Lieutenant Chuck Allaway

Name Chuck David Allaway

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

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Character Information

Birthplace Seward, NE, Earth
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
Physical Description Chuck maintains a fit physique, or more like he spends to much time working that he doesn't take lunch. His eyes are the most prominent feature, being the first thing people notice when meeting him. He will mistakenly go a few days without shaving resulting in pronounced stubble.


Spouse Nicole Allaway, M.D. - deceased
Father Steve Allaway
Mother Tina Allaway
Brother(s) Ensign Jack Allaway
Other Family Henry Allaway - Uncle, lost looking for treasure

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Chuck is a workaholic, he loves what he does and he is good at it. However, Chuck does not give off any sort of arrogance. When it comes to his work he is usually more reserved a closed off. Offering help to young Engineers, but always independent on his own project. Outside work he can be reasonably social and doesn't hesitate to build a relationship. He can sometimes come off as being rude when he has other things on his mind, particularly getting the job done.
Strengths & Weaknesses A very intelligent man and hard worker. He doesn't hesitate rolling up his sleeves and turning some wrenches. He would argue that he knows a job is done right if he just does it. He can sometimes take too much responsibility handling minor tasks that could be done by junior engineers, something he is working on. Since the passing of his wife, Chuck has become a little more reserved, and not seeking to talk to others, but instead look to his work.
Ambitions All Chuck wanted was to work hard, explore and start a family with his wife. Now, he is looking to get away from Earth and explore the galaxy. Working hard in his profession and doing his job well.
Hobbies & Interests Chuck has always enjoyed the reading of philosophy on Earth and more recently of other worlds. As part of his interest of exploring he enjoys doing some reading on other culture's philosophy. He also is intrigued by other world's development of technology.

Personal History Charles David Allaway, affectionately known as Chuck, was born on August 6, 2350 to Steve and Tina Allaway in small town Nebraska. Growing up his father worked as a mechanical engineer for the Spaceport in nearby Lincoln. Naturally at home he developed a love for working on things. In small town Nebraska there wasn't much do. Chuck and his friends would fix up and make wheeled vehicles and race them around. As he got older it was clear he had a gift for how things worked. He loved tearing things apart and putting it back together.

When Chuck was in high school he would go with his dad to work and help him with some maintenance on different ships coming in and out. Chuck had a keen interest in warp propulsion and how fast speeds. He learned a lot about Warp Core Assemblies while at the Lincoln Spaceport. He was so helpful and able to do the work on his own that the Spaceport offered him a job. Chuck was tempted, but had high hopes of attending Starfleet Academy and exploring outside of the plains of Nebraska.

When Chuck was 17 he was accepted into Starfleet Academy into the Engineering program. Chuck studied Starship Engineering and Warp Theory. The Academy was an exciting time for Chuck, and he often found himself falling behind in his studies because he enjoyed the social life of San Francisco. Chuck would have graduated top of his engineering class if he had put more focus on his studies. However, he was still top in his class when it came to Warp Systems and Theory.

While in San Francisco he met his future wife, Nicole Snow. She was a Pre-Med student at the University of California. Upon first meeting her he found her be a very mysterious young woman, full of life and character that could not be explained in just one meeting. They met while he was doing a class on medical science, and needed to observe with undergrad students from the University. He had to get to know her, and why she had a love for people that he not seen.

Chuck graduated with the class of 2371 and shortly after married Nicole. Newly commissioned Ensign Allaway was first assigned to the USS Sovereign and quickly recognized by his peers as possessing a gift for starship engineering. He recognized that he needed to change his habits of slacking and procrastinating because the situation in Starfleet was very serious, especially when the Dominion War broke out. He was incredibly helpful with his fellow engineers and became a go-to-man for the Chief Engineer. Nicole was studying at Johns Hopkins receiving her M.D.

After his stay with the Sovereign, he transferred to the Galaxy-class, Discovery, in order to have Nicole closer. While there, Chuck worked his way up to be the 1st Assistant Chief Engineer. By that point Chuck had already enjoyed his time. Nicole and him sought to go back to Earth to try and start a family.

Returning to Earth, Chuck acquired a position at San Francisco Fleet Yards as a construction engineer. During his 8 years at the Fleet Yards he worked his way up, being involved in the assembly and installation of warp cores and even placed as a supervisor of starship refits. It wasn't space exploration, but it gave a better foundation for Chuck and Nicole to start a family, and he still felt he was apart of the overall mission to explore.

Unfortunately, Chuck and Nicole couldn't conceive and it left both of them in grief. To add to Chuck's misfortune, Nicole became ill very quickly and it resulted in her death. Starfleet approved for Chuck to take an extended leave of absence as he gathered his thoughts. He decided not stay at the Fleet Yards but instead get back out into space, explore and help the Federation and Starfleet any way he could.

During his last few months at the yards a ship called the Tranquility arrived, being discovered nearly 20 years after it was lost, he was apart of the crew managing it's refit and the story behind her intrigued him. She was mysterious and full of unspoken history. The ship reminded him of when he first met his wife, how she was mysterious, yet full of character. He had to get to know her.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Class of 2371
-Starship Engineering
-Warp Systems/Theory

USS Sovereign - 2371-2376
-Damage Control Officer
-Senior Engineering Officer

USS Discovery - 2376-2383
-Senior Warp Propulsion Officer
-1st Assistant Chief Engineer

San Francisco Fleet Yards - 2383-2392
-Construction Engineer
-Senior Warp Core Assembly Officer
-Chief Engineer of Staship Refits

USS Tranquility - 2392-Present
-Chief Engineering Officer