Lieutenant Jita Kejal

Name Jita Kejal

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Birthplace USS Sobieski (Minos Korva Sector)
Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 25
Quarters Deck 3

Physical Appearance

Height 145 cm (4'9")
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Kejal possesses an exotic palette of steel blue eyes, tawny skin, and dark hair within pixie-esque features that include her diminutive stature. Not raised to perceive herself as delicate or disadvantaged, she consequently handles herself with confidence and poise affected only by the circumstances at hand.


Mother Jita Atenu (deceased)

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Kejal possesses an outsized level of composure relative to her age and rank. The experience culminated from a career she began with her enlistment at eighteen along with her innate belief in objectivity makes her a poor choice for peddling career egoism or politics to. Her penchant for tongue-in-cheek forthrightness might incite some to think her cantankerous, but it’s merely rub-off from her surrogate mother. Generally even-tempered, she uses banter to present a semblance of sociability to appease others’ perceptions of her approachability in addition to catalyzing her own thinking.

That’s not to say it’s a veneer for sociopathy. She has a tremendous capacity for sentiment and relationships, though she plays both attributes discreetly. In fact, the devoted friends her surrogate mother made over the course of her career despite branding herself a social disaster significantly influence her decision to join Starfleet. It’s just that Kejal also apes her self-containment. An only child and a racial minority, she’s not daunted by having to be her own company, and even prefers it that way sometimes.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kejal’s greatest strength is an intrinsic willingness to get into the trenches spurred by her hands-on nature. While she can be analytical, she’s not one to spend a lot of time mulling minutiae in an office. Action-oriented, she relies chiefly on her observations, intuition, and athleticism to guide her. Her capacity for those attributes is natural and affluent and they’ve proven applicable to such a wide variety of endeavors that her limitations tend to be defined by whether or not she finds a particular pursuit worthwhile. Fortunately, her receptiveness of variety bestows her with a deep well of tolerance that for the most part, is spent only by utter irrationality.

Several deep-seated insecurities are her most glaring faults. The most persistent is her perceived lack of identity. She doesn’t have any known familial ties to Bajor and harbors profound cynicism for its faith on account of stepping into the galaxy at large without its initial influence. Despite her surrogate family’s support, she feels almost as much like an outsider within Federation society, as people naturally presume she contributes to her own race’s psyche. In actuality, other Bajorans can make her immensely uneasy.

Personal History Kejal’s birth in December of 2369 was one of the lesser-known tragedies to arise from a jaded Cardassian official’s failed defection during supplemental talks to curtail hostilities with the Federation aboard the USS Sobieski. Convinced that bolstering their position was the best chance for ousting his increasingly dysfunctional government while preserving his people’s sovereignty, a transporter malfunction foiled the extraction, killing his entire delegation. Among the casualties was Jita Atenu, a young Bajoran woman he’d taken as a consort to exonerate her from a death sentence ordained by her partner’s participation in the Resistance. The transporter operator managed to extricate her unborn child during his compensation attempts, albeit several weeks premature.

Dana Strayer – the ship’s second officer – didn’t want children despite finally finding love and the inclination to leave Starfleet. Yet her extensive involvement with the mission – which included interactions with Atenu – stirred an overwhelming sense of obligation that compelled her to pursue custody of the tragically orphaned little Bajoran. Despite her husband’s more doting nature and Dana’s doubts about her suitability as a parent, her self-possession would intrigue the girl, who was drawn even closer to her by the revelation that Dana sought the adoption. By adolescence, there was little question of Kejal’s love for Dana. Closely-knit, Kejal was even considering Starfleet on account of the positive impact Dana credited it with having on her life.

Yet Kejal couldn’t help her curiosity about her origins. Bajor’s deepening ties with the Federation following the Dominion War seemed poised to assist with her inquiry, but her effort joined the numerous flouted by the decimation of Bajor’s information archives and populace in the period leading up to the Cardassian’s withdrawal. Disappointed, she nonetheless joined Starfleet via enlistment shortly after her secondary education. Uncertain of whether she wanted to give the commitment a commission demanded, she also sought to distance herself from some of Dana’s more overbearing acquaintances.

She did well in the aptitude testing and general training, only to be taken for a ride by the degree of the abstract thinking required by the specialization she chose, sensor data analysis. Lured by its versatility, it didn’t come naturally to her, leaving her to slog where her classmates skated. She graduated with her class, yet her inconsistent proficiency led her to believe herself passed out of sympathy. Still, she accepted a stellar cartographer posting aboard the USS Ranger in 2386, hoping the advice colleagues, superiors and guardians lent – that she simply needed time to ‘grow into it’ – proved true.

Coping with the chain of command actually proved her greatest challenge. When the Ranger’s executive officer snubbed her suggestions for a survey mission, she wondered if she’d have a voice as an enlistee. She successfully applied for officer candidate training near the end of her original enlistment in 2388, which she was also able to complete aboard the Ranger. Despite her lingering dislike of the XO, she didn’t want to leave on account of liking other elements of the crew. Upon completing her program in 2390, the newly minted Ensign Jita again chose to stay as a relief operations officer.

Two years later, a diplomatic ferry gone awry compelled the captain’s resignation from Starfleet. A key relationship that fostered her commitment to the Ranger, others left soon after, and the very executive officer she loathed assumed command. She in turn requested a transfer and was assigned to the USS Portland just before its mission to broker a lost colony’s reunion with the Bajoran Republic. Eventually exposed as descendants of an exiled religious cult with extreme elements intent on vengeance, the resultant row claimed the captain’s life. Kejal’s religious cynicism was deepened more by that loss, as the captain was a fellow Bajoran refugee whose holistic, inclusive perspective constructively challenged her own despite their brief association. She retreated in the aftermath with another transfer to an Assistant Dockmaster posting at Utopia Planitia.

It was here that she asserted her leadership potential, first by quickly getting up to speed on shipyard operations, then continuously standing in for her department head as he dealt with marital issues. Right at the junction at which she considered committing to shipyard operations for her career track, her dock received the USS Nimoy, a Constitution class vessel dug out of mothballs to assuage the postponement of procurements for the Diplomatic Corps. Kejal fancied the candid, yet congenial rapport she developed with its CO, so when the other woman entreated her to transfer, she did even though the ops manager position was taken. As the senior flight controller, she was still an Ops division officer within the Nimoy’s organizational breakdown, and her intricate familiarity with the ship and facility logistics often extended her influence beyond the helm.

Yet six months later, the Nimoy inexplicably exploded while departing from another facility after a minor systems upgrade. The subsequent investigation arose more questions than answers, and Starfleet Command quashed any hope of addressing them by breaking up the crew. In Kejal’s case, this entailed reassignment to the USS Tranquility, albeit as her operations manager. . .