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Captain's Log - Ikenga's Star

Posted on Tue Aug 1st, 2017 @ 4:33pm by Commander Tyro Adina

Begin Log, Commander Tyro Adina.

I found out talking to him that Doctor Ikenga is an avid student of history. He loves ancient art and society, archaeology -probably it should have been his calling if he hadn't become an astronomer. The star he gave his name to, on the other hand, is not terribly interesting.

Starfleet has given me and the ship the task of finding the source and truth behind the Ikenga Star's mysterious behavior. It's older than the sun, but very stable, which is rare for a bloated old star like this one. The system is a belt of debris, with two large shepherding gas giants orbiting far away, but nothing else so far as we can tell.

Federation scientists, led by Doctor Ikenga, received what we now believe to be an encoded communication meant to be intercepted by Starfleet. Tranquility is here to discover what is causing the star's outbursts, and if it really is an intelligence, what sort of threat it poses to the Federation...

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