Lieutenant Commander Scott Parker

Name Scott Parker

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Birthplace Denver, Colorado, United States, Earth
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 177m
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Scott is not physically striking. He is attractive in a very conventional sense but he struggles to stand out in a crowd and has very few unique features. His uniform discreetly hides his athletic build but he carries his frame poorly. He has a very laid-back, pleasant demeanour and his attitude around others often makes him appear somewhat boyish and naive. His mischevious half smile and his almost shy, overly polite manner do not aid him in making bold first impressions. He stands just a little above average height and sports a neat crop of brown, almost blonde, hair, with bright, youthful features and subtle blue eyes,


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Noah Parker - 64yo - Chief of Police, Haysburgh Regional PD
Mother Dianna Webster (neé Parker, neé Willows) - Deceased as of 2357 - Former School Teacher
Sister(s) Samantha H. Parker - 39yo - High School Teacher of English
Other Family Uncle: Captain Elijah Parker - 67yo - Commanding Officer, USS Olympus Mons

Stepfather: Graeme Webster - 61yo - Bar/Restaurant owner

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Parker is friendly and pleasant yet soft-spoken. He often prefers to remain stoic in the face of adversity or confrontation, possessing an incredibly laid-back nature. He is fond of keeping his personal opinions to himself and allowing others to talk freely without offering much in the way of an opinion. He likes to give his colleagues the impression that he is a steadfast professional but he often allows people room to maneuver and greatly values both formal and informal input from those he lives and works with. That attitude, coupled with his modest nature and his complimentary, encouraging approach towards leadership, makes him a popular officer on any assignment.

A reclusive facade masks a brilliant sense of humour and a penchant for dry wit; it is often not clear that Scott is quietly jesting with or poking fun at his colleagues. He is a naturally social creature and has an approachable nature. He enjoys personally interacting with others both on and off duty and he spends a great deal of time forging friendships. He listens very well and prides himself on being both patient and meticulous.
Strengths & Weaknesses A watcher and listener by nature, Parker is fascinated by the nuances present in social interaction and understands people very well. He often puts this knowledge into practise and can anticipate even the most subtle shift in the atmosphere within a social environment. This skill has become instinctive and was a significant advantage to possess as a security officer. Now, as an older and more senior officer, he can use this understanding to motivate and inspire his subordinates. Scott always seems able to see the very best qualities in his peers and is capable of pushing and manipulating them towards goals and objectives in order to get the job done.

He is not a particularly gifted intellectual but he maintains a varied knowledge of starship primary systems and understands their roles within a vessel's tactical functionality, allowing him to bring a great deal of strategic expertise to the table. Although this knowledge does not particularly exceed that of the average senior tactical officer, Scott's patience and desire to gather all of the information available to him before advising and acting make him an ideal bridge officer. He has a pragmatic, step-by-step approach to problem solving and prefers to think outside of the box to acheive his goals, allowing him to adapt to a changing crisis.

In spite of his many talents, Parker's lack of self-confidence is painfully obvious. He is not a decision-maker by any means and is prone to hesitation from time to time, much to the frustration of those with whom he serves. He is only at his best when he has the support of the crew and is often unwilling to face a key decision alone. He has problems with responsibility and has very little faith in his gut instinct, rendering him slow to act and stubborn during critical moments where he must be fluid and willing to cast aside protocol.

Scott is altruistic and although he believes in the greater good, he is uncomfortable in situations where the ends do not seem to fully justify the means. He cannot abide watching others suffer nor is he comfortable when forced to stand by when he has the ability to help others. He is terribly afraid of being manipulated, which has happened in the past. This can bring about a certain stubborness from within and has stood in the way of progress in the past.
Ambitions Scott had never truly aspired to be anything more than a capable officer who may one day command a starship. His career ground to a halt several years ago when he was unwilling to step up to the plate. He somehow meanders along by saying the right things and making the correct choices but he is largely unremarkable in the eyes of Starfleet. Now that he is facing a crossroads in his career, he requires some education and guidance from someone with experience in these matters before he can make the bold jump that is required of him.
Hobbies & Interests An 'extreme' sports enthusiast of some magnitude, Scott has tried everything from mountain biking to base jumping and seems to have a genuine passion for controlled risk. He is a thrill-seeker and an outdoorsman at the same time, prefering the company of nature and always embellishing upon his wilder side whenever possible.

Otherwise he spends his off-time unwinding amongst his colleagues and enjoying the very few benefits of starship life; the mess hall, the lounge, the holodeck and the gym. If not hanging around in a public environment, he can be found unwinding in his quarters with a good holo-film or a pleasant piece of contemporary music.

Scott is a tobacco smoker, although he restricts this to solitary company either in his quarters or in a holosuite, where it will not impact upon his colleagues and friends.

Personal History Scott's mother died during childbirth. His family had recently split apart, his mother and father divorcing several weeks into her unrevealed pregnancy. By the time that she was showing, she had remarried. Unfortunately, she suffered a seizure during late-term labor and the attending doctor made the decision to save the child's life. Scott was delivered by emergency cesarean.

He fell haphazardly under the care of his stepfather, Graeme Webster, an older man who had owned a pub/restaurant for almost thirty years. The relationship was not a healthy one. Webster resented the child and secretly blamed the child for the death of his new wife, He was ill-equipped to handle parenthood and had no ability to communicate with a child. As Scott grew older, Webster succumbed to alcoholism and began to turn physically abusive.This behavior continued until Scott reached the age of 3 when a childcare attendant realized what had been happening. The authorities intervened and Scott's care was transferred to his biological father.

It took him a great deal of time to adapt. At first, he developed slowly and rarely spoke. He instead communicated through his older sister - who immediately took to her new found younger brother. Sam did most of his talking for him until he regained his confidence, learning to trust his real father and gradually integrating into the small family. His opportunities expanded and although he never entirely recovered from his time with his stepfather, he learned to leave it behind him at a young age. The remainder of his childhood was pleasant although largely typical.

Puberty hit Scott like a brick wall. The remote town of Haysburgh maintained such a small community that friendship was rather thrust upon the inhabitants. Scott grew to dislike the intrusive, judgmental culture and avoided his peers as often as he could. He entered high school and tried to keep to himself, forever chided for being withdrawn and quiet. Not fond of school, he connected to the surrounding wilderness in his free time, making use of the roaming hills and mountains around his home. Nature became an ally and what few friendships he maintained grew around this concept.

He became an avid hiker, hill-climber and a lover of the countryside. He took up risky sports and became a great fan of mountain biking. He enjoyed camping during the weekends. Indeed it aided in his studies at school. He would often take academic assignments with him during his late teens and complete them with ease in the passive calm of the outdoors. He was progressed quickly through his schooling and by the age of eighteen was readily prepared for his SAT's and beginning to see beyond the limited small town in which he lived. He was beginning to see beyond Earth and yearn for a quiet freedom.

Once schooling was complete he was unsure of where to progress next, wary at first of leaving home. Some discussion with his father was conducted and the older man warmly approved of his sons desire to get out of the small town and tried to encourage him. Instead of heeding this advice, fearing the loss of his family, Scott stepped into his father's shadow and at the age of eighteen he enlisted in the Haysburgh Regional Police Department as a training officer, attending the county's training academy. His father was secretly pleased.

His career progressed rather unremarkably. After 6 months he became a fully fledged officer of Haysburgh PD and took on a patrol shift. By the age of 20 he was known as a confident, friendly and reliable member of the community on both an on and off duty level. He settled into the job well and kept a clean record but it nearly came to an end when an incident involving a petty thief simply went too far. Scott was suspended from duty for several weeks.

Disgraced, he turned to alcohol. He spent most nights out in the town, drinking in local bars until his name was cleared. Afterwards, he was never quite the same. His father encouraged him to seek something more and encouraged him to speak with his uncle Elijah, a Starfleet officer. A long chat with the man settled his next decision. Scott had always looked up to his uncle, a man of principles who quoted regulations and told stories outlining his adventures in space. He was well traveled, well spoken and had reached far beyond his rural beginnings. More to the point, he understood his nephew's potential more than his family and local friends. He encouraged Scott to apply for Starfleet.

At the Academy, he was somewhat overwhelmed with the grandiosity of things. A great deal had passed him by while he was serving his short tenure as a police officer in a rural town. His academics were on point, however, which allowed him to excel and he quickly made friends - although he often felt like a country bumpkin when interacting with others. He majored in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in military law. At the end of his training he graduated 12th in his class.

Scott began his career as an engineer on board the USS Hiroko Sai, slipping into the department with ease and taking on a varied number of leadership positions. As an older officer, which was rare in post-War Starfleet, he had a natural rapport with his subordinates and seemed more wary and sensitive of the culture aboard starships. His understanding of the complex sensor network and the tactical systems array as well as his aptitude with computers had him shift between different specialties over several years. His potential was soon discovered by his department superior and mid-way through his fourth year he reached his promotional requirements and became the deputy department leader.

After several years he joined the illustrious USS Farraghut's security department as an investigative team leader and general tactical officer. He found himself more than qualified for the position and over a period of two years he endeavored to finalize Academy courses in the security/tactical department. Though his assignment to the Nebula-class vessel was generally quiet, his extra-curricular studying was noticed. He rose to the position of Assistant Chief of Security. At the end of his final year with the vessel he again completed his promotional requirements. His age and experience in law enforcement attributed to his early climb up the ladder.

At the end of his second term, Scott joined the Defiant-class USS Heroic as a department head and senior officer. He seemed to settle into the position with ease. He was well suited to the role and proved popular amongst his colleagues. His service during this time was exemplary. He was personally commended for repelling a Hirogen assault team during a failed away mission. He was wounded during this engagement but recovered quickly. His actions saw him named second officer on board the vessel,

Midway through 2386, the crew were tasked with an ambiguious mission in Romulan space. Scott stood by his commanding officer at first, following his orders diligently until he was ordered to attack a nearby colony outpost - at the time believed to be a listening station. As it was unarmed and the Federation were breaking their agreement with the Romulans, he refused to carry out his orders. He was subsequently thrown in the brig with several other crew members. Eventually the USS Orion apprehended the Heroic. The vessel's CO was arrested.

Scott gave damning testimony at his former commanding officer's trial a year after the inquiry and gave evidence from the vessel's logs that proved he did not personally follow Dawson's orders. He was independently commended in recognition for his services during the inquest and, later, his help in fully conducting the investigation into the Heroic's actions provided him with the opportunity to impress upon some minor members of the Starfleet brass. The whole process took almost a long time and left him out of the line-officer loop. Unfortunately, Scott had yet to realize that his actions would significantly mark him in the future. When seeking re-assignment, he was rebuffed by several commanding officers.

His career seemed to grind to a halt after that. He found himself unable to secure a reasonable position on shipboard duty, it seemed nobody would have him - though that was never explicitly stated. The trial of the Heroic CO had put a black mark next to his name. Experienced commanders simply were not sure that he could be trusted. He was forced to settle into a two year mercy assignment granted to him by Commander Vernus, a Bolian security guru who was overseeing the application of civilian safety and security in the Tynas sector, where several planets were attempting to join the Federation. Of course, that meant long trips in space where little happened, long meetings where there was little to say and late evenings of administrative work in offices overseen by bureaucratic senior officers. Needless to say, Scott was miserable. He passed time over those two years by sitting his Command Application course and brushing up on his knowledge of military law. His plan was to try and secure a line-duty position in security once again.

He was, instead, assigned to another sector control position as the senior security staff member at Archanis sector command. Under the direction of Commander Leaxa Dreia, he spent several months maintaining security of the planetary colony and advising about the growing influx of refugees from Klingon space. It was a miserable tour of duty, one that seemed to have no end in sight, but he was well suited to the role and at least comfortable with his workload, if not with the nature of his role there.

Service Record Earth

2356: Born in Denver, Colorado - USA, Earth
2359: Moved by state social services into his biological father's care
2373: Enters Haysburgh Police Academy
2375: Ends service with HRPD, applies to Starfleet Academy


Starfleet Academy

2375: Enters Starfleet Academy (Mech/Elec Engineering)
2376: Minor course in Fleet Law
2377: Minor course in Weapons Technology
2378 Graduates Starfleet Academy as ENS (Bachelor of Engineering)


USS Hiroko Sai

2378: Assigned to USS Hiroko Sai as Tac Sys specialist
2379: Promoted to Repair Team Commander
2381: Promoted to LTJG, Assistant Chief of Engineering
2382: General transfer request: tactical

USS Farraghut

2382: Re-assigned to USS Farraghut as Tactical Officer and Security Investigation Specialist
2382: Begins on-assignment duty courses in security/tactical ops
2383: Completes courses, promoted to LT, Assistant Chief of Security
2386: Pushed re-assignment


USS Heroic

2386: Assigned to USS Heroic as Chief Security/Tactical Officer
2386: Prevents Hirogen assault team ambush during away mission, service citation for galantry (Starfleet Silver Star)
2386: WIA (2 months limited duty) following plasma burns during combat with Hirogen strike fleet (Purple Heart)
2387: Promoted to vessel 2XO
2388: Takes stand against CO and refuses to follow orders during Heroic's unauthorised Romulan action, confined to brig. Heroic apprehended several days later
2388: Un-assigned from line officer duty



2388: Held at Starbase 60, assists investigators with Heroic incident, testifies against commanding officer and fellow crew members
2389: Found not guilty at courts martial hearing


Tynas Sector Control

2389: Civilian Security Advisor (Starbase 82)
2389: Deputy Adjutant to Federation Security Commander for Tynas Control
2390: Begins on-assignment duty courses in command
2391: Completes on-assignment duty courses in command
2392: Transfer request

Archanis Sector Control

2392: Assigned as Security Staff Leader for Archanis Sector Control