Lieutenant Alexandria Chamberlain

Name Alexandria Chamberlain

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

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Character Information

Birthplace USS Horizon - Galaxy-Class, 2365
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Quarters Deck 3

Physical Appearance

Height 175cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Alex comes off as a bit of a tomboy. She will almost never be found in anything overtly "girly" and is more comfortable in comfort and usefulness in her clothes. She is slightly on the tall side of average and has an athletic physique from years of Parrisses Squares.


Father Admiral James Chamberlain, 68, USS Verdun
Mother Lieutenant Commander Leah Chamberlain, 65, USS Verdun - Chief Medical Officer
Brother(s) Lieutenant Byron Chamberlain, 38, Daystrom Institute
Other Family Uncle - Lieutenant Commander Zach Chamberlain, 70, Starfleet San Francisco Fleetyards, (retired)
Aunt - Sarah Chamberlain, 70, Elementary School Teacher, Tycho City (retired)

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Overall, Alex can be described as confident. She usually has a level head and isn't above cracking a few jokes. However, when things begin to go wrong, she gets quiet and allows the doubts to settle in. She isn't what one would call a "cheery" person, though she is very rarely seen in a bad mood.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Calculating Mind
+ Capable
+ Loyal
+- Ambitious
- Never Lost Anything (never scene no-win scenario)
- Overly Personalizes Missions
- Can be a bit fiery
Ambitions Alex inspires to go down in the history books as a great Captain who explored the unknown and made First Contact with numerous unknown alien species.
Hobbies & Interests Her first love is Parrisses Squares. Outside of that, she enjoys a good adventure holodeck program, other than that she is a frequent visitor to the Lounge area. While at the Academy, Alexandria was known to have a bit of a wild side.

Personal History Alexandria Chamberlain was born on the Maiden Voyage of the USS Horizon to the ship's First Officer, James Chamberlain, and the Chief Medical Officer, Leah Chamberlain. Throughout her childhood, her father saw to it that Alex and her older brother were given the best teachers that could be appointed to the ship. She had a close relationship with her older brother as both parents were pre-occupied with their work.

This was continued toward the outbreak of the Dominion War, Alexandria was sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Tycho City, on Earth's Moon for her middle school and most of high school years. Her brother left for the Academy, but was fortunate enough to have graduated just as the war ended. Daily, Alex would check the casualty reports to see if her parent's ship had been destroyed. In order to pass the time, Alex sought out Parrisses Squares. She was quiet talented and developed friendships with a few of the other players, and even began to see them as her true family.

As soon as she was able, Alexandria took her entrance exam and earned a place at Starfleet Academy. Always trying to seek her parents' approval, she continued her Parrisses Squares career, leading her team to three Academy Championships. She also kept up her grades and kept her GPA at 4.0. However, she earned a few demerits for unruly behavior that a person seeking attention would do.

After graduating with honors, she was placed on the USS Kepler. The Kepler's mission was to resume Starfleet's exploration mandate by scanning and surveying new worlds. During her time, she rose the ranks to eventually become the Assistant Chief Operations Officer, where she assisted with the duty roster and was in charge of Beta shift on the Bridge. Her time on the Kepler was easy and she took part in the identification of no less than five new First Contact candidate discoveries.

Without her knowledge, he Commanding Officer, Captain Windhelm, had offered his recommendations for her to take the open Chief Operations Officer job aboard the USS Tranquility. This new stop would serve as a new adventure that she would take just like everything else in her life, head on and with everything she had.
Service Record USS Tranquility - Majestic-Class (2393 - Present)
- Chief Operations Officer

USS Kepler - Nova-Class (2387 - 2393)
- Assistant Chief Operations Officer (2390 - 2393)
- Operations Officer (2387 - 2390)

Starfleet Academy (2383 - 2387)
- Operations Track
- Graduated with Honors
- Parrisses Squares
-- Championship Team, 2384, '86, '87