Major Theodosia Mainwaring

Name Theodosia "Jade" Mainwaring

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Major


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Thu Apr 7th, 2016 @ 3:44am

Character Information

Birthplace Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 1.88m
Hair Color Red to orange
Eye Color Jade green
Physical Description The black on black uniform of the recon marines with the subtle silver lining of the officer and the bronze oak leafs rank fits Theodosia to the core. Her hair starting almost red and by the ends reaches a bright orange color stands in a contrast to her black uniform. Those Jade green eyes show an agile mind, but also the predator that she is. Even knowing that she is from the SFMC intelligence branch one can see that she has tasted the smoke.

Not a full breasted woman she stands however broad from years of training and maintaining her shape in the core. It is this statue that completes the picture one gets from facing the major and it is bound to stick around. Her voice a soft Contralto with an edge of fury added to it, compliment the statement that she can be a very dangerous person if she chooses to.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) None

Personality & Traits

Demeanour She has this sometimes a bit cold aurora of confidence, the knowledge that she can do anything she needs to do and that she can do anything she asks her staff to do, but better. However one would never mistake it for arrogance, no matter her skills in something she doesn't seem frantic about maintaining them and simply just keeps on doing it.

She enjoys to challenge herself in life and it is one the core reasons why she joined the core even though she had the smarts to make it in the civilian sectors. The need to keep on pushing herself and taking on new challenges is what let to an accelerated career. When asked she does not like to kill, but accepts it as part of her job, marines after all generally need to employ lethal force in combat operations.

Overall she is a very grounded personality with a dry wit and humor which can be a bit dark at times. She makes few real friends in life, but the few she has are close to her and she will stand for them always.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a person who values loyalty and justice her drive specially for the later one is both a strength and a very potential weakness as a drive for justice can turn into vengeance if one is not always watchful.

She has a very low tolerance for bullshit and will not hesitate to point it out and deal with it. At times it can create some serious tension, however it also can speed things up and just bring the bare truth to the table.

While her cybernetics give her a meriod of advantages they also remain an unknown quantity, linked up so deeply they cannot be removed without running a 95% chance of killing her.
Ambitions Stay alive and protect that which the Federation stands for against any threats foreign or domestic.
Hobbies & Interests She is always pushing herself a bit and trying out new challenges either just on station or on the holodeck. Like any decent marine she enjoys a drink and chat at the bar, though she goes for a light cider over beer.

Personal History The sole survivor of a deep space wreck the origin of Theodosia was unknown, the wreck she was found on was not from a registered ship and her bio metrics where not in any of the Federation's databases. Taken hence onboard as a Jane Doe she spend the following 3 months recovering from the ordeal, 2 of those on Earth in the hands of the fleets medical teams. 16 Years of age at that time the medical personnel tried to find out who she was and also quite importantly just where the hell all the cybernetic hardware in her body came from. With 4 procession nodes, 2 data storage units, neural shielding, sensor packages and boosters and 3 neural links which linked directly to her conscious she was wired to the extreme. Those implants where also the key to her survival as the last part was a medical pharmascope holding a meriot of drugs and medications which had allowed her body to life trough the trauma.

Despite lacking data memories she had no trouble speaking or preforming actions and was fully aware of what was going on. With these tools in hand she had to forge a new path and with this happening under the careful supervision of the medical personal it would come as no surprise that she learned the values of the Federation and starfleet quite well. When she was 17 years old she signed up with the marines after medical which had been acting as her foster parents signed the waver.

2 Months of boot camp later and see was standing in line for the OCS a 2 year grueling training which finally put her into the field at her 19th birthday as a fresh First Lieutenant in the Starfleet Marine Corps. Put in charge of the 2nd platoon, 3rd company of the 57th Recon Battalion. To those uninformed the peaceful times would suggest a lack of jobs for the combat focused marines, that is however as far from the truth as one could get. The marines are always spread tin covering trouble spots within and outside of the Federation's territory. The 57th was posted on Jurnal a colony world in the process of turning into a Federation world with presence in the Senate and everything and some of the locals where not to agreeable on the idea for some silly reason or the other. The marines where in place and spread out over the 4 largest cities on the planet meaning they where dangerously low in numbers and when the first riot hit things turned bad quickly. The marines however held their ground with minimal casualties and did their best to avoid any civilian casualties, sadly for those stupid enough to pick up a weapon in a riot it meant they where no longer seen as civilian. While not a clean operation it was considered a success and a year after the transition was completed the marines where finally pulled out.

Promoted to Captain and company commander Theodosia and the 57th where stationed as part of a peacekeeping force on Mariul a planet discovered 20 years ago with 2 faction in a bloody civil war. Both factions had basic warp drives and this led to the Federation offering its assistance to solve the conflict. It would take 2 decades before things where finally sorted out and to maintain the for now unstable peace 2 full regiments of marines where stationed on the planet and to back them up for the recon job the 57th was added. Maintaining the peace between 2 factions which had been at was for so long was a tricky task and recon was crucial in preforming that task. Their ability to get in and out of places noticed to document anything that went against the treaty was crucial. It was also during this time period that marine intelligence started to pay attention to the rising start that was Captain Theodosia Mainwaring.

After being stationed on Mariul for 2 years Theodosia was pulled from Mariul and put through intelligence training back at Earth. The marines Intelligence wing was tiny, specially compared to the fleet, but their focus was quite different and more to the direct point. Where fleet intelligence kept taps on everything marine intelligence kept taps on their local situation in far more detail. Naturally the 2 worked together, but the skill sets where quite different specially because the marines kept to their mantra that every marine is a riflemen. The training was harsh and covered anything from learning a person inside and out from limited information to running background checks. It also covered tactical overviews and using field intelligence to best plan out any given action and above all of that it went onto teaching how one would create a network of contacts.

When she was done she was send of to join the 21st Recon Battalion where she would act as the intelligence asset of the battalion. The job while on many fronts might have seemed similar couldn't have been more different, from planning tactical insertions to search and rescue to cultivating contacts and informants. It thought her a great deal about people and specially on how to manipulate them to gain the best outcome. While it meant she wasn't on the front lines anymore she often been where the front lines would be before they had been formed. Her service record swiftly started to show off just how good of an asset she had become and this peaked the interest of the Federation council which needed some one with her skills to join the Tranquility project.
Service Record 2384-2386 “1st Lieutenant” Platoon leader 2nd Platoon, 3rd Company of the 57th Recon Battalion
2386-2388 “Captain” Company commander 3rd Company of the 57th Recon Battalion
2388-2389 “Captain” SFMC Intelligence training
2389-2392 “Captain-Major” Intelligence Officer 21st Recon Battalion
2392-current “Major”