Warrant Officer Maru Hito

Name Maru Hito NP

Position Head Nurse

Rank Warrant Officer


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Character Information

Birthplace Bynaus
Gender Ungendered
Species Bynar
Age 39
Quarters Deck 8

Physical Appearance

Height 150 cm (4'9")
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Maru and Hito are actually two individuals, as far as human understanding goes.

These two bynars are an inseparable pair. They study and work together, and effectively share a mind. Parting them in any way severely hampers Maru Hito's thoughts and functions.

Maru Hito, therefore, is a couple of lilac skinned aliens. They have large craniums and visible cybernetics, but are very short in stature. Their clothing is typically neat and perfectly spotless, and they appear stiff to most other humanoids. Despite this, Maru Hito, both of them, have generally taken to smiling as is suitable for the medical environment.


Spouse Maru & Hito Forever
Children Zero One
Zero One One Zero (Twins)
Father One
Mother Zero
Brother(s) One Zero
Zero One
Zero One
One Zero
Zero One
One (Deceased)
Sister(s) See "brothers"
Other Family ...


Personality & Traits

Demeanour Maru Hito poses no threat to anyone, it is clear. While the two bynars often behave oddly together, they are work-oriented and unassuming of other species.

Usually very friendly and comforting, the Nurse Practitioner is straight-forward and too-the-point. She wastes little time with her patients, but it's clear that she is basically incapable of judgements. Her scientific approach to things is easy to understand and difficult to be offended by. Maru Hito has been particularly successful with children, who defy her every understanding of human nature.
Strengths & Weaknesses They say two heads are better than one.

Maru and Hito, respectively, are extremely efficient and pragmatic in their work. However, they operate best when undisturbed, and interacting with other medical staff actually slows them down considerably.

It may not be intuitive for other humanoids, but disturbing one by herself is not possible. Even if the two individual bynars seem occupied on different tasks, engaging either in a distraction will require the attention of the pair, both, interchangeably. The tragic fact of her nature also means that Maru Hito is a very fragile person. The loss of either Maru or Hito would constitute a more devastating event for her than a most humans realise.
Ambitions Maru Hito is quite content where she is. She has a strong body of experience working in medical aboard starships, and her only ambition is to collect data on the universe which she can feed into the networks of her homeworld.
Hobbies & Interests Very timidly, Maru Hito finds music captivating. Of the vibrant sounds audible to humans, there is little in the files and folders of the home-networks. Together, Maru Hito has a small and shy voice when she sings, but the effect it has on her is clear enough in front of an audience. She absolutely loves it! And it's infectious.

She has various other hobbies and she is usually happy to explore anything another crew person suggests she try. If she doesn't like it, she won't really complain. Experiences make up important data for her, which ultimately in enjoyable.

Personal History Not specifically a 'she' Maru Hito began as an enlisted nurse. She was part of an exchange program and hoped to learn about alien physiology and medical practice. After her assignment was finished, and the data she collected emptied into the home-network, there was a quick consensus that she should go back.

During her two years studying as a specialist at the Academy, she was nicknamed Maru Hito by a classmate she tutored in exchange for social lessons. Maru is 0, and Hito is 1 in Japanese.

The pair known as Maru Hito ever since has been a well-regarded asset on the teams she has participated on. Having served on starships for most of her sixteen years in starfleet.
Service Record :: 2376-2383 ::

Enlisted Nurse, USS Pasteur

:: 2383-2385 ::

Starfleet Academy Medical

:: 2385-2392 ::

Warrant Officer, USS Pasteur
Warrant Officer, Starbase 101

:: Present ::

Warrant Officer, USS Tranquility