Crewman Wulan Towashi

Name Wulan Towashi

Position Biologist

Rank Crewman


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Sun Aug 14th, 2016 @ 12:48am

Character Information

Birthplace Mizar
Gender Male
Species Mizarian
Age 101
Quarters Deck 7

Physical Appearance

Height 165 cm (5' 4")
Hair Color White
Eye Color Pale Blue
Physical Description Wulan, or Zu, is an old man with a beard as wide as his face that sticks out from his hood. He speaks from beneath a thick mustache and white side-whiskers that wrap around his face like waves on the ocean. He has bright eyes attentive eyes, which often mislead others into believing he is paying attention to them. He isn't physically worse-off than other members of the crew by much, but he does tire more easily and requires some accommodation due to his extreme age.

The wrinkles on his mint-green face are like canyons, deep and tinged with dark blues in the creases and faults. He wears a distinctive hood which covers the back of his head, and fidgets frequently, as the Mizarian nervous system is more intensive in their physiology than in humans.


Personality & Traits