Commander Tyro Adina

Name Tyro Cayuga Adina

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Birthplace Belclare Research Installation, Ilecom
Gender Transgender Woman
Species Human
Age 29
Quarters Deck 2

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tyro has undergone long-term hormone therapy, and her body appears toward the femanine end of androgynous. Without the function of a mobile holographic implant in her neck however, her face is horribly scarred. This implant, the development of which has been classified by Starfleet, allows Tyro to live an adjusted life. What is actually possible is limited to the structure of her face and the programming of the implant, but Tyro retains a holographic facsimile of how she looked before her accident. She is a redheaded officer with fair, freckled skin and an effeminate curvature to her hips and back.

Tyro is slender and long limbed, but she is fit and healthy. Her height is not imposing, but the proportions of her body give the impression that she is tall and proud. She is a beautiful woman, and the only visible abnormality in the way she looks or how she carries herself is the cybernetic device implanted high on her neck, between her ears where her red hair begins its growth. The implant is clearly visible when her hair is up, but can be readily hidden beneath a healthy head of medium-length wavy red hair.

Finally, she has one tatoo, the second I-Ching Hexagram K'un, on her left outward ankle.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Hugo Adina
Mother Clarity Hoel (Deceased)
Brother(s) Tyson Adina
Sister(s) Haven Adina (Deceased)
Other Family Hugo's Second Wife, Hattie Erlae (Bajoran)

Sister-in-Law, Vanessa Nakano

Niece, Cadence Adina (todler)

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Tyro is more soft spoken than she once was. She isn't shy, but on the girl's face is often a look of detachment and preoccupation. She is not a cold person however, and her nature is gentle and passionate. She is inquisitive and has exellent problem-solving abilities, a vibrant imagination and a piercing desire to understand everything around her. She is idealistic and optimistic. While it would be fair to imagine her to be naive in this respect, her outlook is by choice. Tyro has an unwavering belief in rational inquiry, and from her perspective, being "good" and being rational are one in the same. Patient, nurturing, nonjudgmental observation is a rational practice to her, and the only way to reach any unclouded conclusions. She has agency only over her own behaviour, which means she should strive to be what she wishes everyone could be.

Perfectly practical! All perspectives are completely valid to her, and worth considering, and worth exploring. She does not supress her emotions, like a logical Vulcan, or reject even the opinions of others which seem most toxic to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Tyro is keen and clever. Exploration is in her nature, and she will always be observant and inquisitive. Just as Tranquility will often be called upon as a poster-girl for Starfleet, Tyro absolutely appears to be the model commander. She is compassionate and adaptable, showing clear leadership qualities.

Unfortunately, she is not at all lacking in short-comings. This is especially apparent to her.

Tyro is impulsive. Her decisions arrive quickly but she becomes easily commited to them, even if they are reckless or stupid. Being passionate means that Tyro will fail to exercise a little bit of self-control in many situations, and allow her instincts and emotions to take control.

When Tyro does manage to find some self-awareness in a situation, her confidence can deflate dramatically. Tyro has struggled in her life to have confidence in her very identity, but since her accident this uncertainty in herself has sunk deeper into her.

At her best, Tyro is a courageous and loyal leader, but at her worst she is a wimpering little girl, paralysed by self-doubt.
Hobbies & Interests Tyro loves theatre and culture. She was very much the anthropology nerd as a student. In the Academy Tyro organised two theatre companies, and founded Wayfarer House, a cadet organisation devoted to exploring Earth's cultural landmarks. The club's first event was a climbing and walking tour of the temples of Mount Hua in China.

She enjoys dance and physical outdoor exercises like rockclimbing and canoeing. She likes hiking and camping, riding horses, gardening, cooking, sculpture, and learning old skills of handycraft. She loves to make furniture, pottery, reconstruct traditional devices, and bind books with real un-replicated material.

Tyro also has a personal love of learning. She is self taught in many disciplines, including astrometrics, medicine, electrical engineering, temporal mechanics and tea. She is always listening and observing, and her many fascinations help reinforce her starfleet academic training.

Personal History Tyro is the youngest of a starfleet family, born the son of a civilian researcher with the given name Tyler. The Adina family lived on the Belclare Research Outpost, an installation on the frontier of Federation space. They lived on Ilecom, third planet in an uninhabited system within the slowing blast radius of a supernova remnant. Her father studied the gravitational eddies and physical makeup of the event on a cosmic scale, and witnessed the removal of Ilecom's scant atmosphere. Tyro's mother and elder sister both served in Starfleet. The two women imparted the ideal values of the Federation onto the younger Adina children, especially tolerance as Tyler began to reidentify himself as a girl. He had done so even in his early years, and with his family supporting him, a pre-teen Tyro was allowed the freedom to emulate his elder sister. The danger of the Dominion War seemed very remote in the Adina household. The threat was felt more in how isolated Ilecom became than through any fighting. With infrequent communication from anyone, the war was a distant source of fear. By then a young lady of eleven years, Tyro's mother and sister lost their lives on the tour of duty.

Tyro remained in the care of her father and loving brother, but after the conflict they moved together to Jupiter Station from the deep-space outpost that had been their home. Her father was not a harsh person, but he became very distant in the years to follow. Meanwhile, her brother was always a source of compassion and love that strengthened Tyro's resolve to be who she chose. The year Tyson joined Starfleet Academy, Tyro moved from hormone blockers to the full process of hormone replacement therapy, age 14.

Her identity stabilized as a teenager, and with no small thanks to her brother's encouragement, Tryo had become a beautiful young woman who looked much like her sister had. Her long-term therapy was being finalised the year she took the Starfleet Entrance Exam. Her outside-the-box thinking and apptitudes in physics, stellar-cartography and other sciency jargony stuff were picked up by many of her professors. She was considered strongly for Classified Training in Starfleet Intelligence, but her profile was denied do to her emotional status being slated "Unpredictable as a Long Term Asset."

She spent three years serving aboard the USS Euphrates under Commander Theo Guiard. The scout ship was responsible for fast-responce reconaissance within Federation space. Tyro became a valued asset, and she'd just received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade (along with a fabulous new red uniform!) when an Intelligence Operative arrived to deliver new and pressing orders to the ship. The Euphrates was to move as covertly and quickly as possible into unceded Cardassian territory. The operative gave little explanation, but the tense crew warped to the coordinates. The investigation brought the ship into an asteroid belt, where among the crumbing debris a planetoid object had spawned a small facility of unknown purpose. No life signs were detected, and an impact with another meteor had started a chain of fires within the long abandoned outpost, until finally whatever had blocked sensor readings from finding it had failed. Within the structure, life support and oxygen had also failed, and breaches over the years due to fires and other impacts rendered any restoration of the internal power grid an impossibility. Tyro, the Euphrates XO Sho Aran, and the brooding agent from SFI beamed down in environmental suits to investigate. The haunted empty corridors perplexed the team. There were no windows, and the sturcture was notably spartan. There were no sleeping quarters, and the bulkheads all seemed designed to slow any intruders from moving in deeper. The evidence confirmed what Intelligence has suspected. This had once been a Jem'Hadar facility of some sort, left undetectable and forgotten for the decade or so since the Dominion Conflict. This was not welcome news to Tyro or Lieutenant-Commander Aran, but they cut their way deeper into the bunker. The deepest chamber was a long hall beneath the planetoid's surface, and the small scout ship's transporters could not penetrate into it. It was some kind of munitions storage, but it seemed the main cargo was stacked against one wall, cannisters of an unidentified nature. The away team carefully approached them, and Tyro began to scan the containers. The blood rushed from her face and she she spun around, shouting as loud and desperately as she could for the others to get clear! They dived as the explosion tore through the section she'd been scanning, and Tyro was sent hurtling into a wall, her helmet cracked from impact. Her tri-corder had set off a booby trap, and whatever was in those cannisters now bled into the room, into Tyro's helmet. She awoke cuncussed but alert to severe pain, screaming and kicking, oxygen slowly leaking out and the toxic bioweapon slithering in. The Intelligence Agent dragged her toward Sho and they rushed with her over their shoulders until they were clear for transport...

The accident was more devastating to Tyro than they could imagine. She survived, the toxin had been contained in her helmet, but her face was horribly and irreversably damaged. The Euphrates was not equipped to deal with a mutagenic weapon of this nature. Their medical capabilities could not fight the cellular decay, and the poisoning of the very structures of her face. Mutilated, the weapon remained in her cells, and no surgury could restore a living face to her. The agony seemed persistant, whether physically or not. She was given a medical leave, after which point Tyro disappeared, and was later regrettably discharged. To feel comfortable in her own body, she had made choices that separated her from others. She had rejected what had originally been in her nature for an identity many people around her felt she'd constructed. The struggle through most of her life had been for people to see her the way she felt she was, which had to mean rejecting a legacy that she was born with. Tyro had been proud of her identity, and for the hard choices she had made, but suddenly her sister's face was gone, leaving her with a body that she had not been born into.

Her brother Tyson was one of a few people exposed to what Tyro was going through. She couldn't inflict her depression on anyone else. It was ultimately his kindness that would reshape her life. He made inquiries, and his search for something to help her brought him in contact with researchers from throughout Federation space. His petition for the sake of his sister found a sympathetic ear in Starfleet Security. An unexpected ally in the Intelligence sector helped build a case for Tyro's cause, and alligned it with the goals of Starfleet Security. Together, and working with specialists from many different disciplines, they began work on a holographic implant, compatible with the human body. The project received resources and assistance from Starfleet Security, and while Lieutenant-Commander Adina saw only the generosity of his fellow servicemen, the Intelligence Services saw the value in agents who wore holographic faces. After two years of development, they had created a cybernetic, mobile implant that could generate a holographic mask. The project was largely classified, and even Tyson had a very restricted part in it. When Tyro was brought into the fold, it became even more delicate. The implant is cybernetically attached to her brain and nervous system. The capability of the device is extremely limited, and mostly projects the mask directly onto her scarred flesh, allowing her to live with a face she can touch and feel, with real time responses and neurological feedback.

Effectively, Tyro is a prototype of this technology. Holographic alterations to the mask cannot be made on the run, and even a simple scan will reveal the pressence of the implant. The maintenence and medical concerns for it are much more than any typical crew member, and though she can mostly handle it herself, that may often not be the case. The implant is fixed to her neck, and grafted to her nervous system, meaning electrical discharges or heat or any number of things could be fatal to her while not to other crew. Medical complications resulting from the presence of the device are largely unknown. Any long term effects it will have on her body can't be predicted. Additionally, Starfleet Inteligence has a vested interest in this project, and as the only living subject testing it, Tyro will never be free of supervision by Security Services.

This was yet another reason for her placement abaord the USS Elysium, where the reboot of her career could be more carefully monitored. Tyro received supplimentary training in light of her somewhat unique status. Before she began her tour with Elysium, she trained in China with Intelligence candidates to learn basic operation. She also spent the training under observation, and was assessed as an officer coming out of a very difficult time in her life. With the dedication and gratitude she showed in the recovery program, and in recognition of what she suffered in service to the fleet, any charges of disloyalty or dereliction of duty were dismissed.

On the Elysium, Tyro distinguished herself quickly. She assumed leadership of the science department when her superior officer was killed, and she showed herself to be a versatile and highly capable officer as time went on. Admiral Sharr took notice of her, and she was eventually elevated to Executive Officer under the command of a fleet admiral. Tyro's career seemed to be accelerating quickly, much more so than at any point before her accident. As she adapted to the challenges of her implant, she continued to learn and study it, although any modifications have yet to be made.

Tyro was involved during this time in the discovery of the USS Tranquility. The Federation starship had been lost nearing a decade earlier, and its wreck was found on the surface of a remote world. Tranquility had been a diplomatic courier, but its mission of diplomacy and reason does not appear to have had a place in the conflicted second half of the 24th century. The ship spent years sleeping in the soil, until it was rediscovered, and the work was begun to bring it back into service.

The rapid speed of Tyro's advancement seems to finally be winding down, as she prepares to take command of none other than the USS Tranquility.
Service Record 2380 - Accepted into Starfleet Academy, age 17
2384 - Graduates with Dedication. Assigned as Science Officer aboard the USS Euphrates
2387 - Promoted to LtJG. Disfigured during covert operation. Medical Leave granted.
2388 - Officially discharged from Starfleet
2389 - Begins recovery program and receives supplimentary training with respect to her new implant.
2390 - Promotion to Full Lt. Assigned USS Elysium, promoted in the field to Chief Scientific Officer.
2391 - Elevated to Executive Officer with a promotion to LtCmd.
2392 - Assumes Command of USS Tranquility

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