Paradox Lost

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Tranquility leads Starfleet in a groundbreaking exchange with a reclusive species! On this lost planet, the limitations of time and history are blurred. Carrying a delegation from our timeline, the USS Tranquility submerges into a world where today, yesterday, and tomorrow are destinations on your map.

Winter Shoreleave

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Tranquility has been on assignment away from home space for months, so everyone is a little relieved to be at Betazed for the Sciences Referendum.

Chapter 3 - Outbreak

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Mounting tension surrounds the refugees, leaving Tranquility as one of a slim number of allies they have in the wake of a terrorist bombing.

Part of Shoreline

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Sea of Tranquility ~ M1

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A film company has come aboard the Tranquility to shoot for a documentary on a top-of-the-line vessel. The film team gets to know the crew through interviews and between takes, but also begins to uncover the recent history of the USS Tranquility.

Told through a series of flash-backs, the Tranquility personnel recall the stories of how they first encountered the ship; as a forgotten wreck on a lonely planet, a mysterious site investigating the craft's untimely demise, or as a beautiful and neglected Majestic only in need of love from a talented engineer.

Tranquility launches on its first pick-up, to rendezvous with its very own Commanding Officer, Tyro Adina. Until Tranquility picks her up, the ship falls under the watchful admministration of Commander Berdas, Executive Officer of the USS Tranquility.

Out From the Shore, Chapters 1 & 2

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Mission Focus: Diplomacy, Morality, Politics

The lofty goals of the Tranquility Project are put to the test. Tranquility is diverted to the Klingon Border in response to a request from the High Council, insisting that refugees from within the Empire be turned back. At stake is the tenuous relationship with the Klingon people, and the uncertain lives of refugees fleeing oppression from within Klingon space.

Part of Shoreline


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As if the galaxy slows down in the time between deployments -these are the little stories taking place as Tranquility drifts from port to port awaiting orders or on patrol. They will mostly be sorted into the most appropriate missions later for easy reading.