lived as a caravan trader on the dusty road between cities. Her experience with machines and vehicles put her in armoured tanks during the Dominion war, where she was enlisted as a marine. She fought in numerous ground engagements during the war, and was loyal to Starfleet even after it ended.

Nikoelin became known as Coco during her service, since it was easier for humans to remember. After fighting for the Federation during the war, she remained with the Marine Corps for years, becoming a regular visitor to earth. Her half-human son was born in Korea, and spent time with his father's family there, with his mother irregularly involved in his life. Her customs and behaviours were often unacceptable to her human family however, and her infrequent visits to be with her son became less and less welcome.

In the weeks prior to Tranquility's launch, Nikoelin appeared to go AWOL from the Marine Corps.