Lieutenant Amata Zan

Name Amata Zan

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Birthplace Lotha Province, Bajor
Gender male
Species Bajoran
Age 37
Quarters Deck 4

Physical Appearance

Height 1.96 m / 6’5”
Hair Color 104 kg. / 230 lbs.
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Standing 1.96 metres tall with a muscular frame and a broad build, Amata Zan is a man both suited and shaped by his chosen profession to the point of cliché. He has strong, stern facial features that give the impression that the Bajoran is typically in a sour mood. As Security postings typically require a high level of physicality and skill, Amata keeps himself excellent condition, priding himself in exceeding even Orion professional athlete. His nasal ridges include a single vertical ridge that bisects the horizontal ones, topped by two small “wing-tips” on his brow.

Over the last nineteen years, Amata had the majority of his body tattooed

-His mother and sister’s names on the left side of his neck in plain Bajoran script.

-the Miranda-class starship Tian an Man in flight on his right pectoral, with the starscape background cover his should, part of his neck, and flowing into the tattoo on his back.

-The symbol of the Bajoran religion, and by extension, Bajor, on his left pectoral. With a coin sized gap of fresh, uninked skin from a healed bullet wound.

-B'hava'el star system, all fourteen planets, their many moons, the Denorios Belt, and celestial temple. All displayed on the same black spacecape that comes over is right shoulder, goes down his back passed his waste, and across to his left. There is an exit wound sized gap in the design over his left shoulder blade.

-On his left should, almost reaching to his elbow, is a pin-up of a 23rd century Starfleet Yeoman, skirt uniform and all; it’s a little tacky, but well done. The starcape continues from his back and should and serves a backdrop, it stops at his elbow.

-On the inside of his left forearm, a silhouette of a hanging Vedek, matched by three Bajoran character on his pointer, middle, and ring fingers, reading "Evil must be opposed," the last words of Vedek Yassim, before he act of protest against the Dominion presence on Bajor during war.

-The Bajoran characters for "maim," "cripple," and "kill" on the point, middle, and ring fingers of his left hand.

-A fragment of Bajoran literature covering his left thigh.

-An overview of a Galaxy-class starship on his right calf.

On duty, he wears Tranquility's Alpha uniform, with a yellow accented short sleeve shirt and black technicians gloves. His D’jarra is simplistic in appearance: two curved, dull black bar clips, connected by a simple black chain.


Children Eeven "Small" Zan, Gwymn Yavin, Barow Temn
Mother Amata Vanna [deceased]
Sister(s) Amata Amn [deceased]
Other Family Estranged cousins

Personality & Traits

Demeanour While unable to be a pacifist, Amata detests violence, and is rather sensitive to it. Unnecessary use of force angers and necessary use of it makes him uncomfortable. But Amata likes his occupation, enjoys training the skills required, and is proud of his abilities when they are required. Everything about how he holds himself and how he moves suggests that he would be willing to fight, standoffish, perhaps even aggressive. The truth of it though is he is guarded, and always a little anxious, never truly relaxed unless he is alone or in an agreeable environment. He is uncomfortable being addressed as Zan, unless his relationship with the other person would make it acceptable by Bajoran social mores, as only children are addressed as such by anyone whom isn’t their family or close friends.

New situations make him nervous, not knowing how to act, or how others will act will fluster him, not being familiar with his surrounds makes him uncomfortable, and he relaxes into somewhat slowly. This is one of the reasons Amata has continued in Starfleet as long as he has, the structure letting him know what to do. The comfort of knowing allows the typically laconic Bajoran to become somewhat affable, who likes talking about things of interest and absurdity with his co-worker and is tactful enough calm down a situation between a drunken Andorian Ambassador and a Tellarite general, or at least end it without making it worse.

He lives a mostly spartan, simple life. This does not mean that his life is a lonely or leisure-less one though. Rather, he is a quiet, affable person who keeps his social sphere and wants small. Often, when he desires focus or needs to calm down or rest, Amata will simple want to be alone. He values anyone who can appreciate this and in turn keeps a respectable distance from things that don’t concern him and cause no harm.

Amata is purposely tolerant and welcoming of the many different cultures he has come across within the Federation, finding the infinite variation both inspiring and enduring. He is especially inclined towards cultures with liberal leanings, as well as those that place a special value in personal freedom. On the other hand, the Bajoran has certain professional and personal grievances against certain foreign groups bordering Federation space, if not the peoples whom form them and the ideals they claim.
Strengths & Weaknesses Amata is experienced in the mundane task of protecting important, and demanding, persons, a role somewhere between bodyguard and yeoman. He has experience with planning routes, searching buildings and vehicles for threats, performing background checks, precision piloting, and escorting diplomats through their day to day activities, as well as various other small unit operations and roles. His previous Starfleet occupation was an enlisted instructor, because of this Amata holds instructor qualifications in small-arms, use of force, and the Starfleet Martial Arts Program and has had numerous past combat experiences. Training is done religiously, to maintain a high level of performance. This specialization in security has limited his experience as a tactical officer, under taking such duties during just one previous assignment. He will freely admit this, and is currently intent on improving his effectiveness as a bridge officer. Amata is somewhat better at operating a shuttlecraft, due to his time working as a close protection specialist. He’s not much of a detective either; something might prevent him from being a Security Department head, rather than just a deputy or specialist officer. He can be a real ass about fire arm safety to.

Amata speaks several languages Bajoran (received dialect and Lotha province dialect), received Cardassian (as well as written) Federation Standard, Andorii, and Deltan. Rather than Bajoran, his first language is actually a Bajoran-Cardassian creole which developed in the labour camps over generations of occupation. While he is somewhat amused to have a linguistic curiosity for an accent, he typically masks it with a Lotha province accent. Bajorans consider it uncouth to speak an “Occupation Tongue,” and Cardassians consider it a “child’s language.” He uses languages as spearhead to understand other cultures.

Due to the circumstances of his youth, Amata’s formal education was condensed into the few short years between the arrival of the Federation on Bajor and his enlistment. Because of this, his base knowledge of science and math is barely at what would be considered secondary school level by Federation standards. The situation has improved somewhat over his years in Starfleet, and after his time attending university, but even then, his education is primarily in military tactics and liberal arts. While an understanding of language and culture helps when you encounter a new one every day, it does not help you understand what the science officer is saying with the engineering making a metaphor.

While to call Amata a workhorse would be an insensitive use of the archaic idiom, as well as incredibly Terran, it wouldn’t be inaccurate. While he’s usually inclined to take care of himself, if a situation requires that he push himself, whether it be physically or mentally, Amata won’t stop until he breaks. This can be from a days’ long blitz of tasks or a months’ long accumulation of stress, either way the Bajoran will begin to get frustrated and unfocused, as well as temperamental.
Ambitions Amata would like to teach at one of Starfleet’s academies.
Hobbies & Interests As a child, Amata was found of writing words and phrases in the dirt floor of his home, a habit that he had to be cautious about. His favourite challenge was a form of poem his mother taught him that made use of the Bajoran writing systems octadic rotational characters and optional horizontally and vertically arrangements to juxtapose two statements or phrases for poetic or rhetorical effect, though he typically just likes to read, everything from fiction to peer reviewed articles.

Amata was also taught pre-occupational martial arts as a child. Building on his Starfleet training, Amata has been able to further his knowledge of it, reconstructing techniques and exercises from old text and collaborations with other practitioners, in turn using it to supplement his Starfleet training. He also enjoys reading the writings of pre-occupational masters and learning other people's training methods.

He also enjoys the sport of velocity, though his play is considered too rough by most.

Personal History Amata Zan was born near the end of the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, in 2356, along with his twin, Amn. Their mother was Amata Vanna, a young woman being, held at an uridium mining camp in the Lotha province. There is no record of the twins’ father. While Amata shares little of his experiences from this time with others, aside from fond mentions of his sister and an old woman who was not his mother. Records indicate that Vanna died of a combination of exhaustion, malnutrition, and Tartha pox. The two took her place in the labour force, loading mining carts with rock and stone with the other less physical adept prisoners. Testimonies from Bajoran prisoners and Cardassians guards indicate that the Lotha camps were some of the worst during the end of the occupation, with ration and medical shortages along with violence from the guards and between the Bajorans themselves.

During the post-occupation months, Federation aide poured into the system, and much of Zan and Amn’s time was spent with doctors, social workers, and therapists trying to repair the damage caused by their childhood. While interacting with the Federation aid workers, Zan, who had only ever met Cardassians and Bajorans, was exposed to people from dozens of worlds with even more cultures, who spoke of hundreds of more. The boy loved it. Amn however, did not, and jumped at the chance to join the colonization of New Bajor along with several of the woman from the camp. Zan remained behind to enroll in a Federation Sponsored Education program. The Dominion destroyed the colony the next year, the colony razed by the zealous Jem’Hadar.

Originally holding ambitions of becoming a scholar or a teacher, enrolled in Bajoran Military Academy. His efforts and application earned him acceptance into Space Patrol Training Program, though he was unfortunately was exposed to an ugly side of his culture’s faith during his training, due to a much published incident on DS9 involving the Celestial Temple, a renowned 22nd Century poet, and time travel. The poet’s temporary return caused an equally temporary shift in Bajoran society, as a substantial enough portion of the population willing made large changes in their lives to be more in line with their D’Jarra.

Amata, being several generations removed from such rigid social roles, or perhaps because he was of an “unclean” caste, originally intended to ignore the “new” emissary’s words, but found that the choice was not up to him. Someone high up enough in the Program’s selection board was swayed enough by the poet’s words to remove Amata from the program on the basis of his caste, “those who prepare the dead for burial.” When this episode was done, the Militia re-instated Amata’s scholarship with apology, as well as with a recommendation from the officer who’d had him removed. Amata did not respond. Instead, Amata joined Starfleet, enlisting as he did not meet the Starfleet Academy’s academic standards, nor was he a Federation citizen at the time.

After fleet basic, Amata was assigned to the USS Tian An Man as Crewman Apprentice in the Operations Department. The young Bajoran served on the ‘Man for several weeks before the ship was ambushed near the Cardassian border and left adrift for a time and thought lost by Starfleet. Once the ‘Man was recovered, Amata received mandatory medical leave before being transferred to Security Occupational training on Betazed, on the recommendation of the ship’s consular, on the basis that his personality and disposition fit the role well.

Though deployed twice to re-enforce ground efforts, Amata spent most of the war assigned to the Man, guarding weapons lockers, being drilled in anti-boarding procedures and evacuation duties, flying into battle in a century old ship class that seemed to be little more than "weapons-feed,” as more and more Mirandas were lost with every engagement with the Dominion. Even though he saw little ground combat, and his role on the Tian An Man was not related to ship to ship combat, the stress of the war took a heavy mental toll on the young crewman and when it was over, Amata decided against re-upping his enlistment.

Amata spent the next year living on Bajor, working labour and security jobs, living with a young woman, named Bask, who was attending the Bajor Institute of the Arts, who he had known before enlisting in Starfleet. The relationship was terminal within a year, and Amata began to have difficulty keeping work. So, without somewhere to live and no job, Amata re-enlisted.

For the next two years, Amata served in security aboard the Galaxy-class USS Venture, earning himself a spot on the ship’s close protection unit as the ship explored deep space. Afterwards, Amata was attached to the Diplomatic Corps, working as a VIP security team on Andoria, learning the language while he was there. Then Security Specialist 1st Class Amata taught as an occupational instructor on Betazed before being transferred to the Deltan moon of Seyann. While in the Deltan Sector, Amata enrolled at a local university as part of a Starfleet enlisted scholarship, more so out of interest rather than as something to further his career. For three years, the Bajoran didn’t leave the Deltan sector even during his leaves, spending them taking condensed courses. He graduated with a degree in Exolinguistic Theory, with a minor in Federation Literature.

Near the end of his service with the Embassy, Amata applied for a Starfleet commission based on his security experience, with letters of recommendation from his current master-at-arms and commanding officer. While his application was being processed, he served as a Drill Instructor at the Enlisted Annex on Beta Ursae Minor II. After his application was approved and the course he was helping lead was over, Amata was enrolled in an officer training course before being commissioned to the rank of ensign. He was assigned to a small joint tactical/security department aboard the Nova-class USS Asil, as the deputy security chief for two years. As the Asil had mostly scientific duties, Amata served mostly as a training supervisor, working with the ship’s Boatswain and department supervisors to organise and run emergency and anti-boarding drills, and running bridge simulations with the Gunner’s Mate. At the end of his service on the Asil, he was recognized for his performance and had become an adequate bridge officer.

Promoted to lieutenant junior, Amata was next transferred to the USS Portland’s larger security department, once again as assistant chief. However, a series of unlikely events struck the ship’s crew in quick succession, including; a mirror dimension, a Bajoran colony, and a religious experience, struck Amata in the span of a few short days, leaving Amata physically and mentally drained. When the old Miranda-class returned to port, the Bajoran put in for a sabbatical, partly to take an opportunity to study at the Vulcan Institute of Defensive Arts that had conveniently arisen, but mostly to allow himself a chance to recover without having a request for stress leaving to do so.

His sabbatical over, Amata has been assigned to the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, as a specialist officer. The lieutenant was place in charge of the VIP Protection detail for Federation’s most recent Diplomatic Envoy to the Gamma Quadrant. After the talks broke down, Amata was part of a group of officer who manage to stabilize the situation so that the status quo between the two Quadrants remained. Amata remains attached to the Diplomatic Corp.
Service Record 2373: Crewman Apprentice. Operations, USS Tian An Man.
[Medical Leave]
2373: Occupational School: Security with Tactical necessities, on Betazed.
2375: Crewman. Security, USS Tian An Man.
2376 [Civilian]
2377-2378: Crewman. Close Protection training, USS Taylor.
2378-2382: PO3. Close Protection Specialist, USS Taylor.
2383: PO2. VIP Protection Specialist, Federation Embassy, Andor.
2384-2385: PO2. Instructing Specialist, Starfleet Enlisted Occupational School, Betazed.
2385-2388: PO1. VIP Protection Specialist, Federation Embassy Seyann, Deltan IV.
2388: Graduates Honours Bachelors of Arts, Exolinguistic Theory, Seyann Lunar University.
2388: PO1. Instructing Specialist, Starfleet Enlisted Annex, Beta Ursae Minor II.
2388-2390: Ens. Deputy Chief of Security, USS Asil.
2391: Lt(jg). Deputy Chief of Security, USS Portland.
2391: [Sabbatical]
2392: Lt(jg). Chief Diplomatic Security Officer, Diplomatic Envoy to the Gamma Quadrant.
2393: Lt.(jg). Tactical Operations Chief, USS Tranquility.
2393: Lt. Chief of Security, USS Tranquility.