Ambassador Durn

Name Durn

Position Representative

Rank Ambassador


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Character Information

Birthplace Ferenginar
Gender Male
Species Ferengi
Age 63
Quarters Guest Accomodations

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Hair Color None
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Standing at roughly average height for a Ferengi, and with no real distinguishing features, an alien would be forgiven for thinking he just looked like any other member of his race. His one outstanding feature is the large scar running the length of the top of his head.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Menk
Mother Brofka
Brother(s) Brong - Whereabouts unknown
Sister(s) Senshi - Living on Ferenginar with current husband
Other Family Senshi's two children, though he has no knowledge of their names or how old they are.

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Durn comes across much like others of his species. He is arrogant, selfish and greedy (which he sees as good things), and is motivated almost entirely by self-interest. He is, however, a consummate businessman and his skills as a diplomat and negotiator are well known.

Durn is somewhat of an oddity amongst Ferengi as he has a strict policy against exploiting those around him. He says it is much less hassle to sell a faulty warp matrix inducer to someone who will be five parsecs away by the time they find out it's faulty, rather than be stuck on the same ship as them for several weeks.

Durn's medical condition makes him prone to headaches and these can have a profound effect on his mood, ranging from making him slightly irritable to causing full blown bursts of rage. For this reason he tends to seclude himself when he is having one of his 'episodes'.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Skilled negotiator, trader, businessman and diplomat
+ Large network of contacts able to provide a variety of goods and services
+ Able to interface his inter-cranial implant with most forms of computer technology and 'download' information directly into his brain.

- Medical side-effects of his implant can be very detrimental to morale if not treated.
- Considered an outcast from Ferengi society as he has been stripped of his business licenses.
- Little knowledge of the science behind making a starship work (beyond which bits can be sold for a tidy profit)
- Has been known to make enemies from selling low-quality products during his time as a trader. Some of whom would be very interested in running into him again.. and killing him and everyone associated with him.
Ambitions Durn has one goal in life: the re-instatement of his business licenses within the Ferengi Alliance. His current plan to achieve that goal is to make so much noise on the interstellar stage that the Ferengi Alliance are forced to take note of him and beg for his return to the fold.

If his plan is successful, he plans to one day run for the office of the Grand Nagus.
Hobbies & Interests Like many Ferengi, Durn tends not to have much in the way of free time. His pursuit of personal wealth is all-encompassing and, as the Rules of Acquisition state 'A Ferengi with no profit is no Ferengi at all'. What little time he does spend relaxing, he tends to spend in holosuites surrounded by hordes of holographic females tending to his every whim.

When pressed to interact with others in a non-transactionary capacity, Durn likes to engage in games of skill and chance. He considers himself a dab hand on the Dabo wheel and enjoys the occasional game of Tongo. Since leaving Ferenginar and interacting with more and varied species, he has come to enjoy the games of Chess, Stratagema, Poker, Liar's Dice and others as well.

Durn is less inclined to join in with physical activities as a form of recreation, excepting where he can use the opportunity to conduct business.

Personal History Born to a relatively poor family, Durn showed signs of the Ferengi he was to become as a youngster when he would attempt to charge other children for using his toys. He would likely have had a promising career in business, but fate had other plans. When he was in his late teens, his father owed money to a local gangster, Skird, which he was unable to pay back. Rather than be forced to liquidate what few assets he did have (which would have meant ruin for the entire family), he opted to give Durn to the crimelord as an indentured servant for a contracted period of six years. And it was not his prowess as a businessman that Skird was interested in.

Something of an outcast even in Ferengi society, the maniacal Doctor Garkan was obsessed with the idea of infinite knowledge had been experimenting for many years in the 'art' of using biomechanical implants to turn the sentient brain into a database. Since his activities were of a less-than-legal persuasion, he had struck up an arrangement with Skird to provide him with these enhancements for free if he would be supplied with equipment and test subjects in return. Durn underwent an incredibly invasive and almost certainly fatal operation to implant an inter-cranial device that Garkan had been working on which would allow an individual to interface with a computer and essentially allow the subject to 'download' information directly into an area of the brain associated with long term memory. However, while the Ferengi brain does work on neuroelectric impulses like any sentient brain, it does not have the latent ability to read information the same way a computer does. Small fragments of the information could filter through into the conscious mind, there was no way to access the stored information directly without risk of a 'burnout', which is exactly as bad as it sounds.

The operation was a success and Durn was sent back to Skird ready to work. Initially, everything went very well. Aside from the medical side-effects of the implant, Durn was able to download all of Skird's computer files into his brain and essentially became a walking, talking memory stick. Every detail of every transaction in Skird's sordid enterprise was floating around his head, and while the old Durn would have just been happy to be useful, the new and improved version hungered for something more than servitude. He began to make small deals by himself behind Skird's back, forming a small network of reliable contacts, accumulating his own wealth for the first time in his life. The thrill excited him and soon he was stepping out more and more, making bigger moves with bigger partners. Eventually, Skird confronted Durn about his extra-curricular activities and reminded him that his father's contract bound him to Skird's service for another five years, expecting that to be the end of it.

But Durn did something which surprised the crime lord. Blackmailing him with all the information stored in his head, Durn made Skird an offer: either Skird could nullify the contract with his father and transfer half of his current business arrangements over to Durn, or Durn would turn himself in to the Ferengi Alliance and cut a deal to exchange all the information he had in return for leniency. Skird was outraged, but after a heated argument it was obvious that he was not bluffing. Skird agreed to the arrangement, grudgingly, but vowed his revenge.

Suddenly without the constraints of a superior watching his every move, Durn began to make waves in the Ferengi underworld. His ability to store information in his implant made it possible to keep thousands of terrabytes of resources for blackmail, coersion and trafficking in the most secure location he could think of. Before he knew it, his criminal enterprise had arms dealers, senators and even rival crime lords under the thumb. Years passed, and while initially the up-and-comer was viewed as something of a novelty, the more powerful cartel bosses soon began to take a more serious view. The kid was becoming too powerful too fast and was now a threat, one which had to be taken care of. One night, after dining out at a high class restaurant, Durn was kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to a secure location. Once there, he was tortured to give up the information he held. After a few hours he could take the pain no longer and forced himself to access his implant directly. Unsurprisingly in his weakened state, this caused his implant to 'burn out' and shut down, resulting in something not entirely unlike a stroke. Unable to make any use of him, his kidnappers dumped his body in an alley and vanished into the night. He was found several hours later barely alive and rushed to hospital, where the doctors managed to save his life. However, the injury to his head damaged his inter-cranial implant and the doctors were forced to operate on it to save him. Once it was discovered, and while he was still unconscious, Ferengi security forces were alerted and the contents of the implant were downloaded, including all the information they needed about his criminal empire to throw the book at him.

Durn awoke in a Ferengi prison hospital, his head pounding and his memories of what had transpired vague and foggy. Eventually a doctor would explain to him that the 'burn out' had superheated his implant for a fraction of a second. This had been just long enough to cause severe damage to the tissue directly next to the implant and to fuse it to his skull, making extraction impossible, but not quite long enough to fry his entire brain. Worse still, he discovered that the episode had caused his body to begin rejecting the implant. This meant that while his immune system was incapable of damaging the implant, he would suffer symptoms as if his body were fighting an infection in his head constantly. Since the implant could not be removed without killing him, he would be subject to a daily regimen of drugs to suppress the symptoms for the rest of his life.

Durn's trial was short and conclusive. He was found guilty of the worst crime a Ferengi can commit - Improper Business Practices, and sentenced to a terrible fate. His business licenses were all revoked, making it illegal for any Ferengi to enter into a business contract with him ever again. His life on Ferenginar was over. He was forced to pay heavy fines and restitution, and left the courthouse with only the clothes on his back and enough money to buy passage on the next ship off planet. His only option was to go and find what work he could and he did this by getting in contact with K'arthel, a Klingon arms dealer he had done business with in the past. Klingons and Ferengi are two species who could not have more different views on the concept of 'honour', but nevertheless K'arthel found that she admired Durn's abilities as a businessman and ended up entering a partnership with him. She lent him enough money to buy a small freighter, set him up with some contacts of hers, and sent him off to begin earning again with the promise that he would pay her back double in five years time. True to the contract they made, Durn returned to K'arthel with the money he owed... but after only eighteen months!

Durn's initial run-ins with Starfleet went about as well as you would expect. He would try to sell them something, they would politely decline, and the two would part ways. However, one chance encounter with Starfleet on Shintak IV would turn out to be one of the most profitable business ventures of his life. It had been a matter of public record that Starfleet had been attempting to make contact with the Shintak people for some time, as their planet held huge stores of naturally occurring dilithium. The Shintak, however, were thoroughly uninterested in anything the Federation had to offer in return. Into this complicated situation strode Durn and his little freighter, stocked to the gills with weaponry bought from K'arthel. Nothing illegal, obsolete phaser and disruptor weapons which could help to equip a militia but not enough to fuel an outright war. Durn discovered that, aside from the dilithium, the Shintak had almost nothing of value on their planet to sell, so he proposed a three way trade deal. The Shintak would sell their dilithium to K'arthel in return for weapons and ships, which they intended to use to protect their dilithium mining interests. K'arthel would then immediately sell the dilithium on to Starfleet in return for latinum. In addition, Starfleet diplomats were allowed to meet with the Shintak ruling council and attempt to persuade them to join the Federation, while Shintak engineers were allowed access to Starfleet dilithium mining operations to better refine their processes. Everyone involved ended up very happy and much better off than they had been before. And the best part? Durn ended up with a tidy commission from the whole thing.

Soon afterwards, word began to spread about the Ferengi who had bartered 'The Great Shintak Deal' and Durn soon found himself being frequently asked to put his skills to use as a negotiator, helping broker trade deals that had been locked in stalemates for years, in return for a healthy percentage of the profits of course! It was soon clear to Durn that there was more money to be made in this new profession than he could have made in several lifetimes as a freighter captain, so switched to performing his diplomatic work full-time. Eventually, he even got a call from Starfleet themselves asking if he would be interested in joining a diplomatic party arbitrating peace talks in a civil war in the Nistroy system, with the promise that he would be allowed to engage in any secondary business deals with both parties at the same time. It was shortly after the conclusion of this that he got in contact with the Daystrom Institute to see if they could do anything to fix and/or improve his implant. Some of the finest minds in the Federation studied it for a matter of weeks, but they all came to the same conclusion. The technology is simply not advanced enough for anything to be done with it yet.

Years passed and Durn continued his hunt to find an end to the problems caused by his implant, but to no avail. No surgeon would attempt to remove it and no scientist had the faintest idea how to fix it. Eventually he heard tell of a ship looking for diplomats to join a mission to attempt contact with a new alien species on a planet that had previously been assumed to bear no life. The proposition was an interesting one for Durn, because there was absolutely no guarantee of any monetary gain whatsoever. However, the prospect of potentially being the first being to establish trade with a completely new species was far too lucrative to pass up. Durn packed his bags and immediately set off for Betazed to meet up with the USS Tranquility.
Service Record 2380 - First contact with Starfleet as Captain of the light freighter 'SS Latinum Princess'. Attempted to sell Captain Stephenson of the USS Rhode Island several cases of 'Self-sealing Stem Bolts'. Trade was politely declined.
2382 - Held aboard USS Regent in orbit over Cassius II for questioning over potential illegal contraband. Released for insufficient evidence.
2385 - Caught attempting to fence stolen Federation terraforming equipment in the Epsilon Gamma system. Contraband seized by USS Farragut and issued with official warning.
2389 - Aided contract negotiations with the people of Shintak IV in the infamous 'Great Shintak Deal'
2391 - Member of diplomatic party which drew up the Treaty of Relluvia, ending the war over several planets in the Nistroy System between the Nistroy and the P'Chek.
2391 - Admitted to Daystrom Institute for testing and observation in regard to potentially illegal biomechanical augmentation. Augmentations were deemed 'necessary' and 'inoffensive' and therefore he was released without incident. Records of his treatments at the institute are locked behind security clearance level 3 (Lt Cmdr and above).