Ambassador Aaron Reece

Name Aaron Reece

Position Ambassador

Rank Ambassador


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Character Information

Birthplace Earth Space Dock, Sol System
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Aaron's hair was neatly combed over to the side, and had good texture and thickness for his age. His face was showing clear signs of aging, with wrinkles on his forehead, and surrounding his eyes and mouth. At his own discretion, he had decided to wear a pair of glasses similar to that worn in the 21st century with some features shown in modern day visors to assist with his deteriorating sight. His shoulders were broad, and his body and arms were generally quite muscular and robust. His legs however were unusually thin, and didn't really appear to match the build of his upper body.


Spouse Julia Reece
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Olivia Reece
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unknown/Irrelevant.

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Contrasting with that of his build, Aaron was a very gentle and kind man. He is very open and self confident, ensuring his voice is heard when it needs to be and eager to have his opinion counted. Aaron is also quite emotional and compassionate, and as a result he constantly shows his many different emotions in numerous ways. He is a very respectful, loyal, patient, observant and most important of all perceptive individual. These traits come to him naturally, but as he has worked within the Diplomatic branch for many years and as a result these attributes have been self-taught and improved over time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

+ Wise ~ Aaron's many years of experience have taught him many valuable lessons and have allowed him to acquire vast amounts of knowledge.
+ Can easily motivate crew members and has good leadership experience and skill.
+ Strong willed and determined to achieve a goal he has been set, or set himself.
+ Quick to learn and attain knowledge where necessary.
+ Truthful, honest and loyal to the cause.
+ Patient, respectful and observant.


- Biased ~ Although largely tamed within his line of work, he is very biased toward the Federation/Starfleet's point of view.
- Cunning ~ If unable to attain desired result, Aaron could resort to the use of deceit to ensure he is successful.
- Emotional ~ could easily become what is considered to be "emotionally compromised".
- Stubborn ~ Rarely backs down from debates or arguments.

Ambitions > To continue learn new skills, abilities to attain knowledge from different departments within Starfleet.
> To follow the path of peace and diplomacy wherever possible.
> Help CO's in Diplomatic and Leadership endeavors.
> Take up retirement on Risa by the time he is 70.
Hobbies & Interests > Federation 'Core World' (Earth, Vulcan, Andoria etc.) History.
>Social activities.
> Holo novels.
> Reading.
> Debates.

Personal History Aaron Reece was born in the year 2328 aboard Earth Space Dock. His mother, Ensign Olivia Reece, did not know who Aaron's father was, and so without virtually any family to support her she was forced to raise Aaron alone. After his birth, Olivia had been granted maternity leave and she moved to her home on Earth in the British Isles with Aaron.

Throughout the first 15 years of Aarons life his mother has been stationed on various different vessels within the Diplomatic Corps. When Aaron was 16, his mother was stationed aboard the USS Lexington as the vessels Chief Diplomatic Officer. It was at this point that he had decided he wished to follow his mother footsteps in the Diplomatic Corps, and so he began researching grade requirements and course involvements in Starfleet Academy with the Diplomatic Corps.

A year later, Aaron was accepted into Starfleet Academy to complete academical studies in 'General Studies', 'Studies in Federation native language(s)' and 'General Sciences'. During his time at Starfleet Academy met Julia Roberts, another cadet. Before long they fell in love, and found themselves virtually inseparable when out of the academy.

Upon graduation, six years later, Aaron had achieved the highest grades available in all courses he had taken at the academy, and was given an Excellency Award from his professors. Before long he found himself assigned to the USS Seoul as a junior Science Officer. His first posting simply re-asserted his belief that Diplomacy was the way forward in Starfleet for him, and he was now eager to join the department as soon as he was able. He remained aboard the Seoul for three years, and in that time he had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG and had become a Science Officer for the vessel. During shore leave, he had gone to Risa with his fiancee Julia, and proposed marriage. In the same week they were married aboard the USS Cassiopeia en route to the Sol System. The newly weds then agreed they did not wish to serve aboard different vessels, and so the CO of the Cassiopeia agreed to take them both in and became members of the vessels Diplomatic branch.

The pair came to serve aboard this vessel for a total of ten years. During this time Aaron had been promoted twice to Lieutenant JG and Lieutenant. He eventually came to become the ships Chief Diplomatic Officer and had been involved in many diplomatic incidents with the Klingon Empire, one of which would come to be the cause of he and his wife leaving the vessel. The Cassiopeia was en route to the border between the Federation and the Klingon empire when the ship was halted by a large and aggressive Klingon warship. Under the instructions of his CO, Lt. Reece with his small team of diplomats including his wife transported over to the Klingon vessel in order to strike a deal to avoid hostilities in this neutral sector between Starfleet and Klingon Defense Force ships/patrols. Aaron had chosen to be completely truthful with the Klingon Captain, and explain that the Federation still had a great deal of mistrust for the KDF for various reasons. This proved to be a mistake. Upon his teams return to the Cassiopeia, Aaron had overheard a Klingon crewmember inform another of their intention to attack the vessel. Aaron stayed behind and confronted the Klingon CO about what he had heard. The Klingon captain was outraged that Aaron had been listening to private conversations of his crewmembers, and the vessel went to Warp with Aaron still on board. Aaron was beaten and taken the brig of the vessel, but he had managed to conceal his comm badge from the guards. He assumed the vessel had also cloaked, and so managed to activate the distress beacon on his comm badge so the Cassiopeia would be able to pursue. When his ship did eventually catch up, they engaged in combat, causing the shield in the bridge to fail. He escaped, and took up a phaser from the Klingon guard who had been thrown against a bulkhead and knocked unconscious. He used the console in the brig to contact the ships CO. "I recommend you stop your attack and lower your shields, or your officer in the brig here will have a little more than concussion.". Upon hearing this threat, the Klingon CO agreed and surrendered to the Cassiopeia. After Aaron returned to the ship and was treated in sick bay, he was awarded the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry. Following this ordeal, he and his wife took extended shore leave on Earth for an entire year.

Aaron was then assigned to the USS Yorktown, Excelsior Class, which had recently undergone a huge refit, as Chief Diplomatic Officer. Following a year of service, Aaron was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Second Officer. His wife by this point had left Starfleet, but followed him aboard the vessels he was assigned to. After three years aboard the vessel, he was named as a Diplomatic Consul to Bajor and was moved to the USS Rook, a newly commissioned Luna class vessel serving in the Bajor sector. His lengthy period aboard the vessel was fairly un-eventful, bar several encounters with Cardassian diplomats and vessels resulting in the requirement of his services. This was until the Dominion war. At this point he had reached the Diplomatic Rank of Envoy.

During the entirety of the war he was re-assigned to Earth Space Dock to help lead negotiations with the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Defence Force in working together to defeat the Dominion/Cardassian threat. It was this experience which made him learn that honesty cannot always prevail, though it is of great importance.

After the war, and peace was restored to the Quadrant, Aaron resigned his commission within Starfleets Diplomatic Corps and joined the Federations Civilian Diplomatic Service. He was assigned to ESD acting within Administration of the Federations Civilian Diplomatic Service tasked with assigning diplomatic missions to different vessels. It was at this time that his attention was drawn to the Majestic Class vessel which offered far greater Diplomatic opportunity than any previous ship. After attending the celebrations for the return of the USS Voyager, Aaron volunteered to open Diplomatic discussions with the KDF, Romulan Republic and the Cardassians over the disappearance of the USS Tranquility, and vessel he had been interested in for some time. After a year of being unsuccessful in his talks with several factions regarding the Tranquility, he returned to ESD to continue in the fulfillment of his role within Federation Civilian Diplomatic Service as an administrator and Diplomatic Envoy.

After many years of general service without special or unusual events, intertwined with many holiday's with his wife, he was promoted to the diplomatic rank of Ambassador, and given civilian Ambassadorial powers. Thought representing the Federation as a whole, within that he represented Earth specifically among many other Ambassadors. By this time he was beginning to become tired of work in general. However, upon hearing about the discovery of the USS Tranquility, a vessel he had previously been involved in searching for, he researched the possibility of he and his wife joining the vessel. In March 2392, Aaron had submitted his request to join the USS Tranquility to the vessels CO.

Service Record 2345 ~ Began attending Starfleet Academy.
2351 ~ Graduated from Starfleet Academy achieving high grades in all chosen subjects.
2351 ~ Achieved Award of Excellency as an Academy Graduate.
2351 ~ Assigned to the USS Seoul, Junior Science Officer.
2353 ~ Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
2354 ~ Assigned to the Galaxy Class USS Cassiopeia, Diplomatic Officer.
2356 ~ Position change to Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer.
2361 ~ Promoted to Lieutenant, Chief Diplomatic Officer.
2364 ~ Awarded 'Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry'.
2364 ~ Assigned to the USS Yorkown, Chief Diplomatic Officer.
2365 ~ Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, CDO & Second Officer.
2367 ~ Assigned to USS Rook, Diplomatic Consul & CDO.
2372 ~ Assigned to Earth Space Dock.
2373 ~ Promoted to the Diplomatic Rank Envoy.
2375 ~ Voluntarily assigned to several vessels, colonies and stations.
2377 ~ Re-assigned to ESD in Federation Civilian Diplomatic Service Administration.
2382-2389 ~ Remained in service aboard ESD, took total of two years in holiday/shore leave.
2389 ~ Promoted to the Diplomatic rank of Ambassador within Federation Civilian Diplomatic Service.
2392 ~ Request submitted for entry aboard the USS Tranquility to act as a 'mobile' Federation Ambassador.