Lieutenant JG Kenric Gallows

Name Kenric Gallows

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Birthplace Armstrong City, Luna (Earth's Moon)
Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30
Quarters Deck 4

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kenric keeps his hair cut short. He usually wears a five o'clock shadow as a testament to the number of hours that he works. Because of the unpredictability of his job, Kenric keeps himself in "fighting condition" as he calls it. He does not have a physically imposing figure and has tried his best to keep himself as average looking as possible. He takes pride in what isn't remembered about him rather than standing out.


Father Lt. Commander Ryan Gallows, 65, Retired Starfleet
Mother Lt. Commander Leah Gallows, 63, Retired Starfleet Engineering
Brother(s) Dr. Jim Gallows, 32, Starfleet Medical/Doctors Without Borders
Sister(s) Ensign Brianna Gallows, 24, Engineering Officer, USS Pico Luna-Class

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Gallows prefers the background. He is slow to speak-up in meetings and will often seem as though he isn't paying attention. However, this is a facade that he has developed as a personal defense. In fact, he is keenly aware of his surroundings and what is being said. He does however keep a fairly positive disposition.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kenric has a sharp mind as well as a keen eye for details. In a stressful situation, Kenric is known for his ability to stay calm. He is also skilled with improvising orders and being able to handle little oversight.

However, he does have a few faults. There are times when he forgets that people are more than numbers. This can lead to an almost overly practical view of the world.

His demeanor floats between being a cunning and confident James Bond type to a cold and calculating robot.
Ambitions Due to his work, his ambitions are never truly nailed down. If he just had to state his personal ambitions, he would probably give a non-committal answer about completing the work contained in the stack of PADDs on his desk.
Hobbies & Interests Kenric has made himself a jack-of-all trades type of person when it comes to his hobbies. He has a working knowledge of a wide variety of games and cultural history and works of literature of a range of species. His true love is Parrisses Squares. In short, he is interested in whatever he needs to be interested in for his current needs.

Personal History Pre-Starfleet

Kenric grew up as the middle child in a Starfleet family. His parents lived on the moon and both worked as Engineers at the San Francisco Shipyards. His father was a ship designer who specialized in refits. His mother was in charge of the department that oversaw new ship design. Kenric and his siblings grew up in Armstrong City, which allowed them to have a civilian upbringing despite having Starfleet parents.

He grew up fairly happy and enjoyed programming from an early age. His first success was a holodeck program that followed a game that he would play with his brother. In school, he made good grades and was fairly active in the world of sports. His favorite was Parrisses Squares.

Kenric took and passed his entrance exam on his first attempt at 18, following in his brother's footsteps. Instead of following his parents into Engineering or his brother into Medical, Kenric followed his love of programming into Operations.

As he finished his first year, he caught the eye Starfleet Intelligence because of his encryption and decryption skills as well as his ability to make assumptions on large quantities of data.

Kenric completed his time at the Academy and graduated with honors. He was also part of a championship Parrisses Square team at the Academy.

Kenric's first posting was as an Analyst at Starbase One. His work consisted of analyzing remote data to determine threat levels of various types including anomalies and foreign powers.

After a bit of time, he was transferred to the USS Gemini, a Nova-Class Vessel as an Intelligence Officer, then Assistant Chief of Intelligence. During his time, his work consisted of mostly the same with the added infiltration mission that usually consisted of visiting a world that had yet to reach a point when first contact was deemed possible.

Finally, Kenric was given his own department as the Head of Intelligence aboard the Majestic-Class, USS Tranquility.
Service Record (Ranks will be added pending acceptance and given rank)

USS Tranquility, Majestic-Class (2393? - Present)
- Chief Intelligence Officer

USS Regent, Sovereign-Class (2388-2393)
- Assistant Chief Intelligene Officer
- Intelligence Officer

Starbase One, Earth (2385-2388)
- Intelligence Analyst

Starfleet Academy, San Francisco (2381-2385)
- Graduated with Honors
- Operations and Intelligence Track
- Parrisses Squares Championship, 2384