Lieutenant JG Saram

Name Saram

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Birthplace Hekaras II
Gender Male
Species Hekaran
Age 30
Quarters Deck 6

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Humanoid, black hair, facial ridges, extrasensory filaments running from cheek up side of face into hair (slight shimmering quality), average build.


Spouse Not Married.
Children No children
Father Tekkal
Mother Miesh
Brother(s) Sevran - 38 - Doctor on Hekaras II. General practitioner. Extremely supportive of Saram. Has noted, over the years, an increase in diagnoses at least peripherally caused by the weather manipulation network and the effects of underlying (masked but not remedied) global changes due to warp corridor disruptions and the presence of local subspace rifts.
Sister(s) none
Other Family No one of note. I can always change that if you need me to.

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Not very aware of what other people think of him. Determined. Focused on his work, easily distracted otherwise. Theoreticaly brilliant, conversationally awkward. Sexually curious but unexperienced. Questions gender roles and other social morays.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Understanding of technology, Determination, Intuitive understanding of warp science, Knack for on-the-spot repair, good pilot Weaknesses: Passionate defender, not skilled at hand-to-hand fighting, no good with a phaser, slightly autistic - awkward in social situations yet a strong drive to communicate, strongly environmentally concerned especially about the damage warp travel can cause to subspace
Ambitions To protect the universe from the environmental destruction of warp travel, to improve warp travel, to support the Tranquility project
Hobbies & Interests hobbies: tinkering, lab simulations in the holodeck testing new theories and designs, exploring, away missions
& interests: finding how to move forward technologically

Personal History Saram is from Hekaras II, a world that was ravaged by the effects of warp drive. He saw friends and family taken away from the subspace after effects. This led him to study warp technology from a very young age.

Saram is slightly autistic, edging toward asperber's syndrome. This allows him incredible focus but also makes it difficult for him to connect socially in ways that are always appropriate. He used this focus to build models and new designs in his young mind that he was only able to test much later in life.

In school, Saram did not immediately find success. Teachers failed him. They failed to understand him or to reach him. In later schooling the right teachers broke through that shell and helped Saram become the brilliant theoretical engineer he would become.

He graduated from the Academy of Hekaras with a degree in Engineering and was recommended for a fellowship at the Daystrom Institute. After his time at Daystrom he was granted an associate professorship and research fellowship at the Cochrane Institute.

The engineer joined Starfleet's accelerated officer candicacy school and was assigned to the the USS Matador, giving him the unique opportunity to study the warp configuration of the Defiant class now seemingly operating everywhere in the alpha quadrant and gamma quadrant. He was shortly promoted to Chief Engineer where he performed his duty until transfer to the USS Tranquility.

Known to very few, he had grown very weary of life aboard a battleship and had used his contacts at Daystrom and Cochrane to secure the transfer. The idea of a starship not owned entirely by Starfleet fascinates him. He hopes it will lead to less violence and more time to both study his designwork and explore.
Service Record graduates Academy of Hekaras - degree in Eng 2386
fellowship Daystrom Institute 2387
associate professor Cochrane Institute 2388-2390
Starfleet Academy accelerated program 2390 Lt jg
USS Matador Chief Engineer 2390-2392 Lt jg
USS Tranquility 2392 Lt jg