Ensign Kazaaakplethkilik

Name Kazaaakplethkilik

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign


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Sun May 28th, 2017 @ 11:13am

Character Information

Gender Who Knows Don't Check
Species Chokasti
Quarters Deck 8

Physical Appearance

Physical Description This alien is some sort of bug, and stands nearly too tall for the ship's corridors. It is mostly pink and teal, and the compound eyes are hard to follow as the it wiggles its head to look around the room. It stands calmly, and bows itself often to other members of the crew, able enough to get around and interact a little awkwardly. Klicky also has no uniform, which is okay for now since there are no other members of the crew aboard who would mistake her... it.


Personality & Traits

Demeanour Kazaaakplethkilik comes from a very alien society of strange and rigid customs. It is seethingly humble at all times, pouring sweet praise on everyone, even when it is upset. It is very intelligent and well spoken, but there is no concept of personal space that it understands, and it finds the ship difficult to navigate at times. It is often lost (sometimes in strangers' quarters)

Personal History "Klicky" if not thoroughly translated, speaks an indecipherable language which in English is called Thfshpfth. Her species are social and friendly, but the hugest barriers to communication are significant indeed: their culture. Chokasti have a utopian philosophy that values unity, cooperation, and the social order high above the pursuit of personal gratification. This means they strive toward humility at all times, at least on the surface. When speaking to such a insignificant one as this, the most cultured and observant alien is surely wise enough to know what is polite, and what is truly being said.

Klicky in the academy was also known for climbing over crowds of her classmates and getting in trouble for misunderstanding what qualifies as human politeness. Respecting one's place in the universe is a little more important to her than respecting one creature's need for a comfortable space to themselves, is how she feels, and doesn't understand many of the customs of other entities. They don't often understand her either.

The Chokasti also find their way around by scent, and as such Kazaaakplethkilik is often losing herself in the sterile environment of starships and space stations. If not for her translator, she would find herself in hostile situations as often as not.

Sometimes referred to by humans as 'Klendathu,' though not the real (unpronouncable) name for the planet, Klicky's homeworld is much different than Earth. It's safe for human habitation however, but there are no cars or planes or transit vehicles of any kind. Chokasti bio-technology is extremely advanced, but the Chokasti are not yet a space-faring people. In fact, they are a Federation Protectorate, but have suffered centuries of unregulated alien visitation. Their biotechnology is so advanced that it is the envy of other species, leaving room for exploitation if Starfleet ever left the picture.