Lieutenant Commander Hadley

Name Hadley

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Birthplace Rigel
Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 240
Quarters Deck 3

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Petite, humanoid frame. Pale skin as if in perfect imitation of a Botticelli. Warm smile that betrays her full-frontal compassion. Physically fit. Regular participant in yoga and mindful meditation.


Spouse Aurus - Cardassian, 34
Children unable to bear children
Father Larken - musician, traveller
Mother Collette - mystic, academic
Brother(s) Poll - 280, resident of London, Earth, computer systems design, reclusive, consults for Daystrom Institute and other prominent bodies
Etis - 270, musician, Risa
Dunstaz - 245, deceased
Jayk - 45, very much the definition of child, shiftless layabout, wanderer
Sister(s) Tavvi - 276, chef, mother, seems sweet at first taste but bitter to those who know her
Sade - 170, social worker with specialty in refugee resettlement

Personality & Traits

Demeanour A constructive approach to diplomacy doesn't mean relinquishing one's rights. It means engaging with one's counterparts, on the basis of equal footing and mutual respect, to address shared concerns and achieve shared objectives.
Strengths & Weaknesses Hadley's biggests strengths are the depth of her understanding, her resolve, compassion, belief in diversity, absence of any set of culturally trained "absolutes," commitment to life, her focus, intuition, desire for engagement and actual collaboration, ability to set others at ease and open dialogues. Conversely, her unbending will. Hadley will not compromise when it matters and, as such, is exactly the woman you want at the negotiation table when stakes are at their highest, all other options have been exhausted, and lives hang in the balance.

While truth is important to Hadley, she is not afraid and perfectly capable of bluffing her way through the close of a negotiation. She is a trained diplomat, experienced in many forums. She is a confident public speaker, and a competent leader.

Special training include wartime diplomacy, corporate negotiation, treaty ratification, aiding new worlds in entry to the Federation, first contact envoy missions, and a specific focus in mediation between parties in preservation of symbiotic, long-term, lasting, peaceful relations.

Because of her extensive travel she has knowledge of many cultures.

She has a strong short-term memory. A great benefit since a negotiation can rise or fall on what sometimes seem to be the most unimportant details.

Her largest weakness is her lack of physical prowess. Though El-Aurians are built to last, Hadley's tiny frame has never led her to pursue anything more than the most basic physical training. Yoga being the strong exception.

Hadley abhors violence. You would be hard pressed to find a situation in which Hadley would use a phaser setting higher than stun.

There is one personal bias inescapable: Hadley is El-Aurian. She knows how few are left and who is at fault. Hadley has a very strong prejudice against assimilated Borg, those would perpetuate genocide, or any who would use their strength to absorb and erase the culture of another. Hadley abhors the hive mind. She considers the Borg hive mind death, and often suffers nightmares about the Borg destruction of El-Auria even though she'd never been to the El-Aurian homeworld.

Hadley adamantly believes in absolute equality for all - race, species type, gender, faith, level of ability, social position, age, background, or other qualifier. She won't act to impose her beliefs on others, but will certainly encourage.
Ambitions War is tragedy. The great war stories are tragedies. It's the failure of diplomacy.

We put our trust in diplomacy because it is an inspiring and uplifting discourse and because it helps us see the commonality in others.

Hadley's greatest internal motivation is simple: To leave the universe better than the way she found it.
Hobbies & Interests Hadley has a great interest in multiculturalism, pluralism and pluralistic societies. She has spent decades in multicultural studies and comparative religious practice. She has varied interests including diplomatic theory, travel, painting, dance, evolutionary process, communications, psychology, parapsychology, Trill/symbiont cycle/psychology, reading, journalling, dream studies, meditation, the questions of a potential afterlife and study of the cultural stories of afterlife myths across the cultures of diverse planets. She also has a particular fascination with exo-planetary life and stellar life theory.

Hadley enjoys the company of others, values the important intimate moments, but also values her private time.

Her relationship with her husband is something of a contradiction but she enjoys every moment of it.

A glass of good wine, good company,and a good view - Hadley's favorite moments.

Personal History Larken was an established musician on El-Auria. Successful. Renowned.

He had three children: Poll, Tavvi, and Etis.

He was several hundred years old already when he met Collette.

He had grown tired of El-Auria and exhausted all that Nova Kron had to offer him.

He left his children behind, married Collette, and took to the stars.

They found worlds where they could fit in. Blend. Excel. Grow. They did. Together and as individuals.

They had a son, Dunstaz. Warm and generally well-liked, Dunstaz made friends and connections easily. Hadley was born just six years later, unthinkably close together in El-Aurian culture. Hadley looked up to her older brother. They were immediately fast friends and thick as thieves.

Hadley's early life was a bundle of hope and joy. El-Aurians, where known at all, were known for their beneficence, peaceful nature, and contributions to universal society. In most places they fit in invisibly, having an outward physiology so similar to so many space-faring cultures. Hadley was adored. And she absorbed that love, turning it into a confidence that would serve her well.

Her younger sister Sade was born. They found themselves alike in so many ways.

From her mother Hadley learned about diversity, culture, and tolerance. Her mother was an academic with studies in comparative religion across the galaxy. After all her study, it had left her an atheist. From her mother Hadley inherited confusion. Collette's study, and discussions with her daughters, had ignited a spark of curiosity and wonder. Collette's adamant atheistic mindset set down a basecoat of doubt.

From her father Hadley inherited confidence, a talent for debate and understanding of social issues. His music gave her a love of music and his travels took her around the galaxy experiencing the diversity of music and culture the quadrant had to offer. She came to appreciate Klingon opera, Terran blues, Vulcan lute, Algolian ceremonial rhythms, the originality of Elanin singer stones, the Bajoran klavion, Cardassian metal, Andorian folk, and more forgotten acts than most see in a life entire. She was exposed to music and counter-culture. She was exposed to stimulants (which she sees as not a moral failing if used responsibly and in an informed manner). She was travelling with her father when she learned of the Borg incursion and annihilation of the El-Aurian homeworld.

All those billions dead...

She'd never met them... Never visited the homeworld where her parents had met...

And now she never would.

Sade had immediately taken up the cause of refugee relocation and care.

Hadley...had taken a little longer. It had taken her time to see her place in the scheme of the universal whole.

She marshalled her skills as a natural observer and leader. She offered her services wherever they were needed, without regard to personal safety.

Her talents were recognized and her services became quite sought after.

She applied to Starfleet Academy and was accepted. Despite looking the age of her contemporaries, she clearly was not; years of practical experience and knowledge of the galaxy allowed her to excel at her studies and earn the highest scores in her class.

She graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2366. She was assigned to Starfleet Diplomatic Corps.

This was fortuitous timing, her skills were put to good use calming diplomatic tensions following the Battle of Wolf 359. Several intersystem conflicts were avoided due to her bold but caring attentions. This was not unnoticed by the United Federation of Planets council.

Hadley has been assigned to many projects over the course of her career. Notably, she had been assigned to assess first contact within the Briar Patch before being unexpectedly called away due to the discovery of her brother Dunstanz's terminal illness.

She was mortified to learn about the barely averted forced relocation of the native culture and hated the fact that she was right there, onsite, and had been unaware completely of Admiral Matthew Dougherty's plan and the danger to the Ba'ku.

She worked extensively throughout the Dominion War quelling tensions within the Federation and working to gain new allies and advantages for the forces allied against the Dominion.

Following the destruction of Romulus she and Sade both went into the field to aid the relocation, settlement, and guard the well-being of displaced Romulans. The Romulans were at times playing all or their own angles. More often than not Hadley's work was successful.

Sade remains in the area of the former Romulan Star Empire.

Dunstanz remains ill, with no treatment available. Hadley tries to stay in touch.

A younger brother, Jayk, was born during Hadley's time with Starfleet. He remains with Larken and Collette who are deeply concerned about him. Jayk is shiftless. He sees the state of the universe and questions the benefit of doing ANYTHING when, from his perspective, entropy and destructive tendency will simply destroy it anyway. Hadley is very fond of him and has faith he will find his way, that he just needs to grow into himself.

Her family was very lucky. All of her siblings, including the three she barely knew growing up, were offworld at the time of the Borg incursion.

Poll lives in London on Earth. Hadley amd Poll have friendship more like peers and friends than siblings, having never known each other in childhood.

Tavvi moves about with her own husband and children. Tavvi is bitter that Larken left her and her brothers behind when he met and fell in love with Collette. Hadley and Tavvi barely know each other.

Etis lives on Risa. He is a musician like his father. He and Larken are close. Hadley barely knows him. They "live in different worlds."

Hadley has been recalled from the Romulan arena and has been assigned as Chief Diplomatic Officer of the USS Tranquility. She is both humbled and excited as this is a post she had coveted from the moment Tranquility was unburied.

Service Record 2366 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2366 - Assigned Starfleet Diplomatic Corps
2367 - 2369 Wolf 359 Diplomatic Repurcussions
2369 - 2375 Starfleet Diplomatic Corps general operations
2375 - Recalled from Briar Patch due to family emergency, granted official Leave of Absence
2376 - Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, various diplomatic and first contact mission
2387 - Diplomatic Corps, Relief efforts within former Romulan Star Empire
present - Reassigned, Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Tranquility