Lieutenant Kaybok

Name Kaybok

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Birthplace Qu'Nos (Chro-nos)
Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 30
Quarters Deck 4

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5"
Hair Color deep brownish red
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Kaybok has light colored skin similar to Caucasian Terrans. He has three cranial (bone) ridges that extend from the center of his eyebrows to under his hair. His hair, just like any other Klingon male, grows from the top of the back of his head to just past his shoulders. When on duty, he keeps in a braid according to Starfleet grooming policy. His eyebrows arch slightly up, similar to Vulcans and his thick goatee, without a moustache, is grown from just above the corners of his mouth. To honor his House, he wears a sash from his right shoulder down to his waist on the front that is basically silver or metallic in color with random small tiles of blue. He wears a ceremonial Klingon earring with small salmon colored metal pieces.


Father Toroth, member of the High Council
Mother Konora, former warrior
Brother(s) Argan, 25, warrior

Kor, 28, warrior

Pok, 26, assistant to Klingon physician Valkris on Starbase 375, located approximately thirty light years from Cardassia Prime, twenty-five light years from Bajor, and fifty-five light years from Ferenginar.(DS9: "When It Rains...", okudagram)
Sister(s) T'Var, 32, who is a warrior but wants to serve on the Klingon High Council.

Other Family
Cousin, K'ranog, Commander; First Officer of the USS Maxwell Forrest-A, Seventh Fleet.

Grandfather, Mog, former commander of a Klingon War Bird and former member of the Klingon High Council

Grandmother, Kadrya, family historian and Keeper of the Records

Adjur. This strong warrior and Kaybok have feelings for each other. They are not betrothed to each other as of yet; Adjur is serving on the IKS Bortas, Vor'Cha class.

Both Mog and Kadrya (Toroth's parents) were colonists when during Romulan attack on Khitomer in 2346.

Grandfather, Toral, Warrior Trainer

Grandmother, Valkris, Warrior Trainer

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Kaybok is very proud, loyal and honorable to a fault. He believes in order and likes things “just so”. He is also minimalist but enjoys beauty and symmetry. Once a person gets to know him, they find out that he has a sense of humor.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: Kaybok is very loyal and protective of his family, friends, and crew mates. He is very intelligent and catches on quickly. He also has a knack for noticing the minutest of details. Is a great team player and is very competitive. He thinks outside the box and has been able to assist in other departments because of his intuitiveness. He has a sense of humor that allows him to be more laid back than what most people think Klingons are. He has a long fuse; he learned to keep his anger in check and is able to truly excel in the science department.

WEAKNESSES: can be militaristic and appear too tough at first for most people's taste being Klingon. With being competitive, his warrior instinct can come out; with the strength he has, he has been known to hurt an occasional crewmate by accident.
Ambitions He wants to see the Tranquility expand more into science and have science cadets Starfleet, Klingon, Vulcan and other academies be assigned to Tranquility as soon as possible. Kaybok also would like to see a permanent art gallery on the ship. With having a long fuse, Kaybok wants to eventually have his own command of a science and research vessel.
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys solving mysteries, whether scientific or on the holodeck. Kaybok’s hobby is singing Klingon Opera; while on the Outlook from 2386-2392, he met and was performed with professional Klingon opera singers as a hobby. Kaybok enjoys playing the cello in his spare time and poker with his crewmates. He plays Anbo-jyutsu to blow off steam, and loves going to art museums and studying the Art masters from various species: Human, Vulcan, Klingon, Andorian, etc. As far as recreation on the holodeck, he enjoys baseball, football, and rugby. He also enjoys mystery holonovels from various eras of Terran history.

Personal History At the age of 13, the first Rite of Ascension was taken in order for a Klingon youth to declare his intentions to become a warrior; however by this time he had already made his mind up to pursue science. Though his family house is warrior caste, his family allowed him this pursuit, as long as he trained alongside the other young warriors; when the age of decision came, Kaybok told his parents the story of the honorable Klingon healer, Antaak*, who saved the Klingon race from extinction.

*The Klingon scientist Antaak (for whom the House is named) assisted a Federation physician, a Denobulan, Dr. Phlox in 2154 to find a cure for the Klingon Augment Virus.

Throughout his education before turning 17, Kaybok excelled in sports and in his entire courses of learning, from the arts and sciences to young warrior training. When it came time to pursue military training after graduation, he was still intent on following a career in science. Though he was very studious, he was also a valued athlete. At graduation, he was given the highest honor a young Klingon could receive, the Light of the Warrior. The Light of the Warrior was given to graduating Klingons that exhibited honor, sportsmanship, and academic excellence. The recipient received a small medal in the shape of a Bat’leth with a metallic ribbon and was attached to the graduating student’s uniform.

After applying to Starfleet Academy the next day, Kaybok takes the Starfleet Academy Entrance exam and passes with flying colors. He is able to start the fall of 2382.
Service Record • 2382 Enters Starfleet Academy

• 2384 Received the Cochrane Medal of Excellence for different achievements that year.

• 2385 Takes a Course with the Starfleet Marine Cadets for one semester for an easy A. During a routine lab exercise on Luna, Kaybok assists in rescuing the instructor from a shuttle explosion that kills the instructor's assistant. Kaybok and the other Marine Cadets are given commendations on their permanent records.

• 2386 Graduates from Star Fleet Academy and is awarded the rank of Ensign and is temporarily assigned to the USS Outlook at Deep Space 9 for one year in the science department. After the year is up, Kaybok is promoted to Lieutenant Jr. Grade and is given the opportunity to stay onboard. After two years, Kaybok is promoted to Lieutenant.

• 2389 While enjoying R and R on Riza, he meets with some of his closest Klingon friends and they tell him how the Klingon Empire would appreciate a warrior like Kaybok, and that if he served the Klingon Empire, a seat on the council would be guaranteed in less than five years. He enjoys the reunion, but after Kaybok and his friends depart, he does research and finds out they are working for a rogue element. He sends his findings to the High Council and stays on the Outlook. He keeps an excellent record in his department, and the High Council requests his captain give him a commendation on his permanent record.

• 2392 After finishing his assigned time on the Outlook, he transfers to the Tranquility as Chief Science Officer. His authorization code: Kaybok-10-6-Pi-Charlie