Specifications - A Majestic Class of Starship


Tranquility serves as a diplomatic courier in known space. It is a response vessel, always tasked with something to get done.


Class Majestic (no doubt!)
Role Frigate
Duration 50 Years
Time Between Refits 6 Years
Time Between Resupply 3 Years


Length 375 metres
Width 171 metres
Height 60 metres
Decks 15


Officers 45
Enlisted Crew 100
Civilians 50


Cruise Speed Warp 8
Maximum Speed Warp 9.5
Emergency Speed Warp 9.8 (for 12 hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Auto-Modulating Shields
Metaphasic Shielding
Weapon Systems 10 Type IX Phaser Arrays
8 Point-Defense Batteries
3 Burst-Fire Torpedo Launchers
Armament 57 Photon Torpedoes
29 Quantum Torpedoes
4 Polaron Torpedoes

Auxiliary Craft

Shuttlebays 2
Shuttles 1 Aerowing Shuttle
1 Type 9 Shuttle
1 Type 11-A Shuttle
Runabouts 1 Volga Runabout ~ emitter-equipped and unique to only Majestic and Elysium class starships!