Lieutenant Commander Kristin St. james

Name Kristin Leah St. james

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Birthplace Aurora, CO (Terra)
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kristin is a very slender young woman, with a severe appearance, somewhat because of her experiences. Her hair is generally kept back in a single, straight ponytail, and she seems more comfortable in her Starfleet uniform than in anything else.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Martin St. James (Deceased)
Mother Alexandra St. James (Deceased)
Brother(s) Unkown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

Demeanour Kristin is a loner type person who has been shaped and molded by some very traumatic events. They have left her emotionally scarred, physically battered, and so on. She changed her specialty from Security to Engineering because of this. She feels that although so much has happened, she would be useless and bored if she were not doing something in Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kristin's strength is her technical expertise, as well as her ability to think outside the box when necessary. Her weakness is a almost total lack of social grace, and an ability to take risks that she should not take to ensure the survival of others, or the success of the mission.
Ambitions Kristin is not really all that ambitious. If she receives praise, that is good, but if not, oh well. Her goal is to make sure that her job is done well, because others are depending on her at times.
Hobbies & Interests Kristin has two black cats, named Sammie (male) and Sherry (female). Note: Other players can use the cats, as they are let to roam the ship, but please don't get them killed, and let me know when they are being used.

Personal History Kristin was born on Earth, and joined Starfleet as a means of escaping a jail sentence for some criminal offense. Her mother's influence as a Starfleet official was in part responsible for this. In the academy, Kristin displayed a near genius ability to figure out situations and how to get around them. However, this often meant that rules were bent or broken, and property lost or destroyed. It came to the point that the instructors decided to teach Kristin a lesson. They arranged a scenario where she and a handful of others were stranded in a no-win survival scenario. Kristin managed to actually turn the situation around, and not only did everyone survive, but the instructors responsible received demerits on their records.

Once in Starfleet, Kristin settled down into what should have been a tranquil life for anyone else. However, her knack for thinking outside of the box frequently got her in trouble. Once she ordered a security officer to report to duty immediately, which the man took literally, and appeared for duty naked. Rather than have him return to his quarters, Kristin had him stand guard.

This kind of thinking got her into serious trouble. While on a mission escorting a Vulcan ambassador, the entire party was captured by Klingon marauders. Sensing the situation, she ordered the CO not to identify himself, and parlayed their escape by offering her body to the Klingons. She was repeatedly raped by several Klingons in order to gain food, water, and survival for the others. Eventually they were rescued, and Kristin returned to the ship. She had her report of the incident deemed Classified.

Trouble happened again during an attempt to recover a downed Starfleet ship. The mission was intercepted by pirates, who attacked. During the assault, Kristin attempted to single-handedly defuse a phaser set to overload, while others made their escape. This did not work, and Kristin was only saved because the bulk of her body was behind a storage container. Kristin received medical treatment at a nearby research center, where the damaged body parts were replaced with nanite-infused bionic replacements. (This is NOT Borg tech).

She has since returned to duty, but changed her specialty to Ops.
Service Record Criminal Record:
3908: Arrested for Narcotics Possession (Civilian Jurisdiction)
3909: Ditched bail.
4005: Arrested for Grand Theft (Star Fleet Jurisdiction)
4010: Convicted for Narcotics Possession. First Offense. Fined.
4011: Convicted for Grand Theft. Prison Sentence Waived by
Justice Division.

Service Record:
4101-4112: Star Fleet Academy
Terra, Sol Cadet
Department of Security, Performance: Competent
4501-4512: Cadet Cruise - Colonial Operations
USS Kirwin, NCC-2320 (Chandley Frigate) Midshipman
Security Trainee, Performance: Satisfactory
4601-4612: 2nd Cadet Cruise - Merchant Marine
USS Moonbeam, NOO1233 (Sunshine Liner) Midshipman
Security Trainee, Performance: Satisfactory
4701-4712: 3rd Cadet Cruise - Merchant Marine
USS Tanner, NCC-7132 (Ranger Scout) Midshipman
Security Trainee, Performance: Competent
4801-5212: Galaxy Exploration
USS Farragut, NCC-1729 (Enterprise Cruiser) Ensign
Security Officer, Performance: Competent
5301-5607: Colonial Operations
New Jerusalem, Zeta David III
Weapons Quartermaster, Performance: Outstanding
5608-5711: Base Operations
Starbase 11
Asst. Security Chief, Performance: Satisfactory
5711- Fleet Operations
USS Typhoon, NCC-4762 (Baker Destroyer)
Chief Weapons Officer, Performance: No Rating