Lieutenant Commander Leaxa Dreia

Name Leaxa Dreia

Position Starfleet Advisor

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Birthplace Starbase 185
Gender Female
Species Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5’9”
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Leaxa is very slightly above average height for a woman, but for the most part from a physical point of view she would blend into a crowd. In terms of her proportions most of her height comes from her legs and consequently her torso is slightly shorter. She keeps in shape almost religiously, but rather than bulking up she has always remained lithe and prefers to work on stamina and agility, thus she appears quite slender, but well-toned with it.

Facially she has very soft features and this makes her appear quite young and to those who don’t know her this can sometimes make the assume her to be quite girlish and immature (they soon realise their mistake though). She is certainly not unattractive, but as she rarely wears anything in public or on duty beyond her uniform she certainly doesn't tend to flaunt her looks.

She normally wears her hair tied back into a bun. On the rare occasions off-duty where she does literally let her hair down it usually falls to around her shoulder blades. She tends to maintain perfect posture at all times and walks with her neck very straight and her hands clasped behind her back. This can sometimes add to the impression of her as uptight.


Father Master Chief Petty Officer Tam Dreia (deceased 2374)
Mother Petty Officer 2nd Class Medara Dreia (retired 2360, reactivated 2373, retired 2375)
Brother(s) Cadet Tam Dreia (16)
Sister(s) Ensign Kestra Dreia (24)

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Dreia is one of those annoying individuals who has climbed the career ladder seemingly effortlessly. She obviously has ambition, but she’s not offensive or in-your-face about it, simply going about her tasks quickly, quietly, efficiently and almost always effectively. She’s neither a brilliant scientist, nor an exceptional leader, or even a tactical genius. She is simply extremely organised, efficient and an immensely hard worker. She knows Starfleet regulations by wrote, can quote them at will, and is something of a stickler to them. She takes immense pride in remaining organised and plans ahead for months or even years in advance where possible. A consummate professional who, although pleasant and friendly enough in conversation, tends not to indulge in much in the way of idle chit chat – especially when on duty, though she does know how to work a room at more official functions.

Some who have dealt with her in passing have taken this professionalism to indicate a coldness to her and although it’s true she doesn’t go in much for, what she might consider to be, ‘unnecessary’ socialising she does work to build a rapport with those with whom she works most closely and demonstrated this to great effect during her relatively short time on the Sutherland.

With her knowledge of and adherence to rules she is obviously relatively strict when it comes to the disciplinary front and tends towards the disciplinarian side of things. On the Sutherland she even put a Bajoran Ensign on report for wearing their earring on duty in defiance of uniform regulations. Had the Ensign asked permission she would have granted it without question, but as he did not she felt no choice but to write him up. She is strict, but not necessarily stern and she very rarely raises her voice except when issuing orders on the bridge.

She very rarely invites anyone to use her first name and even after four years with Admiral O’Dwyer with whom she was very close she was (and remains) “Dreia” or “Commander”. If she does invite someone to address her in a more informal manner she will normally use the contraction “Lea”. She generally wears her uniform for the entire day and only changes out of it to sleep. On the rare occasions when she does ‘dress down’ she usually chooses more demure clothing, although she does retain two prized formal gowns in her wardrobe for very special occasions which don’t warrant a dress uniform.

Her quarters and workspace are normally kept immaculately tidy to an impressively spartan level - sometimes to the extent that people wonder if she actually spends any time in either, even though her work output and level of personal appearance stand evidence that she does. She tends to prefer standing to work, finding it improves her ability to think and concentrate. To this end her office has no seats beyond a stool on which she will occasionally perch for a break. She has no seat to offer visitors, preferring to conduct meetings standing as she has found this improves efficiency.

Her telepathic abilities are not especially well developed for a Betazoid and only really extend to empathic abilities within a radius of roughly 350 metres, possibly extending to 750 metres if truly focusing on a particular individual, though she prefers not to stretch herself to this degree as she finds it draining and can even give her severe migraines. She finds it easy to block the white noise of emotions inherent with the close quarters of a starship, though when very focused on her work she can occasionally find her attention slips in this regard and especially strong feelings nearby can affect her. Even when with her family the Dreia children were always taught it was rude to communicate telepathically and so even in the presence of other telepaths she prefers vocal conversation - to the point where if she does communicate telepathically she tends to suffer from headaches. She has always been told by Doctors that from a physiological and neurochemical perspective her telepathic powers could be much greater with practice, but she has never been especially interested in flexing those particular muscles.

Dreia maintains an extremely regimented lifestyle. She adheres strictly to her schedule - even on days off duty. She sleeps for precisely six hours and forty-seven minutes on a normal night, rising at 0530 each day (or 2:30 before a shift starts if she is working another shift). She will then go to the gymnasium and undertake precisely fifty-two minutes of moderate to strenuous cardiovascular exercise before returning to her quarters for a sonic shower before taking work with her when she goes to the mess hall for breakfast. She will then without fail report to her duty station twenty-one minutes in advance of her scheduled handover time. After her duty shift she will generally spend at least 2 additional hours in her office to keep ahead of administrative tasks, more if needed. In the evening she will usually return to the Mess Hall for her meal.
Strengths & Weaknesses Dreia's greatest strengths lie in her organisational ability, her incredibly analytical mind, and her ability to plan ahead for almost any contingency. Her greatest strength may be to plan, but thanks to her analytical mind she is also able to adapt her plans on the fly. Her interest in cultures and social anthropology as well as her experience at Starfleet Command had also left her with a keen interest in and budding talent for diplomacy.

While she has taken all the compulsory courses at the Academy and all required leadership evaluations, Dreia is not a specialist in any of the major departmental positions found on most ships. In short she is very much a generalist, which is both a great help and a hindrance she has found while acting XO on the Sutherland. Her strongest of the traditional shipboard departments would be Operations, Tactical, and Science but even then her Operations knowledge is much more on the supply and materiel side of things than the more technical aspects, her Tactical abilities much more relate to planning and strategy than the minutiae of ship-to-ship combat, and her scientific knowledge and expertise are primarily in the ‘softer’ sciences rather than the more technical.

Her biggest weaknesses tend to come through her lack of more specialised knowledge and skills which require much more collaborative working with others. Not only is she less accustomed to this as she has been much more used to working on her own and at her own particular (relatively breakneck) pace, but also it shows up her relative reticence in building relationships off duty with colleagues. Having previously been assigned to larger bases and facilities even the Sutherland was an oddly claustrophobic experience as it became much harder for her, especially as acting XO, to avoid building at least collegial working relationships with those around her so she was forced to go outside her shell a little more to do this.
Ambitions Dreia is very career focused, though she's relatively ambivalent about taking the command route, even though both Admiral O'Dwyer and Captian Hriss, whose opinions she values greatly have tried to encourage her down that route - even if to gain some experience before returning to a desk-based environment.
Hobbies & Interests Lea retains a great interest in history, archaeology, social anthropology, politics, cognitive behaviour, psychology, and current affairs. When she does allow herself time to read she will often indulge this. Over the past decade since leaving the Academy she has also been working on minor research relating to the development of governance in Medara between the 4th and 5th centuries, but this is very much a side-project rather than anything serious. She did for a time at the Academy consider a route in the anthropological sciences, but in the end the Operations and Logistics route more appealed to her, at least in part thanks to its better prospects for advancement.

As part of her interest in social anthropology and politics she also retains a keen interest in learning about other cultures especially, but not exclusively, those she may be dealing with during a posting and she spent an extensive amount of time studying the Acamarians during her posting on the Sutherland.

To keep herself in shape in addition to her morning cardio work she is a keen rower and generally uses at least 25% of her holodeck time on that. The rest of her allowance, in fairness much of which goes unused, she saves for trashy holonovels when the mood takes her. When she does allow herself time to read for pleasure rather than general interest she does also have a weakness for the trashier novel.

Personal History Dreia was born as the first child to Tam and Medara Dreia in 2360 on Starbase 185. Her parents were both Petty Officers, her father in Tactical and her mother in Operations, though her mother had decided not to reenlist following the discovery that she was pregnant. She lived her first nine years on the base and at 6 was joined by a younger sister, Kestra. Following the Battle of Wolf 359 her father was reassigned twice in the space of two years, eventually being assigned to the USS North Star as Chief of the Boat following that ship's commissioning in 2369. Given this amount of moving and the North Star's assignment away from the Starbase Medara decided to relocate back to Betazed as she did not want to raise them aboard ship and wanted to be closer to her parents who were elderly.

Leaxa was an inquisitive and hardworking child. She was never one of the smartest children in her class, but through concerted effort and an enjoyment of her schoolwork and even homework she enjoyed learning even from a young age. Even as a child she didn’t cultivate many friendships, but those she did establish were generally extremely close. She initially took the move to Betazed hard as she had enjoyed the very cosmopolitan and transient nature of the Starbase. Eventually she grew to enjoy the benefits of living planetside. As she entered her teenage years her telepathic abilities developed much later and more slowly than many of her classmates and this made her feel even more alienated than her status as something of a bookworm did already.

In part because of the teasing of the Betazoid child and partly as a hangover from her time on the Starbase most of the friends she developed were the non-Betazoid children of Starfleet officers and Federation officials based on the planet. One of them in particular, a Trill by the name of Arjen, she became extremely close to and the pair became somewhat high-school sweethearts at 13.

In the quadrant at large, however, the dark stormclouds of war had been brewing and at the outbreak of the Dominion War Medara found herself recalled to active service, the same day as she discovered she was pregnant for the third time. As a result she was granted a desk posting to the logistics corps supporting the 10th Fleet around Betazed. Tragedy was to strike the family, however, when Tam was killed aboard the North Star, acting as the Seventh Fleet's flagship, in the Tyra system.

Devastated by the death of her father, Leaxa became extremely isolated from everyone - even Arjen for a time - despite her mother's best efforts to connect with her and help her process her grief. It was only the birth of her baby brother, named Tam in honour of his father, that brought Dreia around from that and refocused her on real life again. This event of joy would very shortly be followed by a calamity, though, as the Dominion surprise attack on Betazed caused the planet to be annexed only two weeks after Tam’s birth.

As Medara was a member of Starfleet, even though she had a newborn she was taken into custody and because her role involved the logistical support of the 10th Fleet she was interrogated for any possible information. Dreia was thus left to care for her younger siblings alone. She struggled to cope initially, but was helped by a young Starfleet officer who had been seconded to a civilian hospital treating wounded, thus had managed to escape Dominion attention. The woman’s name was Pellana Artun and she in effect moved into the Dreia family home for the duration of the occupation, although she began to disappear at regular intervals in the evenings as the occupation dragged on. Becoming suspicious, Leaxa followed her late one night and discovered she was meeting in secret with an underground resistance organisation, Upon Pellana’s return late that night, Leaxa confronted her about her involvement and she admitted it but insisted that the young girl keep quiet. Dreia did, but on one condition: she wanted to help any way she could. Pellana was horrified at the suggestion that a child become involved in something so dangerous and despite initially resisting she finally relented and allowed Leaxa to act in a support role: making Dreia her cell’s supplies manager.

As the war dragged on the fortunes began to change and the Federation alliance was able to launch a large-scale attack on the planet. Coordination with the resistance meant that the resistance needed to hit ground-based targets in support of the battle in orbit and Pellana’s cell was one of those taking part on the assault on the main Dominion planetside command centre. Dreia begged to be allowed to take part in the assault, but Pellana refused firmly, insisting that at most she could act as a runner to bring supplies to the front from their stockpiles.

Leaxa did so and made dozens of runs in the space of an, dodging Dominion patrols as the area became a confused warzone with ill-defined fronts and isolated pockets of resistance. As the assault neared its final conclusion an urgent request for Isomagnetic Disintegrators was sent by Pellana. Grabbing the final three from the ruins of their hideout, Dreia raced through the streets towards where the battle raged. As she neared, though, she saw Pellana lying mortally wounded ahead, surrounded by a Breen patrol who seemed to be interrogating her. Seeing her 15-year old runner she sent a simple telepathic message “Shoot me.” Understanding this, Dreia set up the weapon in the rubble of a nearby building and aimed it directly at the woman who had in effect become her surrogate mother and fired: obliterating Pellana and killing or wounding most of the Breen around her.

She hadn’t even given a thought about what she would do afterwards, but the blast fortunately alerted a nearby cell who found her and the weapons and told her to return home and seek cover. Many hour later, with the battle over, one of the cell came to her home and brought her mother, Medara whom they had rescued from captivity during the final assault.

In the aftermath of these events it took both Leaxa and Medara quite some time to recover from their ordeals, but as life slowly returned to normal Leaxa returned to school to complete her studies. She now, however, had a goal: she had made up her mind to apply for Starfleet Academy. Much to her surprise: she got in at the first attempt, having apparently impressed the interview panel especially with her extremely mature attitude and focus.

Having arrived at the Academy Dreia immediately set about focussing her efforts on her studies and was definitely classed as a bookworm. She worked a lot harder than many of her classmates and achieved marks at the top end of the class, but not necessarily spectacular in any individual class.She took a very pragmatic view of her studies and spent more time studying for classes she found more difficult, sacrificing study-time for those she found easier and more interesting. In three of her four years at the Academy, however, she ended up in the top ten students of her year, despite not being in the top 20 of many of the individual classes, through her consistency.

For her Cadet midshipman assignment she was sent to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards to the Supply Division. Although maybe not the most exciting of assignments she excelled there and devised a new supply management system which increased efficiency by 1.2%. She received the top award for her midshipman project that year and the Supply Division commander made her a standing offer of a position upon her graduation based on how impressive her performance had been.

Her social activities at the Academy centred around the Archaeology and Social Anthropology Society and held committee positions in her second, third, and fourth years: membership secretary, lectures secretary, and president respectively. There was some friction given her non-specialism in the area, but she proved during her tenure of the secretary positions that she was an exceptional organiser and administrator.

In her final two years as she focused more on Operational and Command specialty courses she developed friendships with other cadets taking these routes who were far more aggressive in and explicit about their ambition. This influence made Dreia question her own desires as, although she was determined to get into a position where she could make a difference she began to question if a starship’s centre chair was necessarily the place to do that.

Upon her graduation there were a lot of possible assignments available to her, but she took the decision to call in the offer which had been made to her and she took the posting of Logistics Officer on Deep Space Five, with responsibility for supply of the Dyson Fleet Yards as well as the coordination of all ships and smaller facilities within five sectors. She quickly and quietly settled into a rhythm of working and before long received commendation recommendations from many of the different branches with whom she was liaising. As part of the personnel movements which took place following Captain Rowan’s replacement Dreia found herself promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer. This coincided with the start of the Boaoran crisis and so working closely in tandem with her superior, Commander Walker, who was also serving as XO, she was given a lot of responsibility for coordination of Battle Group Caprica, which Starfleet was assembling as a rapid response force to the threat.

Dreia was detailed to split her time between ensuring the supply needs of the group were met, ensuring Operational Support Services could provide additional reserve ships and personnel as required, and analysing the information they had so far on Boaoran tactics. Despite the additional workload she coped, in the words of Commander Walker “admirably”.

As the threat developed Admiral Sorensen was assigned to take command of the situation and took command of the Battle Group, reforming it into two Task Groups. Alpha remained as the rapid response force to act to secure a defensive cordon for the evacuation of isolated populations and facilities, while Bravo was assigned to protect Deep Space Five from any direct assault. Captain O’Dwyer and Commander Walker were convinced a direct assault was likely from an overwhelming force and they desperately sought a way of delaying the assault using the very limited information they had about Boaoran tactics. Dreia, though no master tactician herself, made the suggestion that as the Boaorans were known from previous engagements to favour boarding actions, and DS5 had an entire battalion of Marines at its disposal. At the very least this may act to buy more time for further Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan reinforcements to arrive. This very simple suggestion was developed by Captain O’Dwyer into an, admittedly highly unorthodox strategy for the defense of the station and the safeguarding of the ships of Battle Group Caprica.

When, in 2385, the assault finally came in the form of over 600 Boaoran ships, Dreia was assigned to coordinate the crucial timing of Battle Group Caprica’s entry into the battle. When she gave the signal, in their initial onslaught they caught many of the Boaoran ships with their shields down to transport boarding parties onto the station. After their entry she coordinated their retreat working with Commander Rakka at the DS5 Tactical station. Although many of the Battle Group’s ships were damaged or destroyed, more than half managed to withdraw to regroup with reinforcements.

As the boarding action progressed and Ops itself came under attack, Dreia joined the defence and tended to the wounded Captain O’Dwyer when he fell, wounded. Although that particular assault had been fought off, much of the DS5 command and control structure was breaking down at a rapid rate and their marine forces were in full retreat from most checkpoints. Although she tried to coordinate some form of resistance her attempts were nullified when the stardock doors were rammed by the crippled Boaoran flagship. As all seemed lost Dreia sent out the emergency signal to Battle Group Caprica and any reinforcements they had managed to gather. It was a last desperate throw of the dice and a formation of over 70 Romulan ships, supported by the 20 remaining ships of Battle Group Caprica and ten Klingon vessels, decloaked suddenly and joined the fray. Despite still outnumbering the defending forces 3-1 the Boaorans mysteriously began recalling their boarding parties and falling back.

In the aftermath of the attack many of the Command staff had been injured or incapacitated, and so Dreia was made Chief Strategic Operations Officer on an acting basis by Captain Tahir, who had replaced O’Dwyer, and had to coordinate the repair and recovery efforts for the station and many of the damaged ships, as well as ensuring the force’s readiness to respond to a potential Boaoran counter attack. After a couple of weeks the newly appointed Deputy Director of Starfleet Operational Support Services, Rear Admiral William Rufus O’Dwyer, the former CO’s twin brother, arrived to take operational supervision of the situation.

The Admiral was immensely impressed by the work of the young woman, only four years into her career, but showing the efficiency, composure and maturity of a much older officer. He pressed her on what her career plans were as he recognised she was only a few years away from being a candidate for a command-level position. When she responded that she simply wanted to make a difference and didn’t mind how the Admiral offered her the position as his adjutant, which she accepted.

Once matters around DS5 were more settled, Dreia made the move to Starfleet Command, receiving her promotion to full Lieutenant. She would spend three years as the Admiral’s primary means of support, and it was often joked around Command that the only difference noticeable with the operation of the Deputy Director’s Office when O’Dwyer was on leave was that matters were actually processed faster because Dreia didn’t need to run things by the Admiral. The nature of the work played to Dreia’s natural strengths and being in such a large facility, but with access to so much beyond, she had no issue whatsoever burning bridges where officers in other departments were less than helpful. With the Admiral at her back and a growing reputation of her own for efficiency her name fast became a byword around the corridors of Command and facilities with regular dealings with Operational Support Services as someone to whom it was not a good idea to submit reports late or inaccurately as it would be spotted, and often followed up with a visit from the Inspector General’s Office, with whom the Admiral had excellent contacts from his service there. O’Dwyer recognised how much he relied upon her and wrote excellent performance evaluations for her. This led to a promotion to Lieutenant Commander after three years spent at Command, conferred by the Admiral himself and saw her sent to a far more challenging environment.

The abandonment of Starbase 65 in the aftermath of its near-destruction during the Federation-Klingon War combined with years of increasing internal divisions in Acamarian society and the major powers’ attentions being focussed elsewhere had seen a rise once more in illegal activity in the Hromi cluster and the further economic stagnation and deprivation of the settlements there. The rise once more of piratical forces in this melting pot was inevitable.

With the Dominion War put to rest and scientific interest turning to recent discoveries there, as well as further warming in Federation-Acamarian relations, however, these dark forces found themselves targeted by the authorities. The reopening of Starbase 65 as Langley Station began the process and the natural development of that was the creation by special order of the Federation Council a Mission to the area, based out of Langley Station. Admiral O’Dwyer, as DDOOSS, was heavily involved in the steering group for the region and, despite his own reliance upon her, Dreia's was the first name which sprang to mind when they sought an officer to act as the new mission's Chief of Staff and as Aide-de-Camp to the Federation Special Envoy. He thus made the recommendation to promote her to Lieutenant Commander and appoint her thus.

The situation was a complex one and the first challenge faced was the extent to which the raiders had engendered goodwill amongst local settlements after years of empty promises from the major powers. This gave them innumerable hiding places and a reticence from most locals to act as informants. The mission made initial progress cultivating the Federation-Acamarian relationship in the face of initially unfavourable political conditions after the lengthy and seemingly increasingly-toothless Marouk Sovereignty. Ambassador Carter found Dreia's assistance in dealing with the UFP-sceptic Acamarian foreign ministry utterly invaluable in winning even minor battles and building just a few bridges.

These efforts were greatly aided by the actions of Langley Station's reckless Commanding Officer, now Captain O'Dwyer, who in a single stroke managed to lure the entire pirates leadership out of hiding. His ruse was to fake his own kidnapping by a freighter crew and ensure that the news reached the pirates, who had only hours before mounted a successful raid on a colony ship. The raiders took the bait hook, line, and sinker and their leader and chief lieutenants committed themselves to an attack on the freighter and were caught off-guard by the USS Germanicus and supporting runabouts. The scheme almost turned to disaster when the pirates' offensive capabilities turned out to be far superior to intelligence estimates, but in the end the Starfleet forces were able to destroy successfully the pirate leader and his chief lieutenant's ships, and cripple and capture another. With the Germanicus badly damaged in the battle a fourth raider was able to escape, but at the time it was considered to be the 'runt' of the litter and the operation was considered a complete success. Not only had Starfleet won a significant victory over the pirates, both loosening their control over the Cluster and reducing their capabilities significantly, but O'Dwyer's actions immediately endeared him to the Acamarian populace as the sort of military hero they felt they had been missing for years. Although this was certainly a victory in the short term in the long term this disruption to the status quo was to be disastrous and the pirate leader, Connor Stone, who escaped proved to be ruthless, unpredictable and incredibly resourceful and the conflict only escalated in the long term.

Matters were further worsened when, after two years with the Mission, Langley Station was temporally displaced to the Federation-Klingon War and attacked and severely damaged by the Klingons, thinking that the station was the original Starbase 65. When the temporal displacement was reversed, Ambassador Carter and most of the Mission’s personnel lay dead or wounded and Starfleet’s bastion in the area lay in ruins. Sensing weakness, Stone launched an all out attack on the Starbase and other nearby support facilities and stole huge amounts of resources, including the mothballed USS Nautilus, making it his new flagship.

Starfleet Command’s response was to dispatch the USS Sutherland under Captain Hriss and reactivate the mothballed USS Apocalypse to support operations in the area alongside the Acamarians. As Hriss’ XO was assigned to Command the Apocalypse and there would be a lot of logistics support and coordination required, Hriss requested and Admiral O’Dwyer insisted that Dreia be assigned to act as Hriss’ Strategic Operations Officer and Acting XO. With her knowledge of affairs in the region it was an obvious appointment to make.

Upon taking the assignment Dreia’s immediate focus was on the logistic side of things, with the diplomatic niceties and the strategic situation taking something of a behind-the-scenes role in the short term: finding the better part of 500 personnel to crew the carrier at short notice as well as an additional Marine Battalion for ground operations and it took a month for her to really settle into the role as acting-XO. There were a few initial teething problems as she came down hard on the officers around her when their performance fell short of her expectations, but with a guiding hand from Captain Hriss and her predecessor she learned that on a starship, especially on the frontlines, you couldn’t expect the same levels of perfection as in the more office-based roles and the importance of building relationships with colleagues, whatever you may think of them on a personal level.

After nine months with the Sutherland, the pirate crisis was, for the most part, nullified and the Normandy-class carrier was returned to non-active status, meaning the return of her XO. Without a force to command, Hriss saw no need to retain Dreia as a Strategic Operations Officer and initially she had thus expected to be returned to Starfleet Command. However, Admiral O’Dwyer had another role in mind for his former adjutant: a rapidly worsening situation along the Klingon border near the Archanis sector. With her experience from the Mission, tactical coordination, and especially logistics in the face of a complicated diplomatic stand-off with the Klingons, a mounting humanitarian situation, and deprivation of some colonies in the area: her work was very much cut out for her.
Service Record 2377 – 2381: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2381 – 2383: Promoted to Ensign. Assigned as Logistics Officer, Deep Space 5
2383 – 2385: Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and Assistant Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Deep Space 5
2385 – 2388: Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned as Adjutant to Deputy Director, Starfleet Operational Support Services, Starfleet Command.
2388 – 2390: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Assigned as Chief of Staff and Aide-de-Camp to Federation Special Envoy Alexander Carter, Federation Mission to the Hromi Cluster and Acamarian Sector, Langley Station.
2390 – 2391: Lieutenant Commander. Assigned as Acting Executive Officer/Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Sutherland
2391 – 2392: Lieutenant Commander. Assigned as Starfleet Attache to Archanis Sector Colonies. Base of Operations; Kurplunk III.