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Tranquility & Community

Tranquility is a Majestic class frigate, serving as a diplomatic courier. Our sim is meant to be a shared story which our writers can hopefully feel ownership over. I hope to invest you, and we are committed to paying everyone the respect they put in. We want your characters to flourish, and it's my pleasure to help give you the space to do so aboard the Tranquility. I can only offer what I love writing, and for Tranquility that means layered, thoughtful stories set in the Star Trek universe. Our missions will have a diplomatic focus, and won't always have solutions that satisfy everyone. The story is continual, and the decisions or outcomes of any mission may have a bearing on journeys we undertake long into the future.

Hoping to be as transparent as possible, I wish to note that the specialty status of the ship is currently pending approval. I might have an allergy to fleet politics, but I also want people to recognise that I am happily rooted in Obsidian Fleet, and anyone is welcome to have mature discussions with me on the subject at any time. I am usually an open book.


The Majestic class was designed to serve a wartime role as a courier. The class was intended to be slippery and combat-capable if faced with a Jem'Hadar patrol. The armaments it carries are top-of-the-line defensive, but it is certainly not a warship. These ships are tactical frigates meant to operate in tricky conditions by themselves, but they don't provide much of an advantage beside Defiant or Sovereign class patrol ships.

Tranquility is a testament to that. At some point during the war, the ship was lost and presumed destroyed. Starfleet would later discover the ship on an uninhabited planet, the local vegetation already beginning to wipe its identity away.

This is the first story we tell, the Prologue to Tranquility's restoration! Were you among the first Starfleet officers to lay eyes on it in almost two full decades? Did you participate in the exploration and investigation of the ship, or help to uncover its identity, or the tragedy of what happened to her first crew? Perhaps you were part of the effort to excavate and dredge the ship up from it's resting place, or were there at drydock to clean and repair her...

Or we welcome any other way a character's life may have intersected with Tranquility before now! This isn't something we require of you, of course, but it's strongly encouraged. The last thing we want is to put players in a box that they can't write themselves out of. Talk to us!

Tranquility is a member of Obsidian Fleet, in the much talked about Task Force 47!