Ensign Arjin Fin

Name Arjin Yassir Fin

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Ensign

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Character Information

Birthplace First City, Cella IV
Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 21
Quarters Deck 6

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Arjin Fin has what you might call a boyish appearance that belies his age, station, and training. He is on the shorter side of average height, and has a lanky "swimmer's build". He has a quiet, confident manner that some might take for aloofness. He also has the typical array of Trill "spots".


Spouse None
Children None
Father Aanri Zahn II (deceased)(The Zahn Symbiant died with Aanri II)
Mother Teya (Yassir) Kor (deseased)
Brother(s) Brother - Aanri Edan IV, King of Cella IV Colony
Brother - Jeryl Yan II, Crown Prince of Cella IV
Sister(s) None
Other Family Various Aunts, Uncles, and cousins

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Arjin has a keen mind, and is at home in space. He is an innovative tactician, and always earned top marks at the Cambran Battle College. His demeanor is most often described as quiet and confident. He struggles with being away from his people as they face their enemies and resents his brother for keeping him from the fighting. He is very conflicted about his role in Starfleet and the role he was meant to have back home. He meets with a counselor weekly to discuss this, which he also isn't a fan of. Most days Arjin is quiet and contemplative. At least that's how he tries to look. The reality though is that he's an angry young man struggling with a host of issues that is not where he wants to be.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Owing to lineage and station, Arjin has had a very good, and very focused education. He is a quick study. , and loves to learn .
+ Good sense of humility, his station hasn't made him arrogant, although he is very confident in himself and his abilities.

- He hasn't been around Starfleet and as such is still learning the culture of not only the organization but of the Federation in general.
- Arjin has a deep distrust of Klingons. Nearly everything about their culture is an affront to him This makes it difficult for him to work with or around them.
- As things have generally come easily to him, Arjin has a tendency to either rest on his own skills or take things for granted.

- He isn't where he wants to be. Arjin never wanted to leave his planet, and has no real desire to serve Starfleet. So he has no built in loyalty to the organization or to the Federation. As the Klingons are Federation allies, he is conflicted about his place. This also poses problems socially for him.
Ambitions Arjin has no ambition for Starfleet as a long term venture. His primary goal is to return to his homeworld and help his people take back and keep their planet.
Hobbies & Interests As his entire life has been dedicated to his future position as head of the Cellan military, Arjin doesn't have a great deal of outside hobbies. He is fascinated with Starfleet technology and weaponry, as well as military history and tactics. He doesn't particularly care for or about Federation culture outside of the military though.

Personal History Arjin Fin I is the younger brother of Cella IV's monarch, King Aanri Edan IV. He is the first of his name to host the Fin symbiont, and the third in line to the throne of Cellan IV, behind his two older brothers. as the third child, it is not expected that Arjin will ever sit on the throne so his upbringing, education, and political training have been geared toward his eventual leadership role in the Cellan military. He is a recent graduate of the Cellan Military's Junior Academy. Due to his station he holds a slew of titles, all but one of which are honorary.

Arjin was born fourth in line for his planet's crown, and was never expected to wear it. He has two older brothers, the oldest of which now sits on the throne. Arjin was, from birth, expected to lead the Cellan military and has trained his entire life toward that destiny. Having never known another possibility, he welcomed it. His entire education, and really his life, has been dedicated to serving his people by protecting them as his ancestors did.

Before the Klingon Invasion of his homeworld, Arjin was a Combat Group Lieutenant in the Monarch's Guard, and Honorary Grand Marshall of the Cellan Star Navy's First Fleet. The latter was a placeholder until he attained his majority, the former was quite real. Two Hundred of the best cadets comprised the Monarch's Guard, and he had been a part of it since he was twelve years old. He would have continued his studies, these focusing on Space warfare and Starship command and operation and then been promoted to Combat Group Captain in the next year or two. And when his uncle stepped down from his post as Commander of the 1st Battle Group... or died, as had happened, Arjin was always supposed to succeed him. As his brothers were both expected to marry and have their own heirs, Arjin's position was never in question.

But Arjin had been content with his station. He preferred the military life over the spider web of politics that his brothers were trained for. He was raised in it, bred for it, and had trained for it since he could walk. Home for him wasn't listening to old men bicker about who should do what or why. It was in the battle simulator or what the Federation people called "holodeck". It was poring over a map and making plans to crush the enemies of his people and keep them safe.

[i]But the Klingons had ruined that.[/i]

He was sixteen when they'd come to Cella IV the first time. Their disruptors and photon torpedoes had rained down red death on the Crown City for four days before they started landing ground troops for the invasion. He was a student then, finishing his last year in Military Academy and was not allowed to join the fighting. His eldest uncle, the King, was killed in the orbital strikes and his father ascended to the throne. Arjin was also joined much earlier than was expected or common. As it was a single Klingon house that waged war on his people, the invasion was small and ultimately failed. Cella IV was saved, but paid a heavy price. Most of their fleet were destroyed or adrift, and many thousand of Cellans both high born and low died in the strikes and ground fighting.

After the invasion was turned back Arjin was made Lord Commander of the Monarch's Guard, which was a largely ceremonial post until the Klingons had come. Shiny armor and bladed weapons that followed the King or Queen wherever they went and performed drill for the commoners at court or on special occasions. In the wake of the first attack however, bladed weapons and ceremonial armor were replaced by disruptor resistant vests and helmets and energy weapons. It also meant rigorous training and late nights constructing battle plans for future engagements with Klingons. Arjin would have continued his education in the classrooms and simulators for a few more years before he was actually placed in a position. After the Klingons came he found himself doing classroom learning when it was convenient, and battle planning the rest of the time. At seventeen years old, Arjin was thrust into his first real command.

The House of Karn returned en mass a year later.

His role as Lord Commander of the Monarch's Guard would have had him in the thick of the fighting during an invasion. Due to the almost non-existent status of the Cellan Fleet however, the ground fighting came only after several weeks of orbital bombardment. By that time Aanri Zahn and his wife were dead, the First City lay in ruin, and Arjin's older brother had decided to spirit his only two heirs off the planet to preserve the monarchy. Arjin fought his brother's degree vehemently in the beginning, but eventually had no alternative to to accede to his wishes. While his home burned behind him, Arjin boarded a transport in the middle of the night and snuck off the planet with his older brother and a few other family members.

Jeryl was sent to Trill to wait, should his brother fall. Arjin was sent to live on Earth as a political refugee. It was decided though that he would not just bide his time at the Trill Embassy or at the Ambassador's house. Arjin was placed in Starfleet Academy to further his education in preparation for his future as a military leader.

That was two years ago. He thought that he would be back home by now, fighting with his people. Instead he waits while his planet is occupied and his people continue to struggle for their survival. He has petitioned his brother Aanri to allow him to come home and fight, but has been denied time and time again. And so he has spent his time on at the Academy, learning Strategic Operations and Starfleet tactics. He will graduate Starfleet's Academy soon and have a commission in their Starfleet.


Culture Profile - Cellans

The Cellans, who emigrated from Trill Prime over 200 years ago are much like their cousins in that they are a joined species, having brought three hundred symbiants with them on their long journey. They differ however, in they way they've elected to choose who among them is allowed to Join. While the Trill have traditionally left those decisions to the strict selection process of the Symbiosis Commission, their Cellan cousins have simplified the process. Only those of royal or noble birth may be joined, and they may only be joined to a symbiont from their family.

The people of Cella IV are a monarchy and they prefer it that way, even to this day. The vast majority bcommoners love and revere their way of life and would not have it changed, although there have been referendums to grant the Colonial Congress more governing powers, the Monarchy has always won out.

Until recent years the Cellans have enjoyed a peaceful existence, unbothered for he most part by foreign conflict.Their technology level is on par with the late 23rd Century Federation


--- The Fin Symbiant ---

Arjin's symbiant, Fin, is one of the oldest in his family, having been hosted by eight of his ancestors. Fin's host has sat on the Cellan throne four times over the past two hundred and fifty years. His hosts are as follows:

Nara Fin I - 2095 - 2138 (Princess, Fleet Captain)
Yavin Fin I - 2140 - 2205 (Third King of Cella IV)
Ezra Fin I - 2210 - 2260 (Crown Princess, General of the Cellan Militia)
Nara Fin II - 2263 - 2300 (Fourth Queen of Cella IV)
Yavin Fin II - 2302 - 2317 (Prince, Fleet Admiral, Cella Star Navy)(Host was killed in battle)
Ranjin Fin - 2318 - 2345 (Crown Prince, Commander of the Royal Militia)
Ezra Fin II - 2347 - 2362 (Fifth Queen of Cella IV)(Host died of illness)
Gregan Fin - 2363 - 2388 (Seventh King of Cella IV)(Host was killed in Klingon Invasion of 2388)
Arjin Fin - 2388-CURR (Prince, Hon. Fleet Admiral,Former Lord Commander of the Monarch's Guard, Starfleet Officer)

Service Record 2389 - 2391 | Starfleet Academy (Abbreviated Officer's Courses and systems familiarization.)