Lieutenant Murik

Name Murik M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Birthplace Vulcan
Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 45
Quarters Deck 3

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Murik is built like the traditional Vulcan, tall and lean yet still possessing more traditional strength than the average human due to his race. There is nothing that stands out particularly on Murik, except for his deep green colored eyes.


Father Sturik - Vulcan Science Academy Research Professor
Mother Murla - Astrophysicist
Brother(s) Suren - Vulcan Medical Academy, Director of Medical Research

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Murik is not an overachiever, and has always been considered, well, average. Murik is known for being professional, yet overly blunt and has very little to no bedside manner, something that has on occasion ruffled some feathers with his non Vulcan patients. He is extremely knowledgeable in regards to medicine, but could use help with his sensitivity.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong Medical knowledge
+ Logical
+ Years of experience as a practicing physician
- Poor bedside manners
- Lacks confidence/self-worth
- Logical
Ambitions Murik claims he joined Starfleet for the experience to practice medicine and learn of other species, as it was only logical to expand his knowledge of Theoretical Medicine to practicing.
Hobbies & Interests Origami, Vulcan Lute, Reads published Medical Journals, Chess.

Personal History Murik was born on Vulcan in 2347 to two very well respected minds within the scientific and medical society. Murik was immediately to be held to the same expectations that his parents were held to intellectually. For Murik though, he was far from exceptional in anything, and was often considered to be average in all that he did. The young Vulcan was easily lost in a crowd, except for his deep green colored eyes, though few ever saw his eyes as Murik often times held his head down slightly while walking or studying.

At eighteen, Murik applied to the Vulcan Science Academy, logically expecting to pursue the same course that his father had taken as a medical research professor. However, while Murik's scores were enough to gain entrance to the Academy, they were far from high enough to achieve admittance into the higher scientific studies. Murik was offered to accept training into the Vulcan Medical Academy, which he accepted and began his training go be a physician.

In 2374, the Vulcan Medical Academy began sending out its top students to war struck areas to help with medical aid, but for Murik, this meant another missed opportunity as while he was a good student, he was considered as an average intern and was not offered an assignment. At the end of the aforementioned year, and after completion of his internship, Murik was accepted as a fully licensed and educated physician and went into private practice on Vulcan.

For twelve years Murik practice medicine on Vulcan, and while not making any large contributions to medical science, he did gain a large amount of experience in diagnosing and treating diseases, along with performing common surgical procedures quite frequently. Twelve years of doing the same thing, over and over again began to wear on the Vulcan, and it only seemed logical that if he would need to leave the planet in order to increase his knowledge and skills past that of just Vulcan medicine.

In 2386, at the age 39, Murik found transport to Earth and joined Starfleet after being accepted into Starfleet Academy. Murik was granted an accelerated course, as he had already been a practicing physician and hand completed medical school and university training on Vulcan. In two years he graduated with average marks and given the rank of Ensign, then spent another two years at Starfleet Medical, revising his knowledge of species other than Vulcan. In 2390 Murik was now considered a full medical officer in Starfleet, promoted to Lt., jg, and was given an assignment at the emergency medical clinic on the Starfleet Academy campus. For almost two years the stoic Vulcan worked diligently, and all his evaluations were marked as competent, while he was counseled multiple times for his lack of bedside manner, and not delivering bad news with enough empathy at times. Murik accepted those counselings as something, illogical. To him, medical news was fact, neither good nor bad news. It simply was, what it was. Murik was promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer in his second year at the clinic due to his advanced experience as a practicing physician.

Murik was removed from the clinic after he reported a cadet patient for gross intoxication and illegal drug possession within the clinic after the cadet thought that Murik was trying to hit on the cadet’s girlfriend, whom was under Murik’s care at the clinic. The young cadet became enraged and tried attacking the physician, but Murik was able to subdue the young man with a Vulcan neck-pinch. Eight hours after filing his report, and releasing his patient, Murik was called into the Chief Medical Officer’s office and told that the young man had gone to his father, a retired Vice-Admiral, and had complained about being physically assaulted by Murik. To avoid any trouble, The Vulcan had agreed that a transfer was best served, and promptly.

Three weeks after being transferred out of the clinic, word came that he was going to be sent aboard a starship, the USS Tranquility.

Service Record 2374: Completed formal Medical Training from the Vulcan Medical Academy
2386: Starfleet Academy, Accelerated Course
2388: Graduated, promoted to Ensign
2388 - 2390: Starfleet Medical, Advanced Medical Training
2390: Completed Advanced Medical Training, Promoted Lt., jg
2390: Assigned to Starfleet Academy’s Emergency Medical Clinic
2392: Assigned to USS Tranquility, Chief Medical Officer