Name Gatekeeper "Kee" .exe

Position Romulan Hologram


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Character Information

Birthplace USS Tranquility
Gender Female
Species Hologram (Romulan)
Age 14(in appearance)

Physical Appearance

Height 156cm (5'2")
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Gatekeeper has dark skin, and characteristic Romulan features. Her eyebrows make her appear as if she is always scowling. She has bright, youthful eyes and a stiff posture that makes her appear older than she is designed. She has tattoos under her eyes, which spindle out from the corners, and her hair is short and tidy.


Mother The unidentified programmer who had the pleasure of designing her.
Sister(s) Identical Gatekeeper holograms exist on a selection of ships within the fleet. Although... it might be preferable just to suffer a member of the Romulan Military instead.

Personality & Traits

Demeanour She cannot help how she was designed, although it fills her with pride to think of the brilliant Romulan coder who wrote her program.

Gatekeeper is rude and actively dismissive of most alien species. She is fairly knowledgeable, since she has limited access to the Federation library, but this has not lead her to think broadly. She is very much a snob, and her bratty attitude is part and parcel with having her on the ship rather than a Romulan Officer. It is not permitted to alter her personality, as much as someone might want to.
Strengths & Weaknesses Obviously, Gatekeeper has no ability to move throughout the ship. She is a hologram, so she cannot be physically harmed or intimidated, although there's evidence that her programming provides a sensation of pain at the slightest consideration of betrayal against her beloved people.

She is very narrow-minded, and is not likely to make many friends during her time on the ship.
Ambitions Gatekeeper vocally and loyally displays her patriotism. She hopes that someday the Romulan Star Empire will rise up against the alien peasantry of the Federation, the Cardassian Union, and especially the Klingon Empire, bringing them at last under righteous rule of the Romulan Senate.
Hobbies & Interests Gatekeeper enjoys espousing Romulan propaganda at every opportunity. She especially enjoys belittling Federation officers for their inferiority to the Romulan people.

Personal History Obsidian Fleet, in cooperation with the Romulan military, is permitted to employ Romulan cloaks on a range of vessels. The agreement is ostensibly meant to provide mutual security between the two great powers, although some rumours circulate that the intention is to halt Federation research into "phase" cloak technology.

Baseless speculation, obviously.

The arrangement however dictates that a Romulan presence be maintained in order to keep an eye on Starfleet's use of the cloak, to ensure that it is not abused or directed against the Romulan Star Empire. Understandably, this has led many starship captains to opt-out of the program, refusing to accept a Romulan military presence aboard their ships for a mere tactical advantage.

Gatekeeper is an alternative to stationing permanent observers on ships, therefore. The program was a happy compromise for both powers. The Romulans could keep their officers in their own space, and the Federation was spared the bother. What they would get instead was the Gatekeeper Hologram.

Acting as a diplomatic Liaison in only the most rudimentary fashion, Gatekeeper is designed to be the primary interface between the Tranquility crew and the cloaking device which the ship carries. She is fashioned to appear as a prideful, Romulan teenager. The hologram is designed to inform members of the crew attempting to access the cloak. She is its protector and controller, and the device cannot be accessed without first earning her trust.

The program is completely legal and any tampering is considered an act of espionage against the Romulan Star Empire. Starfleet will take disciplinary actions against any crew who jeopardizes the agreement with Romulus. The Gatekeeper systems are completely isolated from the ship's secure data-banks, and it's program does not allow it to attempt any espionage of its own. The code was all scrutinised by Starfleet long before they allowed it on the ship, although it's still very annoying.

Finally, the program has the ability to record sensor information only when the cloaking device is activated. This is the primary function of the program, but it does not have the ability to transmit or receive communications data. It only records and stores information from the sensors, to be reported to the Romulan Empire by Starfleet when the ship docks at a starbase.
Service Record Installed on USS Tranquility, 2391