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Kaybok's dishonor, Stardate 71219.5 (March 21, 2394, 14:00)

Posted on Tue Mar 21st, 2017 @ 12:15am by Lieutenant Kaybok

Kaybok beamed back to the Tranquility with a knot in his stomach. Though he knew the commander to be right and he appreciated all she had done, the favors she called in to keep him on the ship, he could not feel a feeling of disgust. After he beamed back, the transporter chief met him with a smile.

"Welcome back, Lieutenant! I trust you had a great... time...," Mopat, the transporter operator, said. Mopat knew something was wrong with his friend.

"I will be in my quarters. Do not disturb me; we will talk later about certain matters. I am not physically ill, I just need to be alone for a while."

"Very well... Kaybok... anytime you need me, I'm just a combadge chirp away," Mopat said. Mopat noticed Kaybok looked like he had lost his best friend.

"Do not worry about me, Mopat, I will be fine. We will talk in the next day or two." Kaybok exited the transporter room.

Later, Kaybok reached his quarters, entered and threw down his duffle bag.

"Computer! Tell the commander I need to be alone in my quarters and will be available in two hours. SEAL DOORS."

Kaybok picked up a small vase he had bought from a visiting merchant, and threw it against the wall where it landed with a loud CRASH.

"That felt... GOOD. I wish I could destroy my quarters..." After a moment, Kaybok saw the shards and felt silly.

"I am... such a fool. Computer! Personal Log, Lieutenant... Kaybok, science officer. USS Tranquility, Stardate 71219.5 (March 21, 2394, 14:00) I have a pit in the bottom of my stomach. Having trying to defend my friend's honor, and to defend him from possible harm, I nullified an important trade agreement between the Sheliak and the Federation. Officials from his homeworld, along with the Ambassador himself, wanted to have me courtmartialed, but Commander Tyro, along with others in Star Fleet, felt I am needed here on Tranquility. I admit, Tranquility is my adopted House and I have dishonored and embarrassed her. I make a vow, this day, this time to wipe the mark of dishonor from Tranquility... deserve my right arm to be severed with a bat'leth!! If only I could... no, that would not serve a purpose except to lift some of my guilt. That is the thought of a coward, a dishonorable petaq!! I must speak to my brother K'ranog from the 7th fleet in this matter. I am here... I have been chosen to stay, and with that, I shall endeavor to be the best... rather better than I could ever be. COMPUTER! End recording. Ensign Kaybok, Science Officer, USS Tranquility.

Kaybok groaned. He knew he had to do something that he didn't want to do... contact his cousin K'ranog and get advice. However, it had been a long while since the two had seen each other. Kaybok knew K'ranog was in Star Fleet as well, but had heard he was transferred to another ship in the Obsidian Fleet...


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