Lieutenant Galina Aliyeva

Name Galina Aliyeva

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Last Post

Character Information

Birthplace Murmansk, Russia, Earth
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 41
Quarters Deck 10

Physical Appearance

Height 1.67m
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Galina's dark blond hair is shoulder length. While on duty she keeps it in a simple braid or ponytail, but off duty she prefers to keep it down. She usually has a neutral expression on her face, however, she tends to frown when she thinking or contemplating something. Because of her average height and otherwise plain looks she doesn't tend to stand out in a crowd and she is perfectly happy that way.


Spouse Ruhdra Rellis (divorced)
Father Lev Aliyev
Mother Vera Aliyeva
Brother(s) Ilya Aliyev
Other Family Grandfather: Konstantin Aliyev

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Although Galina is good at her job and a skilled engineer, she has lost her passion in life.. She does what she has to do and expects herself to do well while on duty, but apart from that she doesn't care about much any more. She is businesslike in everything she does and can sometimes be perceived as bitter or short. Her pessimistic attitude doesn't really help with that, but it does help her to always be prepared for the worst. She isn't mean on purpose and she doesn't want to make others feel bad, it's just that feeling and being negative comes natural to her these days. It is her nature and she often isn't aware that others might find her difficult to deal with. And sometimes she just feels like that's how it it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Galina is a skilled and experienced engineer. Because she feels like she has seen it all and done it all, there is very little which causes her stress and she is very good at staying calm under pressure. She also is an expert at damage control and she can be very creative with limited supplies.

Yet her interpersonal skills aren't the best. Galina doesn't really care what others think of her and she is not afraid to speak her mind, even if she has an unpopular opinion. She also isn't the most empathic person anymore and she has little patience for what she perceives as drama or unnecessary personal comments, especially on duty.
Ambitions At the moment Galina doesn't care too much any more in which direction her life goes. She would love to find some passion in her life again, but she just doesn't know how.
Hobbies & Interests Galina loves the outdoors, especially the mountains. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing and kayaking either on real planets or on the holodeck. On the holodeck she doesn't mind going on her own, but out in the wild she prefers to go with someone, or even go with a small group.

She can often be found tinkering with small robots too. She usually keeps a couple of small ones in her quarters which can perform some simple tasks or chores.

Personal History Childhood:

Galina was the second child of Vera and Lev Alyev. Her brother Ilya was three years older. The family lived on Earth in the port city of Murmansk, in the north of Russia, where her mother was a climatologist and researcher, while her father taught physics at one of the local highschools. So science and education were important to the family and from a young age Galina was introduced to various scientific concepts. Her parents gave their children all the resources they needed, but they did leave it up to the children to make her own choices and find her own interests.

Ilya got fascinated by climates, different kind of planets and terraforming, while Galina loved to play with robots and could often be found building mini robots in her bedroom. Yet what she enjoyed most, was to listen to her grandfather's stories about his great adventures as an tactical officer in Starfleet. At a later age she started to realize that many of his tales and acts of courage and valor must have been exaggerated, but he was such a great story teller that she never questioned his stories out loud. He also was one of her biggest supporters when she annouced that she was trying to get accepted into the Starfleet Academy. It was the place where she could combine her technical skills with her love of adventure.

Starfleet Academy:

Galina loved her time at the Academy. She quickly adapted to the warmer climate and made numerous friends among her classmates. Together they studied, worked and learned, but they also explored many of Earth's most beautiful places if they had some time off. It seemed like this safe and free feeling would never end, but little did most of the cadet's know about the danger that was looming. After the four best years of her life, Galina graduated and was placed on the USS Resolution for her first assignment in 2373.

Dominion War:

Galina was happy to be assigned to the USS Resoltion as an engineering officer an the team lead for a damage control team. It would be a good place to learn about engineering on a real ship and to perfect her skills. Unfortunately, as the Resolution was part of the 7th Fleet, she literally experienced a baptism by fire. There was little time to reflect on competences and leadership skills, as praised by the Academy. Most of the time it was do or die and they just had to make it work with whatever supplies they had left.

Galina has always been quick to learn, so she managed to stay afloat and keep functioning, but the war took its toll. By the end her carefree nature was gone and she didn't want to be too close to anyone, because they could be dead the next day. Life was hard and the attacks never seemed to end, yet taking it one day or one task at a time kept her sane and then one day the war was over.

Corps of Engineers:

When the war did indeed seem to be over, Starfleet's focus shifted from defence to rebuilding. Galina was all too happy to be part of that. She couldn't wait to get off the Resolution and leave all the bad memories behind. A position on Betazed to aid in the rebuilding of the planet seemed perfect. It took her a long time, but she finally managed to let her stressed, war time, way of working behind and adapt to a different state of mind. The people around her were traumatized and had lost more than they could have ever imagined, but there was a sense of hope too. Bad things had happened, but it was time to focus on the future.

Because technically seen everything the Corps did on Betazed was damage control, Galina was assigned to a Structural/Environmental team. They mainly worked on restoring damaged buildings and systems, while trying to salvage as much as possible. Not only would this provide a feeling of familiarity for the citizens of Betazed, but it also meant they had to use less suplies and resources.

Galina learned a lot during her time there and, for a while, it definitely felt good to have her feet on a planet again. She enjoyed being outside and feeling the sun or wind on her face wherever she went. When the project was coming to an end the war seemed far enough away for her to set foot on a ship again and not feel like she had to run and dodge fires constantly.


After Galina's team had completed its assignment on Betazed it was time for her to look for something new. An exciting opportunity presented itself when they needed an Engineer on the USS Barentz, which was about to embark on a five year journey to explore a new region. Galina eagerly agreed to take the position, remembering her grandfather's stories. Exploring was something she had originally signed up for and she couldn't wait to have adventures of her own to tell about.

However, the journey on the Barentz turned out to be a boring one. The highlight of their trip was the discovery of a new class of planets, but all Galina saw as she looked outside was a big rock. It didn't have any life, there was nothing exciting, just a rock. Others were disappointed too, apart from the science department, morale was low. People were bored. They did the same things every day and for almost five years nothing seemed to change.

Among her fellow disappointed crew members Galina found someone who she felt comfortable complaining too. Ruhdra Rellis was a medical officer and apart from the occasional cold or bruise, there was little to do for her too. So the two hit it off right away. They combined their holo time and enjoyed their favorite programs together, temporarily fighting the boredom. One thing led to another and soon the two were more than friends.

Together they started dreaming about what they would be doing when they got back. The life they would lead together and outside of Starfleet. Both were done serving and vowed never to return to the fleet again.

Married life:

Galina and Ruhdra got married as soon as they could leave the Fleet and went to live on Trill, Ruhdra's home planet. Ruhdra found work in one of the big hospitals and started training to become a surgeon. Her life was perfect. Galina joined her brother's company as an engineering advisor for his terraforming company. She could do it from home, but occasionally travelled to meet with clients, which kept it interesting enough for a while.

While Ruhdra was happy to continue life as it was, Galina was starting to have doubt. She missed doing hands on work and she missed having people around her. She had spent a year working for her brother and while she was good at what she did, she didn't feel like she was doing something useful. Ruhdra had a hard time understanding her wife's problems. They were living the life they had been dreaming about. She was happy with her job and started to spent more and more hours there, to avoid the awkward situation at home. Communication between the two deteriorated even more from that point. They hardly spoke and if they did, it always ended in arguments. The loving years they had spent together were over and four years after they got married they filed for divorce.

Return to Starfleet:

Galina was devastated and disappointed. Nothing in her life had turned out the way she had wanted. There had been war, failed missions and now a failed marriage. All the hopes and dreams she had as a child were shattered. It felt like the only thing she could do now was accept that that was just the way life was and return to what she knew.

So she sought out a recruiter and found a position on a Space Station, Deep Space 3. Her first year there was filled with training and refresher courses, after which she could move up to the position of assistant chief engineer. She hoped that perhaps moving up might help her feel better, but soon she found herself going through the motions again. This time she just accepted it as it was and tried to make the best of it.

Galina didn't protest when she was transferred from the station to a starship again. It just added to the list of things she had done without being passionate about it. And despite everything, she kept doing a good job. Her experience did help her on the USS Babylon. She knew how to be a good engineer, she had always been one. She only wished she could find a way to enjoy it again.

To her own surprise she was asked for a Chief position on yet another ship. The USS Cosmos was an Intrepid Class, just as the first ship she had served on had been. So that is what she has put her hopes on now. Maybe returning to her roots would finally make her happy.
Service Record 2369 Starfleet Academy, Cadet
2373 USS Resolution, Intrepid class, Engineering Officer/Damage Control Specialist
2375 Corps of Engineers, Betazed, Structural/Environmental Specialist
2378 USS Barentz, Ambassador class, Engineering officer/Damage Control Specialist
2383 Resignation
2386 DS3, Colony Class, Engineering Officer
2387 DS3, Colony Class, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2389 USS Babylon, Ambassador Class, Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2392 USS Tranquility, Chief Engineering Officer