Lieutenant Dejex Nasir

Name Dejex Nasir

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

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Character Information

Birthplace USS Levi-Strauss
Gender male
Species Trill (unjoined)
Age 33
Quarters Deck 3

Physical Appearance

Height 183
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Standing at 186cm, Dejax is certainly not a short man, and has indeed become quite used to being among the tallest. His brown hair is kept quite short, as years of experience in Engineering have taught him anything else is just a nuisance. He is also usually clean shaven, although a layer of stubble during more stressful/busy periods is not unknown. As with all trill, he has spots running down both sides of his body (and yes, they do go all the way down).


Spouse none
Children none
Father Cerved Nisir
Mother Doctor Kuzri Lalux (joined)

Personality & Traits

Demeanour With his mother being not only joined, but also one of Trill's leading anthropologists, Dejex has always felt the pressure to succeed, and continued this day to be incredibly studious and goal-orientated. A bit of a nerd is often the best description for that half of his personality, but he carries it all modestly, a trait carried over from his more down to earth engineer father. He has what many have called a devilish humour as well, heavily sarcastic a lot of the time, and shows his love for others through good-humoured mocking alongside more "traditional" methods, like actual kindness.
Strengths & Weaknesses His greatest weakness is often his modesty, as it makes him less likely to speak up, for fear of appearing - as he most likely is - like a know it all. This same weakness is of course also a great strength, as it keeps him down to earth, and more than eager to share responsibility and credit with the rest of his team. Incredibly analytical and intelligent, he can solve most puzzles and problems with ease, but often prefers to do so with others. This sort of mix between his two halves is often a great strength when it comes to keeping morale high among the team, and has made him a very popular member of any team.
Ambitions In all reality, his greatest ambition in life was always just to become a star fleet officer, and since succeeding in that he has seen each further step as a bonus on top of that. Naturally, he sees stepping up to become a Chief engineer as one such bonus, and has always kept an eye open on that front. Part of him would love to move across to starship design in the fleet design corps if the opportunity ever arose, but another half feels taking himself off a ship would slowly bore him to death, a real possibility,
Hobbies & Interests Ever since first immersing himself in human culture and history, he has become obsessed with human comedy, and has often tried his hand at stand up (not horribly successful the majority of the time, but he does try). He is also an avid rower and sailor, as well as quite a good chef - occasionally. On top of this, as you may well expect, Dejex takes his interest in starship engineering beyond his work life, and has quite a large model collection, as well as trying his hand at design in his free time.

Personal History Dejex was born aboard a Federation vessel during one his mother's many field surveys. Doctor Kuzri Lalux was well known for being incredibly ambitious, and indeed she had decided not to let an inconvenience such as pregnancy to slow her down or cancel her research, and had taken the 2 month trip despite how late in her pregnancy she indeed was. Thus, for the first month of his life Dejex lived in a federation starship nursery, cared for mostly by staff, as his mother completed her trip. Cerved Nisir first met his son at 1 months old.

Raised as the son of Trill's top most anthropologist and a high ranking engineer in the Trill domestic engineering corps, he was always going to be an ambitious boy, particularly in the context of Trill's meritocracy. Throughout his younger years, he often joined his mother on her trips, as she - and her symbiont, too - hoped he would follow her footsteps into the world of science. The trips did not serve to influence him in that way, however, but rather towards engineering - particularly star fleet engineering - as he was amazed by each and every ship he step foot on through her trips.

As soon as he graduated from school on Trill, he had first thought to apply immediately for star fleet academy - as his mother pushed him to do - however his father suggested that he may wish to first get himself a degree from a Trill University, to ensure that engineering was for him, and as a back up. Dejex, as he often did, agreed with the more modest approach of his father, and after 2 years - 1 year sooner than expected - he graduated with his degree, and then went on to apply to the Academy. After acing the entrance exams, he moved on to Earth.

The 20 year old Dejex settled into life on Earth with little difficulty, aided by the many trips off world he had experienced during his upbringing. Throughout his years at the Academy, he took every opportunity he could to explore the planet, backpacking the globe over - and even included a couple of trips to Mars as well. He became immersed - and in love with - Earth culture, which led to his decision to apply for a position at the Earth based Engineering research department following his graduation.

After a few years at the research department, he was assigned aboard the USS Henderson, where he served for 3 years as a warp propulsion and electrical engineer. He specialised in those fields during his time aboard the Henderson, which led to his transfer to the USS Oslo as their assigned Warp Propulsion specialist. Eventually, he was promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer aboard the Oslo, and achieved specialisation in Computer Engineering on top.

Throughout his years he has had many romantic encounters, but none long term, and none that he would see as "the one". Indeed, work has often gotten in the way, as he prioritises his studies and continuing learning over his personal life.
Service Record Service Record:
2379-2381 - Starfleet Academy cadet
2381-2382 - Ensign - Research Assistant
2382-2383 - Ensign - Engineering Officer - USS Henderson
2383-2385 - Lieutenant (JG) - Warp Propulsion and Electrical Engineering Specialist - USS Henderson
2385-2386 - Lieutenant (JG) - Warp Propulsion Specialist - USS Oslo
2386- 2388 - Lieutenant (JG) - Assistant Chief Engineer - USS Oslo
2388-2392 - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Engineer - USS Oslo
2392-present - Lieutenant - Chief Engineer - USS Tranquility