Lieutenant Warren Knight

Name Warren Knight

Position Damage Control Specialist

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Birthplace Nova Scotia, Canada, North America, Earth
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33
Quarters Deck 2

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Warren stands six feet tall at 180lbs - medium build. He is psychically fit. He has semi-wild curly hair. He has a tattoo on his back that reads 'All Time is History". He has semi rough facial hair. He is right handed. He wears size 12 shoes.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Captain Julius Knight (Deceased)
Mother Amanda Leonard-Night (Deceased)
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Several uncles, aunts, cousins he had never had any social relationship with.

He has a cat named Anchor.

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Warren is a calm and measured individual who is very disciplined at work. He does not like being in dangerous environments but sees such environments as a conduit for successful work. His work often places him in dangerous environments which is occasionally ironic. He is resourceful when needed and there are not many environments where he is not calm under pressure.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+Works well under pressure.
+Disciplined when at work.
+Good Listener.
+Very supportive of other people's goals.
+'The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few" attitude.

-Over invested
-Occasional leap before look.
-Doesn't have a personal life.
Ambitions He is currently writing two books he hopes to get published. The first being the Historical Evolution of Man. The second being a horror fiction on board a desolate space station. A side hobby of his.

As far as his career, he wants to continue working in the field. Promotion, although come with his career, is not essential to him. However recognition in the field of diplomacy and knowledge is what matters most for him. He loves the histories, the research and the potential discoveries to be made.
Hobbies & Interests He loves to play chess.
Watch vintage movies.
Drinking wine.
Read old classic novels and history books.
Maintaining his fitness at the ship's fitness center.
Spending time with his cat, Anchor.

Personal History Warren was born on April 12, 2360 on Earth. Specifically, Nova Scotia in the Eastern far region of Canada - North America.

His family can be traced back to Roman ancestry. When growing up his family still had some degree of serving and honor, and to ones duty. Serving and providing service to something greater than oneself. Warren is the only child so his parents greatly enshrined these ideas heavily. His father, Julius Night, served and retired Captain of the Ambassador ship, USS Drogon. His mother, Amanda Leonard-Night was Chief Medical Officer on Starbase 19. She administered the sector's medical unit for biohazardous research and treatment.

When he was young and growing up, Warren would be split twice a year between his parents. He loved reading old novels. His favorite were old Stephen King Novels filled with horror and suspense. He also loved reading some of the memoirs of the first President's of the Old United States. How they built a nation from brand new and how the narrowly treaded destruction. Warren loved to just read and hoped that one day he could be as a successful writer.

Both his parents retired in the same year and both went back to Nova Scotia to settle down. In the same year, Warren joined Star Fleet Academy and both his parents provided him valuable information and experience to help him succeed. Unfortunately both his parents would later in the same year of retirement die in a transportation accident heading to France for vacation. The shuttle malfunctioned crashing into the Atlantic Ocean. No survivors. Upon hearing it the news Warren had to withdraw from Star fleet Academy in order to tend to the funeral and settle his parents estate. He thought it useless to keep the property around. He wasn't one to stay in one place for very long.

During the year off from the Academy, Warren did stay at his Parent's house until another owner could be found. He read and researched the different sciences and information available to him from his parents. He thought it would give him better insight into the career of a Starfleet Officer. Upon his research he learned that his mother, Amanda, was working with other Star Fleet Medical experts on developing in her own words, "the cure for everything". He further read in her journals and case notes the thousand or so patients she had seen and cared for over her 20 year career. The suffering, the anguish that she has experienced. A young 12 year old boy who developed type-3 small pox. A Starfleet Captain who came in contact with the phage, a new infection that has just reached the Alpha Quadrant from the Delta. A whole entire village died at the hands of a terrorist with a small amount of Luma Respiratory Syndrome. The "cure for everything" project has been in development for sixty years with his mother coming on in it's 50th anniversary. He knew it's mission was impossible but admired the work. He fascinated with the idea of what was possible in Starfleet and hoped he would be as successful as his parents.

Warren, when rejoining Starfleet Academy, majored in the Diplomatic Corps with a minor in Engineering Studies. Most of the credits he worked on focused on the interactions with people and other alien races. He relished in the knowledge of every single first contact mission and hostile species that the Federation and other races throughout the Quadrant ran into hoping to get into the insight, into the psyche, of these events.

Warren graduated 6th in his class. He was no 4.0 average but it was fine for him. He knew that life and the journies that he will be having aren't black and white like grades are but that they evolve and change and alter based on events, concerns and simple blinks of the eye. no grade can provide the knowledge or wisdom of what waited out there in the vast and black black wilderness of space.

He knew joining Starfleet was bigger than himself. The countless voyages. The endless resources. All of the people he could help even if they were small forms of help. He would never end the journey but he would join and be apart of it.
Service Record If you will allow me, I will fill this in when given a rank so that the timeline can be consistent.