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Cramped Spaces

Posted on Thu Mar 9th, 2017 @ 5:37am by Commander Tyro Adina

Mission: Chapter 3 - Outbreak
Location: Talon Class Runabout: Hunley
Timeline: Prologue - Backpost


Murik had attempted to spend some time in meditation during this trip for his relocation to Tranquility. It was mostly peaceful and almost successful, if not for the human female that was traveling with him. Murik had spent years as a physician on Vulcan, and even time on Earth, moonlighting at the emergency care clinic at Starfleet Academy and was getting used to being around humans...most humans. This particular human was, well an engineer. Not just any engineer, but one that acted confusingly to Murik. She was emotional, which he could accept, but her cynicism was...

Murik opened an eye and looked over at the lieutenant. "Lieutenant, must you make so much noise? I am attempting to meditate for the fourth time in the past four-point-six hours, or would you rather grumble under your breath some more? I believe I have a tranquilizer I could administer if you are feeling...agitated."

"Hrm?" Galina looked up from her padd. She had been studying some of the schematics of the Tranquility along with some recent upgrades. She didn't agree with all of them, obviously. Her companion's comments weren't helping her mood any either. "You'd be grumbling too if they'd actively try to ruin some of the last good systems your ship has," she commented. "And I thought that experienced practitioners aren't troubled by some background noise?"

Murik made a slight tilt of his head as his left eyebrow arched and he opened his other eye and brought the engineer into full visual focus. "That is correct Lieutenant, under normal circumstances. However," Murik looked down at the floor for a brief moment as a strange noise seemed to emanate from below his feet for 2.3 seconds. He looked back up at Galina and continued, "I am having some difficulty with meditation for the past several days. The meditation is an essential need for my sharp mental function and logical control over my emotions. I have been told that I can become quite..." His eyes looked up, as if looking for a word to fall magically into view, "grumpy, if I do not keep up a good continuity to my mediation cycle."

"Welkome to my life," Galina replied. Though she had been called grumpy even with enough sleep. She got up and stretched out. Sitting still for such a long time wasn't good for anyone. Especially not in the company of a pouting Vulcan. "I need some food. Can I get you anything?" She couldn't really think of anything meditation related foods. "Tea?"

Murik stood up and stretched as well, realising he had sat for far too long. "Tea, yes indeed. Green, chilled with iced and lightly sweetened." During his short time on Earth, he had developed a taste for some of the Terran flavors and discoveredhe had what was rererred to as a, sweet tooth.

Galina raised her eyebrow in surprise. That was not really what she was expecting, but maybe it would make him a little more agreeable. Too bad they didn't serve any alcohol around here. She came back with Murik's iced tea and some mocha for herself. She had never been able to get used to drinking black coffee, but she did like the caffeine. On top of her cup she was balancing two brownies. Traveling made her hungry. "There you go. Want one of these too?"

"Thank you." replied Murik. He took an odd look at the brownish colored squares. "I am unfamiliar with those, are they...a type of bread, or some sort of cookie?"

"Yeah, a cookie," Galina said as she handed him one. "Chocolate flavored. One of the best cookies out there, if you ask me." And possibly the only thing that kept her sane at times. There was nothing better than a hot beverage and a good brownie at the end of a long day. "For a Vulcan it might be an acquired taste, though." She couldn't remember ever seeing a Vulcan eat chocolate, but she never paid too much attention to those things either.

Murik risked the opportunity and accepted the cookie . He glaned over it and notice how it seemed squishy, yet form on the top. He could catch the aroma of sweetness and what was the word...chocolate? Yes, he had recognized the aroma from when nurses would bring in cookies at the emergent care facility bad at Starfleet Academy. Murik took a small nibble and tested the flavors upon hus palate. It was sweet, more sweet than his tea, but the flavor of the chocolate was, satisfactory. "He looked back at Galina and nodded with a surprisingly agreeing look. "This is, agreeable and satisfactory as well. I believe this is better than any cookie I have tried previously."

"I think they are," Galina agreed, slightly amused by Murik's comments. At least someone was having a good day. "So, what brings you to the Tranquility? Did you request a transfer there or are you just doing another job on another boat?"

After finishing off the treat, Murik looked back at his fellow officer. "I was reassigned after subduing an a cadet that was attempting to assault me. I used a nerve-pinch, which rendered the assailant unconscious. I was later told that the cadet was a son to a retired Vice-Admiral and the story was altered from the truth, therefore resulting in my removal from position within the clinic and a transfer to Tranquility. I was advised that I should explore my options elsewhere, far away from Earth for now."

"Solid advice." Galina probably should have been surprised, but she wasn't. She had lost her faith in the Fleet and the use of it a long time ago. "But, like me, you probably have no idea where to go to, if not here. They're everywhere anyway. There's no escaping it." Galina sat back and slouched a little as she looked out of the window into the vast emptiness of space. Never ending and filled with a whole bunch of nothing. Just going on because it could.

Murik raised his eyebrow at the human's response as he found the response, well, emotional. "Lieutenant, you appear to be exhibiting signs of mild depression. Perhaps a counselling session or a prescription of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor? When we perform you physical we can discuss the treatment options, after we run a full neural scan to rule out a mass or psychosis." Murrik deduced that Galina should be please with his willingness to treat her so thoroughly.

"Excuse me?" Galina looked at him, hoping he hadn't just said what she thought he had said. The lack of expression and him being a Vulcan ruled out that he was joking. "I am fine, thank you very much." She didn't appreciate being diagnosed like this by someone she had just met. She also made a mental note to ask for a different physician when she had her check up. "It's called being disillusioned and so far, there's no cure for that."

"Disillusioned?" he repeated in a questioning voice. The Lieutenant appeared to be exhibiting signs of frustration, more so than before. "Curious, you present yourself currently as if you have been offended. I had calculated that there was a forty-two percent chance that you would respond as such. It seems that my calculations were in error. I do...regret if I did in fact cause this sudden reaction from you. It was not my intent, Lieutenant." Murik found most species were not logical in their reactions or demeanor, especially humans. "You are correct as well, disillusionment has no cures. Although, I once was told by a human physician that while you can not cure disillusioned patients, you can medicate them. I still do not understand how medicating would help, as it is not a sickness."

Galina juist shook her head. Someone had once told her that arguing with a Vulcan was similar to mud wrestling with a pig. After a while you realize they enjoy it. "I don't need medication for anything. I'm perfectly fine. No need for any shrinks either." If there was anything worse than a overly eager doctor, it was a counsellor. Most of them seemed to have the idea she needed to be fixed somehow. An idea she vehemently disagreed with. "Anyway, what are you still doing here? If the little punk on Earth ruined it there for you and Starfleet 'helped' you accordingly?"

"I do not wish, to return to Vulcan, as I still have not completed my goal with joining Starfleet." Murik looked down at the floor, searching for the proper verbiage. "I am not one to quit when faced with adversity. I suppose though, I am fortunate that decision was not made for me. I was disappointed that special favors are something that takes precedence over fact. It is illogical."

"Oh, it's perfectly logical, just not fair," Galina countered. She was pretty sure things had always worked like that for most species. Even Vulcans. If you were related to the right people, you could get away with anything. Yet she also guessed Murik probably wouldn't agree with that. "So what is your goal within Starfleet? World peace? Seeing exciting new planets and meet loads of interesting new people? Or any of the other generic goals they try to get you to repeat over and over again until no one dares to say anything different?" Not that she would let that stop her.

"All of which you listed, while commendable and I am not sure which world is not in peace, none of those are the reason in which I decided to join Starfleet." This Human, which took Murik only a brief moment to deduce, was truly cynical and...very emotional. He had wondered for a moment if perhaps she had damaged her frontal lobe, as she seemed to truly speak what came to her mind, without regard of implications. "I practiced medicine on Vulcan for twelve years. It only seemed logical that I would need to leave the planet in order to increase my knowledge and skill set past that of just Vulcan medicine. I do believe that I have made the correct choice. However, not all the new patients I have encountered would agree with my, what is the Terran term for it...AH yes, that my bedsidesugar-coat medical facts to their patients. If someone has an incurable ailment, or is going to die, then that is factual. Why should I apologize for giving factual news, the fact that the diagnosis is unfortunate or not, should hold no baring on the delivery."

Galina shrugged, she probably couldn't give him an answer he liked. "I think there's a big difference between sugarcoating and being empathic, but I'm not a doctor, nor a linguist. I'm sure there a many way to bring bad news and each of those will probably offend someone." She shrugged again. Now that she thought of it, she was glad she wasn't a doctor. She didn't deal with people very well, especially not whiny people or those who came by just to complain.

"Your logic is sound." answered Muric. Perhaps this human was not as illogical as he had presumed. "I recommend you rest, we will be there soon. Thank you for being forward with me, your honesty is commendable."

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Lieutenant, Academy Medical Clinic

Galina Aliyeva
Lieutenant, USS Babylon


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