Lieutenant JG Christian Cagan

Name Christian Jonah Cagan

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Thu Apr 7th, 2016 @ 3:44am

Character Information

Birthplace Betazed
Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 23
Quarters Deck 3

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Young and playful, Christian projects a sense of practiced aloofness and a lack of attention to which is a finely crafted structure of personality and physical appearance. An attractive and athletically lean young adult, Christian’s height and flexibility serve his function and task well to get in, get out and leave nothing more than a smile in his wake. Soft azure bedroom eyes, short and spiking blonde locks and careful innocence; Christian lacks any and all indication of a threat that lures its targets closer with warm and welcome. While thoroughly Vulcan in every genetic fact, the tell-tale ear points were surgically altered within his first year of life and would barely register any different than commonly humanoid.


Other Family Aeov Rhian, Vulcan Ambassador to Terra

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Christian can easily become a mirror or shell of a personality state, whichever is needed at a time or task. This has led difficulties in pin-pointing a distinct nature for this young man, who quickly reverts to a blank slate if left to an environment without influence.
Strengths & Weaknesses Christian is kind, approachable and has a well-developed penchant for taking risks and an occasional aggressive streak marked with difficulties in authority. An ideal candidate for molding and shaping to a variety of mission platforms, the cost of which is yet indeterminable nor is there evidence of sincerity beyond the adaption to his surroundings and instruction.

Vulcan by birth and raised in a religiously questionable Betazoid environment that hid his birthright, Christian’s telepathic abilities and emotional control remain in a state of discordant fluctuation that can be insightful as it can be self-damaging.
Ambitions Christian does not present with ambitions of his own except to find a place for himself in galaxy where lies and shadows have always been his childhood toys.
Hobbies & Interests Unless otherwise necessary, Christian remains to himself in meditation and/or music, though he's quick to change gears and explore what will usually lead towards trouble.

Personal History Born of Vulcan parents and presumably abandoned on Betazed following his birth. As the tale would be told, though infrequently repeated, his abandonment was at the fault of a botched robbery-homicide that led to the child’s discovery by a local, though prominent, spiritual leader. Thalia Cagan, Daughter of the Second House and Priestess of Cybele, took the infant boy in and raised him as her own. Her political clout, combined with no immediate inquiry by officials into the child existence, Thalia officiated the birth record, with a few clerical and physical alternations, as her own biological child. Being the leader of a religious order had its benefits and their expectations, in which the infant was introduced as a Betazoid orphan tossed aside by circumstance and named him Christian Jonah Cagan, the start of a lifetime of deceptions and half-truths.

Raised in a monastery upon Mount Deneu, Christian’s true genetic nature was never revealed, least of all to himself. Thalia had been exceptionally unyielding and went to extensive lengths to ensure no one had reason to suspect or known otherwise. As a baby his ears were modified to ensure only the ever slightest point, while a lack of exposure to or false readings on medical equipment disregarded any other Vulcan physiology.

The religious sect itself had its own reputation of myths in practicing barbaric rites that had long transcended through the centuries and was not often spoke of in polite company or outsiders. This understandably led to the child’s concealment and silencing of any other truths. Thalia’s intentions for her boy were far more horrid and callous than altruistic. Involving Christian in many of their rituals and recitations, it was easier to maintain the rouse of the child’s lacking heritage. Indoctrinating him into her will would suffice only so far, but as he reached of age, his nature could weaken his usefulness and expose the sect’s darker purpose, or strengthen their hold.

Somewhere around the age of fourteen, Christian’s telepathic and physical abilities were being fully realized under the guidance and manipulation of his mother. Growing stronger and more agile than the few peers that were accepted into the sect, Christian’s senses began to heighten as well. Reaching a literal boiling point beneath the surface of his first pon farr, Thalia was not without her closely kept plans to conceal this act. Arranging to privately to submit the adolescent to an auction as a sort of game. It was done in calculated haste and subsequently caused a cascading neurological fallout across his brain and induced the boy into a traumatic comatose state. Awakening weeks later, Christian lacked any amount of comprehension as to what had been done to him or what he might have done to anyone else. His mother reasoned that it had been a part of his body changing and growing up to handle the task he was born to complete, that he had avenged the attack and survived. Within a few short months he would become adept at his telepathic and physical traits, and then his destined purpose would commence.

As a priestess on Betazed, Thalia often entertained special requests from more Machiavellian parishioners wishing good fortune to fall at their feet. Few would suspect that in the ideological haven of peace that her people and planet projected would cater to such off dalliances. As Speaker of Cybele’s intention, not to mention her more destructive, vengeful, and hatred ideologies, Thalia was all too willing to cooperate if it so pleased her goddess and kept her coffers full. Christian’s early years were useful as a plant or misdirection, though as he grew into an attractive young man, Thalia found he could easily entice the daughters and sons of her well-to-do marks.

In a particular and precarious exchange to test her young son’s progress, Thalia sold Christian to a notorious Orion Master who had a penchant for the young and distasteful. It had not been the first time this Orion had purchased him either. Shortly after receiving the boy, the Orion’s financial information had been spread to half the quadrant while a Klingon raiding team claimed the bounty that had rightfully been placed upon the Orion’s head. Christian’s skills were developing at a pace Thalia hadn’t quite anticipated, which certainly overshadowed the personal terrors he experienced that were to become more violent with each encounter. Thalia plucked and pulled at the child’s psyche to suit the needs of her clients at will, the damages to Christian were simply wear and tear to be treated as such and the strings cut when convenient.

Not quite relishing in the desire to seek suffering such as his mother, Christian had developed a remarkable liking to manipulation and control. Striking a deal on his own, he had little concern of what message was being sent to either his mother or the one she would send to him. Believing to have connected his mother to a new client, he was sent to assassinate a Vulcan diplomat. Making a fatal error, Christian slipped quite literally down the side of a building and landed before his target and assembled guards. Christian went to grab a disruptor, only to find it laying ten feet away. Vulcan guards quickly restrained him while the diplomat stepped toward the smirking young man. Locking together in a mind-meld, the Vulcan satisfied his own curiosity, but took extreme notice of the boy’s telepathic fight against it. Referring to him as innately Vulcan only enraged Christian, but the man remained calm under the duress and noting the demons that had resulted for an unknown purpose of terror.

As a result of the exchange, what had been built as a protective nightmare in Christian’s psyche, was in fact the truth of his life now delivered by this man. The unspeakable mutilations that his ‘mother’ had performed, the cruelty of his own actions, the realization that he had no idea who he was or where he came from. He collapsed and was seized by the Vulcan guard for detainment and medical care. Christian would spend several months under the observation of Vulcan neurological specialists, Starfleet Medical and the remainder of a year in the care of his would-be-target following the dismissal of charges. The dismissal came in part from his Vulcan benefactor, but the lack of forthcoming information to track Christian’s origins or proximity to the sect left unanswered questions for all involved. The religious sect, let alone the Cagan name, had no meaning through diplomatic channels, and remains a footnote in an investigation file at the bottom of a pile.

During the year following his encounter with Ambassador Aeov Rhian, Christian experienced many changes in what he was coming to define as life. While accepting his Vulcan origins, Christian had developed a strong distrust for telepaths and their teachings, quite reasonably causing conflicts whenever encountering such discomfort. He was a bright young seventeen year old and, for the first time, given the option to decide what he wanted to do next for himself. To take Vulcan teaching or support, or leave it. Choosing not to return to Betazed, he remained with the ambassador and his team during a transfer to Earth. He spent much of his days trying to cope and find solace in Vulcan tutelage, remaining within the Vulcan embassy almost exclusively. Cleared medically and academically, he was found to have a gift for extracting data both technologically and verbally, often preferring the company of technology over others. His newly found political allies observed and guided for another year before supporting a recommendation to Starfleet Academy.

Christian’s academy career remained relatively unremarkable, favoring physically demanding tasks and systems engineering skills, he had equally displayed a fondness in xeno-psychological sciences and intelligence gathering. As he grew to become more comfortable within his surroundings, Christian’s knack of curiosity and telepathic skill often found his way into places that were off limits and restricted to cadets. Never one to abide by structure unless it suited him, Christian gave in and played coy out of respect to his benefactor’s reputation.
Service Record Chief of Operations, USS Tranquility

Chief of Security, USS Tranquility

Joint-Ops Security Specialist, Vulcan Embassy on Terra

Cadet, Starfleet Academy