Lieutenant JG Sova Edril

Name Sova Edril M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Last Post

Character Information

Birthplace Lonar Province, Bajor
Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 33
Quarters Deck 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Edril is of average height and build, with wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes. She smiles and laughs often which makes her approachable. She has pale skin due to living in space for the past eight years. She always wears her hair tied back on duty; loose, it reaches just past her shoulders. Edril wears the traditional Bajoran earring on her right ear and sports five ridges along the bridge of her nose.


Spouse Jeram Nasir - divorced.
Children None
Father Sova Dani - Senior Medic - 65 years old.
Mother Sova Jaso - Medical Lecturer - 66 years old.
Brother(s) Sova Biran - Freighter captain; 38 years old. Edril and Biran don't see each other often due to their jobs but still keep in contact and are on friendly terms. He reacted to his difficult childhood by preferring solitude and often spends weeks at a time in his own company onboard his ship.
Sister(s) Sova Jastiel - Also a doctor, currently based in Lonar Province, Bajor; 36 years old. Jastiel is biologically half Cardassian but after an extremely traumatic childhood, including several near death experiences, she underwent extensive cosmetic surgery and appears Bajoran.
Other Family Most of her parents' families were killed during the Occupation. Neither of her siblings have any children.

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Edril is for the most part an easy-going laid back individual. This lends itself to a good bedside manner and she is usually liked by her patients. She plainly states her mind and has quite a sharp sense of humour when among friends.
One of the few things that can make her lose her temper is bullying; she experienced this a lot during her childhood as she grew up in post-Occupation Bajor with two half-Cardassian adopted siblings.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: A skill that is essential in her line of work, Edril has practically mastered keeping calm under pressure. She has competent leadership and communication skills, as well as being very bright. Edril is very loyal and will stick up for things she believes in.

Weaknesses: Doesn't have a very active social life due to a very studious youth and bad experiences on a previous post. Her sense of humour is sarcastic which can be off-putting at times, but she usually doesn't mean any offence. She also finds it difficult to let things go and stubbornly holds onto grudges for years.
Ambitions She wants to eventually lead her own surgery department at Starfleet Medical and lead groundbreaking new research.
Her marriage ended so badly that she is adamant to others that she has no interest in settling down again, but secretly she is hoping that the right person will come along one day.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys playing springball, swimming, and her guilty pleasure: murder mystery holo-novels.

Her academic interest lie in general surgery and xenobiology, and she takes pride in writing the occasional article for the Starfleet medical journals.

Personal History Edril was born on Bajor, three days after the official Withdrawal and end of the Cardassian Occupation. Her parents had previously worked as trauma medics for the resistance and after the withdrawal both became medics at the newly built hospital in Lonar Province. She is their only biological child but her parents also adopted two half Cardassian children who were otherwise going to be left for dead. Edril grew up constantly defending her older brother and sister and this made her a fiercely protective and loyal person.

She grew up around the hospital and this fueled her desire to join the medical field herself, and joined the first few waves of Bajorans leaving for Starfleet Academy after passing the entrance exam in 2377.

Shortly after arriving, the homesick Edril was swept off her feet by second year command cadet Jesam Nisir. The two dated for two years and married a month before he graduated. Their relationship then became long distance for several years as he was assigned to the USS Oslo and she completed the Academy and went on to medical school.

After graduation, she was granted the position of Assistant CMO on the USS Oslo and was reunited with her husband, the recently promoted XO. Unfortunately the marriage slowly began to deteriorate as the two realised long distance had changed them, and eventually divorced three years later. The separation was not an easy one and most of the crew took the side of their XO, with (ironically) only her ex brother-in-law Dejex remaining friendly. Edril stuck with the post for another six months until she got fed up and applied for a transfer.

The position of research fellow came up on Starbase 23 and while it was technically a demotion, Edril was desperate to leave the Oslo and took it. The position turned out to be a good fit and she stayed for three years gaining more experience and education working in a larger team. She remained friends with Dejex and learned in 2392 that the CMO spot was open on his new ship, so took the plunge and applied.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (Cadet): 23 77-81
Starfleet Medical School: 2381-2385
USS Oslo (Asst. CMO): 2385-2389
Starbase 24 (Research Fellow): 2389-2392