Lieutenant Commander Charles Armstrong

Name Charles Elijah Armstrong

Position Media Relations Specialist

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Birthplace Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Hair Color 215 lbs
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Charles is a tall, muscular man, with caramel brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair that he keeps trimmed short. He generally wears a neatly trimmed beard, and can generally be found with a smile on his face.


Spouse Mary Armstrong
Children Michael Armstrong
Father Daniel Armstrong
Mother Cecilia Armstrong
Brother(s) Paul Armstrong

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Charles is an amazingly inquisitive, and curious man. He loves to laugh, and loves to make other possible laugh. He is naturally caring, and compassionate, always willing to do anything to help those around him. When it comes to his work he takes it seriously, but always keeps it light and fun. He feels that if he can't genuinely enjoy his work he might as well not do it. Philosophically Charles is a devout Anglican Christian, raised by his parents in the Cathedral of St. Mary in his hometown of Johannesburg. He holds true to his upbringing, finding inspiration and peace in his faith. His wife, and son also follow the same faith.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Faith
-Slight OCD
Ambitions Charles' driving ambition is to serve the Federation to the best of his ability, and make sure that accurate information about the happenings in and around it, get disseminated to the general populace. He also hopes to one day, much later in life, return to Earth and retire to run his own newsfeed service.
Hobbies & Interests Charles has many hobbies and interests, ranging from fitness, sports, and fishing, to reading literature, writing poetry, and keeping up with current events. He is a multifaceted individual, and his interests are always growing and changing.

Personal History Charles was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 15, 2349, to loving parents, both of whom were journalists. His mother worked for FNN, the Federation News Network, and his father was a freelance sports writer for various publications. They were devout Anglicans, and raised their son to be the same, having him baptized, and given first communion and confirmation at the St. Mary Cathedral in Johannesburg.

Charles excelled in school, mostly in his literature courses, but he did well in all of them. In Secondary School he also began playing sports, as well as serving in the student council, and as an editor, and sports writer for the school newsfeed. After graduation he applied for, and was granted admission to the University of Johannesburg, and went on to study journalism, and creative writing. While there he met Mary McDonald, an Irish woman who had chosen UoJ as her school of choice, and was there as an Creative Writing major, planning on becoming an author. They began dating, and soon found themselves walking down the aisle of St. Mary's Cathedral, and then walking out again as a newly married couple. A little over a year later Mary gave birth to their son, Michael. Soon after Charles was granted an internship at a local newsfeed service, and would go on to be a junior editor a year later. Once he graduated he expanded his professional life into other areas as well, operating as a freelance writer for the same paper, as well as a number of magazines and news agencies. At the age of twenty three he was made editor in chief of the newsfeed service he'd worked at for the past three years, and his freelance work began to trail off. Mary encouraged him all along, in the same way he encouraged her in her own writing career. Everything changed a year later when the Dominion War broke out.

At the onset of the war Charles resigned from his position, and became a war correspondent, traveling on various Starfleet ships, and working with the media relations officers to disseminate information to the news sources he had contacts with, making sure that accurate, and realistic stories were released, instead of the usual hyped up stories used to scare people. After the war came to a close Charles began to transition back into normal civilian life, and found that it no longer suited him. After sitting down with Mary and discussing the situation, he decided to join Starfleet, and applied to the Academy. He was accepted and began his for years as a Cadet at the age of twenty six.

Four years later he graduated with honors and was given a new posting as a member of the Diplomatic Corps as a media relations officer, skipping the intermediate steps due to his civilian career, and time spent as a correspondent with the fleet during the war. Since then he's served a distinguished career, while also continuing his previous passion of freelance writing. Now he finds himself aboard the USS Tranquility, a diplomatic vessel, along with his wife, as the Media Relations Officer assigned to her Diplomatic offices.
Service Record 2675-2379: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2679-2386: Ensign, USS Norfolk, Media Relations Officer
2386-2390: Lieutenant J.G., USS Vulcan's Forge, Media Relations Officer
2390-2392: Lieutenant, USS Darwin, Media Relations Officer
2392: Lieutenant Commander, USS Tranquility Media Relations Officer