Lieutenant Patience Jovale

Name Patience Tóngyì Jovale

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Birthplace Shanghai, Earth
Gender Male
Species Humane/Betazoid
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m (5'10")
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Jet Black (Betazoid Heritage)
Physical Description Patience stands at an unassuming height and weighs an even less imposing 54 kilograms (120 pounds). This is only compounded by his awkward gait, a parting gift of poorly-healed wounds from the Dominion War. Though obviously scrawny, Patience is handsome in a refined way. Despite a cluster of burn scars which spatter his left temple, he has a distinguished, noble face. There's no lack of dignity in his demeanor, and his shock of black hair compliments his eyes, giving him a severe air. He has perpetually excellent posture, though this can easily be interpreted as stuffiness.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Maternal Grandparents:
You Tóngyì (Deceased)
R.Admr. Tsao Hulin Tóngyì (Deceased)

Paternal Grandparents:
Conal Vaan Jovale, PhD (Deceased)
Lisse Jovale, Esq.

Paternal Aunts/Uncles:
Hesa Otraike, MD
Zen Shun, MD (Deceased)
Lt. Cmdr. Tao Yi Tóngyì

Personality & Traits

Demeanour For better or worse, Patience is a product of his upbringing. Since childhood, Patience was instilled with a deep sense of duty to the Federation. He holds its standards of dedication, cooperation, and compassion to an almost zealous fervor. This could come as a surprise to some, as Patience initially seems dispassionate, cynical, and pessimistic. In official discussions, Patience is quite vocal, extremely eloquent, but nearly always the devil's advocate. Despite this behavior, Patience is sincerely idealistic. He holds the concepts of tolerance and kindness close during every professional consideration. Moral dilemmas have been known to reduce Patience to grave self-doubt.

Being raised on a set of values and expectations, only to watch powerlessly as they go to pieces during a brutal war hurt Patience deeply. Patience still fervently believes in the virtues of diplomacy and sensitivity, but he now regards his past nativity with contempt. He still struggles with the depression and trauma, retreating deeper into his more immediate goals to distract himself from the battles still waging within his fractured psyche.
Strengths & Weaknesses (+) Patience is skilled in what he does. Linguistics, and by extension intergalactic culture, come naturally to him. Having been raised across Federation space, Patience is adept at rapid comprehension of unfamiliar customs and ideologies. He believes that diplomacy is a field which requires constant personal growth.
(+) Patience, despite his sober mannerisms, is extremely caring and compassionate. He is capable of great empathy and will go to impressive lengths to curb the suffering of others. Though friendships don't come easily, Patience recognizes the sacrifices that must be made by all members of Starfleet, and would readily return the favor if necessary.
(+) Patience is a strong persuasive speaker, with an excellent grasp of logic and argumentation. He operates well under pressure, able to synthesis complex ideas and proposals into articulate discourse. Though prone to become passionate, Patience is confidence in his debating and puts into to good use in his work as a diplomat.
(-) Patience is quite impersonal and stiff. His isolated bringing has made friendship, not to mention romance, almost completely foreign concepts. His own social incompetence can make him resentful and jealous of those to whom charisma comes naturally. It's for this reason that he can regard leaders with some suspicion, constantly worrying that politicians and fleet officials act in their own interests.
(-) Patience can be blunt, but he is very sensitive himself. He takes disagreement and reprimand personally, often interpreting professional reproach for direct insult. This sensitivity, combined with a serious passion for his work, make him difficult to work with. Cooperation comes naturally to him in a diplomatic context, but not so much so around a briefing table.
(-) The Dominion War left Patience with more than a myriad of medical issues. He suffers from post traumatic stress, chronic nightmares, and contextual phobias. Fighting is nearly out of the question, as he frequently freezes and visibly shakes during combat simulations. Whether he can rise to the occasion and meet future demands for this sort courage remains to be seen.
Ambitions Patience's long term goals are unclear, especially to himself. After years of drifting, he applied to Starfleet Academy largely upon his family's wishes. Though he enjoys what he does, he rarely gives thought to the future. He seems mostly concerned with doing what good he can in his current position, and continuing that approach indefinitely. That is not to say he is without ambition. His objectives are simply informed more by his own concept of service and his family's expectations than by conventional career goals.
Hobbies & Interests Though physical activity is now difficult due to war-wounds which limit the range of motion for his legs and shoulders, Patience used to be an enthusiastic recreational martial artist. He still enjoys attending competitive matches.

He has a number of academic passions, including galactic history, politics, and anthropology. Chief among these is linguistics. In the Academy, Patience was a charter member of the 'Association for the Preservation of Ancient Earth Languages' (APEL). Among the languages which the club studied, Patience has a strong grasp of French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Zulu.

Of course, as an aspect of his work in Starfleet diplomacy, Patience now studies galactic languages with fervor. He speaks Federation Standard, Betazoid, Vulcan, Andorian, Trill, Klingon, and Romulan with fluency and many others with competence.

Growing up across the galaxy limited Patience's access to children his own age. He developed an early love of cinema and literature to occupy himself on long voyages. With what little free time he has, Patience consumes modern holonovels and film rancorously.

Personal History Patience T. Jovale was born in 2356 on the auspicious holiday of Chinese New Year, in Shanghai, Earth. As Rylian Jovale, a published author of some renown, rushed his wife Sing Jovale, a junior Federation ambassador, to the hospital transit, he reflected on whether their first and only son would resemble his more artistic father or ambitious mother.

The young spouses successfully battled throngs of party-goers and paraders in the streets of Shanghai, made in to the hospital, and delivered Patience Jovale. He would only remain in Shanghai for another six months, as the nature of his mother's work uprooted the little family constantly. The half-Betazoid child would only spend the first five years of his life on Betazed, and even then, he rarely left the Federation embassy compound.

This encompasses much of Patience's early childhood. The first 10 years of his life (2330-2340) in near-constant travel across Federation space to various embassies. This, of course, had beneficial effects on the child's development. Growing up on Betazed, Vulcan, Andoria, and Earth made Patience culturally knowledgeable and multilingual from a young age.

Of course, this upbringing had its shortcomings. Patience made few friends and had little time for recreation. His mother insisted on constant focus on his studies, and attendance to whatever summits and delegation meetings he was allowed. Though Sing would never admit it, her colleagues all joked that it was obvious she was raising the next Federation ambassador.

This sort of life exposed Patience to Stafleet's values and lifestyle. From a young age, he aspired to be an engineer, or a pilot, or a diplomat. Above all, he wanted to serve aboard a starship. He couldn't imagine a life spent entirely on any one planet, and he had fully planned to apply to Starfleet Academy the first chance he got.

The outbreak of the Dominion War in 2373 changed Patience's plans considerably. The Starfleet Marine Corps began aggressive recruiting, and Patience began to feel selfish and privileged when he considered his old intent to attend the Academy. Against his mother's wishes, Patience joined the war effort and enlisted later that year.

Patience was assigned to the 3rd Battalion of Starfleet's 1st Marine Regiment. Early in his training and deployments, Patience realized that life in the Marines was not for him. His sheltered upbringing left him unprepared for the discipline and teamwork which life in a squad necessitated. He was only passable in combat, and regularly found himself assigned to auxiliary roles.

The tragedy at Tyra System proved to be the undoing for Patience's unit, as well as Patience himself. He served as a boarding defender for the USS Resolute during the battle. He was one of extremely few survivors from the ship's warp core implosion, pulled into an escape pod after being cut down by small arms fire.

Patience would spend the following year in recovery. Poorly healed fractures, serious burns, and ligament damage permanently crippled Patience's left leg and shoulder socket. He was subsequently given an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, and sent to live with extended family on Earth. Patience has never discussed the events in the Tyra System with anyone, besides psychological professionals.

Patience would spend the following year in recovery. Poorly healed fractures, serious burns, and ligament damage permanently crippled Patience's left leg and shoulder socket. He was subsequently given an honorable discharge from the Marine Corps, and sent to live with extended family on Earth. Patience has never discussed the events in the Tyra System with anyone, besides psychological professionals.

Back on Earth with no friends and a family who was vaguely disappointed with Patience's recent life choices, he opted to spend the rest of the year drifting. He traveled the world, laying low, constantly avoiding any news of the war. He sought out increasingly obscure places, staying in smaller communities for months at a time, studying the local languages and customs. This, however, was no vacation for Patience. He spent these years sinking into a deep depression, in nearly constant pain from his healing war wounds.

It wasn't until the conclusion of the Dominion War in 2375 that Patience finally worked up the courage and personal serenity to return home to Shanghai. His family was accommodating, especially his father who seemed to sense the unique pain Patience suffered from. The Jovale's were mostly happy to have Patience back, though they hadn't abandoned their high expectations. Soon, they were discussing Patience's past desire to apply to Starfleet Academy.

Bolstered by a recommendation from his illustrious mother and his military service, Patience's application to Starfleet Academy was accepted. He attended, majoring in Interstellar Relations and Linguistics. Academically, Patience excelled, his knowledge of the study of languages and politics already strong from earlier studies.

Patience did nearly drop out in his third year after a jarring personal tragedy. Rylian Jovale took suddenly ill, after a lifetime of failing health, and died in 2379. It was during his mourning process that Patience's old depression reignited, and he began to question whether he was fit to serve Starfleet as he used to so aspire to.

Patience found solace and inspiration when it was announced that he had passed his alien linguistics examinations with top marks. Personal achievement provided him the motivation he needed to finish his fourth year at the Academy. He went on to graduate with honors, confident that his father would've been proud to see him earn the commission.

Patience's first assignment as a newly-minted member of the Diplomatic Corps was to the Federation embassy on Betazed. Of course, this was primarily upon the request of his mother, who still worked as an ambassador on the compound. The assignment suited Patience well, as it provided him a position of proximity to dignitaries that most new officers wouldn't have had. He worked primarily in the research wing, preparing embassy staff to receive Federation delegations and summits.

Patience chaffed a bit under his mother's command, however. He felt he had little chance to grow professionally with her constantly arranging the best outcome for him. So he went out of his way to request an unconventional assignment, on the fringes of Federation space. He found it about the Miranda class USS Parker.

The Parker specialized in small-scale diplomatic transport. The work Patience did was primarily inconsequential; however, he came to grow close to the small crew. He also developed a knack for conflict resolution in the less-developed regions of the galaxy, gaining a new appreciation for life outside of the major planets.

When the USS Parker received orders to return to Earth for refitting, Patience Jovale was faced with a choice... [[Will update here if accepted]]
Service Record USS Tranquility [2392-Present]
Position: Chief Diplomatic Officer, TBD

USS Parker [2386-2391]
Position: Diplomatic Officer/Linguist, Ensign

Federation Diplomatic Embassy, Betazed [2380-2386]
Position: Diplomatic Officer/Ambassador's Aide, Ensign

Starfleet Academy [2376-2380]
Major in Interstellar Relations/Linguistics
Graduated with Honors

Starfleet Marine Corps. [2373-2374]
1st Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Communications Division
Position: Private